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How should blockchain enter the market

Time : 15/10/2021 Author : e9mu0x Click : + -
        In my opinion, at present, the threshold of blockchain should be relatively high. What is the threshold? The first is technical cost, and the second is tools. We do the Internet, for example, we do the app. The tools used to do the app are not mature, and we use the original ecological code to do it. It is still a lot of work for programmers. But now, there are many tools that can be made into apps by dragging, pulling and dragging, which greatly reduces the threshold of app development and accelerates the development of the Internet. So, in the future, can such a model be made in the blockchain? In the blockchain, each module is made into a detachable, pluggable and visual way, and these modules are combined according to our actual needs.
        Using software engineering to greatly reduce the development threshold of blockchain applications can promote the development of blockchain applications. However, at that time, the blockchain field had become a red sea, and if you enter it again, you will lose the opportunity. Although it is difficult to enter now, it is still in the blue sea and can take the lead. "+ blockchain" refers to traditional industries that adopt blockchain technology to solve the pain points in their own fields. For example, I do manufacturing. I can use blockchain technology to solve the food traceability problem. So, for these enterprises, we can judge whether their projects are suitable for integration with blockchain technology through the following aspects: for enterprises with "+ blockchain", they should have a deep understanding of their own business field as soon as possible, and also have a deep understanding and understanding of blockchain, so as to achieve better integration and integration.
        For these enterprises, time is the cost. Only when we wake up early and realize the importance of blockchain can we seize the opportunity. "Blockchain +" means from the perspective of blockchain enterprises. Our enterprises engaged in blockchain services should take the initiative to study various business areas, take blockchain technology as the center, and combine with various application scenarios to help enterprises in other fields solve their pain points and existing problems, or create some new demands. For "blockchain +" blockchain service enterprises, it is necessary to establish their own platforms and establish their own blockchain ecological networks as soon as possible. The more enterprises join in this network, the stronger the vitality of the ecological network. Only in this way can the advantages of blockchain enterprises be guaranteed.
        In addition, for blockchain enterprises, it is also necessary to strengthen technology research, because the development of technology is endless. Only through continuous in-depth research on technology can our blockchain enterprises go further and more realistically in the future competition.
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