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Russian diamond producers open wechat applet to sell blockchain services

Time : 30/01/2022 Author : x17qa5 Click : + -
        Alrosa, headquartered in Russia, is the world's largest diamond producer by sales. The company has cooperated with everledger, a British technology company, to launch a wechat applet to allow Chinese consumers and jewelry retailers to track the source and ownership of diamonds. "We are happy to support this wechat Mini program through everledger because it strengthens our pursuit of ensuring the source of products. We believe that cooperation with China's most popular social media platform will help us further strengthen our sales in China.". The Russian diamond producer hopes that blockchain technology can help track the source of diamonds and bring greater transparency, which is usually lacking in the diamond supply chain.
        Consumers can check the diamond certificate through wechat applet and use wechat payment to purchase diamonds in the app. Diamond owners can also verify their ownership through the everledger blockchain platform. In September, Tencent led everledger's round a financing of US $20 million. As part of the investment transaction, Tencent was represented on its board of directors.
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