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Blockchain (popular),What is the difference between rising knowledge - digital currency, Alipay and wechat payment?

Time : 27/08/2021 Author : qrf3ev Click : + -
        Wu Qianhong: digital currency is a group interpretation of the ownership relationship of specific numbers. The change of the ownership relationship needs to show the ability to possess specific secrets and can support multi-party verification. Generally speaking, a number will be followed by a digital signature. If a transfer is to be made within a group, it needs to be signed to agree to the transfer. Members of the group can verify the number and the signature behind it. Just like ordinary remittances, it needs to be signed after specifying the payee and the transfer amount. Whether digital currency has the function of traditional currency such as value scale, circulation means, storage means, payment means and world currency is mainly the result of the joint action of its group size and composition, market and law.
        If a digital currency is issued and circulated by decree, it is called legal digital currency. (3) There are few intermediate links. Digital currency supports point-to-point transfer. It does not need the assistance of a third party institution, and it can also eliminate the clearing and settlement link, which is particularly convenient for cross-border and inter institutional transfer;. (4) Strong anti-counterfeiting ability. The use of digital currency needs to show the ability to possess specific secrets, and the transaction supports multiple witnesses. Therefore, it is almost impossible to forge digital currency without being discovered;. Wu Qianhong: similar to Alipay and wechat payment, you need an account or wallet when using digital currency. First, get the account number of the opposite party, then enter the amount of digital currency to be transferred, and then enter the payment password to complete the transaction.
        However, the process behind the digital currency is different. It does not require the assistance of a third-party payment institution. Its transfer behavior is similar to that of paper money. From one person to another, at the moment of transfer, the physical ownership of the currency has been transferred. Therefore, there is no credit risk problem of payment. However, in the process of electronic payment such as Alipay and wechat payment, the transfer is only the change of the corresponding account balance on the server. When people withdraw money from the system, the real physical ownership relationship will change. Thus, there may be cashing risk. Wu Qianhong: digital currency has the characteristics of both paper currency and electronic payment. No matter where paper currency is used or where Alipay and wechat are used, digital currency can be used.
        Therefore, theoretically, digital currency can replace paper money, Alipay and wechat payment, but whether it can completely replace these payment methods will be affected by many factors. For paper money, there is almost no threshold for use, and it has been used by people for a long time. There is a certain technical threshold for digital currency. At least software such as Alipay and wechat should be installed. This is an insurmountable threshold for some elderly users. For Alipay and wechat payment, although the threshold for the use of digital currency is similar, they have been closely bound with many commercial forms. Therefore, it is a long-term process for digital currency to replace electronic payment.
        Moreover, since Alipay and wechat payment are payment channels, they can also pay digital currency after upgrading. Wu Qianhong: blockchain is a carrier of digital currency, just like the relationship between accounts and books generated by buying and selling things on credit in the grocery store. The difference is that blockchain accounts can be witnessed by many parties, so it is difficult to tamper with and has high credibility. Of course, digital currency can also have other forms of carriers, as long as this carrier can ensure the anti-counterfeiting, anti double flower and privacy protection capabilities of digital currency. Wu Qianhong: according to public reports, in 2014, the Central Bank of China began the forward-looking research on digital currency; In 2016, the digital currency Research Institute of the people's Bank of China was established, becoming the world's first official institution engaged in the research and development of legal central bank digital currency; At the end of 2017, the State Council approved the people's Bank of China to lead commercial institutions to carry out the research and development of digital currency / electronic payment (DC / EP); In April this year, the central bank announced that digital currency (DC / EP) would be tested in Shenzhen, Suzhou, xiong'an, Chengdu and the future Winter Olympics.
        All these show that China's legal digital currency is in the forefront of the world. Wu Qianhong: the popularization of digital currency needs a process. Compared with the existing Alipay and wechat payment, digital currency has not many advantages in user experience. In the eyes of many users, it may be that there is a similar electronic payment method. Therefore, the popularization process is likely to be similar to the popularization process of electronic payment. The characteristics of digital currency without the assistance of third-party institutions may change many business forms. Therefore, the popularity of digital currency is not only a problem accepted by users, but also involves multi-party games. These factors make it difficult to predict its popularity time. But what is certain is that digital currency will eventually become popular.
        Wu Qianhong: the disruptive impact of digital currency is that it does not need a trusted third-party intermediary to support smart contracts, which will change the business form and thus affect all aspects of people's lives.
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