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Orange introduces the blockchain technology and pushes the game prop exchange to make players feel more comfortable

Time : 11/04/2022 Author : g4rkam Click : + -
        ▲ orange pointed out that through the blockchain characteristics, game manufacturers can break the regional restrictions and issue virtual props in the blockchain props exchange launched by the group's GAH, promoting Taiwan to become a trading center in the game market. The picture shows the group's first blockchain application and Asia's first virtual prop Exchange announced by LV Junxian, chief operating officer of gash. Orange Group officially announced at the Asian blockchain Summit on the 3rd that it will launch a game prop exchange combining blockchain technology in the near future, which will not only allow players to have a more reliable and secure trading process, but also give the game operator IIO (initial itemoffers' initial public offering of virtual props) the ability to directly issue valuable blockchain props, in the hope that it can promote the game industry to greatly upgrade in technology and economic scale And promote Taiwan to become a key player in the development of blockchain technology in Asia.
        Taiwan is one of the promoters of the Asian game industry. With the growing prosperity of online games, the supply chain of related industries is also expanding. Many players have been familiar with virtual goods trading for more than 10 years. On the basis of accumulating more than 12 million users and creating huge revenue every year, orange group is determined to apply blockchain technology to the game industry and will initially implement IIO throughout Asia. Orange points out that through the blockchain characteristics, game manufacturers can break the regional restrictions and issue virtual props in the blockchain props exchange launched by the group's gash, which promotes Taiwan to become a trading center in the game market. In addition to effectively improving the potential trading risks and revitalizing the industry, it also establishes a new business model with global game players.
        Liu Boyuan, chairman of orange group, believes that the blockchain technology, with the point-to-point decentralized network platform architecture, has liberated many restrictions and potential risks of online transactions in the past. The blockchain prop exchange to be launched by the group is an epoch-making application that is optimistic about the development potential of this technology. Liu Boyuan further said that over the past 20 years, orange has accumulated profound game expertise and market insights. The blockchain prop exchange launched this year is a plan to show the value of the blockchain and has more opportunities to become a key breakthrough operation concept for the entire industry. The proposed IIO will apply the blockchain technology to create the first business model with large-scale operation economic benefits in the originally large and mature global game market.
        Orange pointed out that the virtual props in the blockchain props exchange can double protect the rights and interests of traders after they are certified by the game manufacturer and put on the chain. On the other hand, game players can issue rare and transparent special virtual items through this platform. In other words, as long as it is connected with the exchange of happy point, the game player immediately has the ability to release valuable virtual props on its own. Since the props of each game cannot be transferred to each other, it will not affect the ecology and balance of the game itself, nor will it affect the original operation of the game business. On the premise of maintaining the product cycle, the blockchain technology can be used to increase the economic flow cycle within the game. The characteristics of the blockchain props exchange launched by Ledian include: first, the Games originally operated by game operators, whether old or new, can be IIO in the exchange.
        2、 The game doesn't need to change the program. Just connect to the tools provided by happy point to connect to the virtual property exchange. 3、 IIO does not affect the balance setting of each game at all. You only need to select the props that should be sold in the game. 4、 It is not limited to transactions between players. As long as you have confidence in the game or want to collect special virtual props, you can trade on the exchange. 5、 The game props can only be used or digested in the original game, so the props of other products will not be incorporated into the game of their own company, which will damage the game setting and balance.
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