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Based on the basic application of trusted blockchain, e-security has been deeply cultivated for 8 years, and the 9-events are moving forward steadily

Time : 22/10/2021 Author : yewq73 Click : + -
        "One blockchain security institution", "one security chain system", "four trusted blockchain basic applications" and "three core technologies". Founded in 2013, e-security has been committed to the R & D and innovative application of blockchain for many years, innovating the "blockchain + justice + application" mode, and building its own "security chain" system to provide governments, enterprises and individuals with reliable, safe, convenient and efficient blockchain basic application services in the Internet era. So far, the data volume of the platform has exceeded 3.2 billion +, and the number of service users has reached 95 million +. Based on the preservation of electronic data certificates, e-security has launched a number of products, such as the security chain in the field of electronic data certificates, the gentleman's signature in the field of electronic contracts, the zhongzhengbao in the field of Internet justice, and the micro copyright in the field of intellectual property protection, to meet the business needs of enterprises in various industries. It is the basic application of blockchain required by government and enterprises in the digital era.
        The Internet has made online transactions the main form, but it has also spawned a series of problems and challenges on data security. Through self-developed blockchain technology and independent invention patents, yibaoan has launched three core technologies of "blockchain + full evidence chain + security chain", upgrading ordinary electronic data to legally recognized electronic evidence to ensure data security. E-security is the first in the industry to establish a broad ecological network of the alliance blockchain "security chain open platform", expand 20 + authoritative judicial institution nodes, and provide a complete chain of data from generation, storage, verification to final use. For the evidence stored in the data, easy preservation provides a variety of verification methods such as code scanning verification, online verification, in court verification, and judicial certification, which can not only be verified in real time, but also can quickly self prove innocence.
        At present, the blockchain evidence that is easy to preserve has not only been recognized by 153 courts in 26 provinces and cities across the country, but also included in "case models" and "typical cases" by the Inner Mongolia high court, Wuxi intermediate people's court, the research group on major issues of the supreme law, and the lecture hall of legal experts. After 8 years of industry sedimentation, easy security has always focused on the R & D and innovative application of blockchain technology, driven product and service innovation, and won many awards with its own technology and product strength. It has been affirmed and recognized by authoritative departments such as the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Internet Information Office, and also favored by senior experts in the industry. Looking at the development path of easy security, from product application innovation, to technology innovation, and then to ecological integration innovation, it can meet the diversified business needs. At present, it has been widely infiltrated into 8 major industry fields and 60 + sub fields, providing users in various industries with reliable and comprehensive blockchain application services.
        It includes benchmark enterprises in different industries such as Agricultural Bank of China, Yunda, Sinopharm group, lakala, GAC motor, China Construction Engineering Group and Sofia. It has established close cooperative relations with authoritative judicial institutions such as 20 + notarial offices and 10 + arbitration commissions in China, and has reached ecological cooperation with China Mobile cloud, Chongqing Mobile big data center and Sichuan Unicom. Yi Baoan is a national high-tech enterprise. Many of its blockchain applications have obtained high-tech products, and obtained ISO27001 information security system certification, intellectual property management system certification, Ministry of public security and other three-level certification and other industry authoritative qualifications, which can ensure stable, safe and reliable data interaction of users on the platform.
        Liu Gang said that the future world is a digital world, and safeguarding the objective authenticity of the digital world is the original intention and mission of Yi Bao. In the future, Yi Bao will continue to cultivate "blockchain +" and reshape the contractual spirit of the commercial society, so that it will not be difficult to protect rights and interests! Return to Sohu to see more.
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