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What is the regional chain plate and why it is connected with cryptography

Time : 11/01/2022 Author : dsx5am Click : + -
        When it comes to regional chains, people often think of various virtual digital currencies. So, what is the regional chain plate? I'll take a look with you in the hope that it can help you. The essence of the blockchain is an open, transparent and decentralized value transmission network. It is combined into a specific data structure in a chain manner according to the time sequence, and ensures that the data structure will not be tampered with and cannot be forged through cryptography. At present, blockchain technology has been proven to be widely used in finance, energy, social services and other industries, and the application space in the financial field is the most clear. We are still optimistic about the optimization and implementation of financial links such as payment, insurance, credit and clearing.
        Openness and transparency: the blockchain is similar to a huge ledger, which records all bitcoin transactions. In other words, we can see all the transaction records on it. Not only our own, but also others, not only our own, but also foreign, not only today, but also the first transaction records since the birth of bitcoin are all on the blockchain. Decentralization: blockchain is a decentralized network. In short, it does not depend on a company or a person. This determines the reliability of the network. There are countless clients running this program all over the world. No organization or individual can stop the operation of the network.
        Non tampering: the blockchain ensures that each bitcoin is unique through mathematical and cryptographic algorithms, just like the serial number on the RMB, it is unique and cannot be forged. Strictly speaking, banknotes can be forged, while the value on the blockchain (such as bitcoin) cannot be forged. This aspect is related to the constraints of the regulatory authorities. A few days ago, the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges both issued announcements, saying that they were concerned about the stock price changes caused by the blockchain related information, and sent letters to some listed companies for inquiries. Many analysts pointed out that the current blockchain technology is still in its infancy, and it is difficult to bring a positive impact on the performance of relevant listed companies in the short to medium term.
        For example, Xunlei's previously launched gamecloud business and the popularity of token like "blockbuster" pushed up its us share price in the second half of 2017, which also had an impact on Renren and other Chinese stocks and even A-share companies. In the fourth quarter of 2017, bitcoin was launched on the Chicago options exchange for RMB million, and the same period was also a period when the shares of Xunlei and Xunlei rose sharply. Others in the industry emphasized that tokens need the support of blockchain technology, but blockchain technology may not necessarily produce tokens. Therefore, in blockchain theme investment, we must distinguish it from tokens. Investment in the blockchain field based on the token concept will also face a certain degree of risk.
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