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Economic value of blockchain,The 2022 global digital economy conference kicked off, and the world's best show appeared, leading the layout of Internet 30 business

Time : 28/12/2021 Author : 6k7us2 Click : + -
        On July 28, the 2022 global digital economy conference was officially opened in Beijing. The conference was co sponsored by the Beijing Municipal People's government, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Commerce, the national Internet information office and the China Association for science and technology. It gathered more than 200 experts, scholars and well-known entrepreneurs from more than 20 countries and regions. Tencent,, tianxiaxiu and other Web3.0 representative enterprises all participated in the exhibition and made keynote speeches to discuss the goals and paths of digital economy development and gather consensus on digital economy development. According to the relevant person in charge of the Organizing Committee of the conference, this conference is comprehensively upgraded on the basis of the success of the 2021 global digital economy conference. The content is richer, the scale is higher, the mode is more innovative, the internationalization is more strengthened, the brand value is more prominent, and the government, industry, learning, research, use and finance are gathered to jointly promote the construction of the global digital economy benchmark city. The brand is high-end, the vision is international, the content is leading The four outstanding highlights of the design novelty have attracted high attention from all parties.
        At the summit, Li Meng, chairman of tianxiaxiu, gave a speech on the theme of "creator economy in the era of Internet 3.0". Li Meng said: "the entire creator economy is developing with the iteration of technology, from the Internet, mobile Internet to short video to the development of the future meta universe. We think that it has only made a great improvement and iteration in technology, but the users and creators have not changed. Every major technological iteration and development is to enable people who create content to obtain more reasonable income and obtain more efficient matching.". Li Meng believes that content creators are very important to tianxiaxiu. Tianxiaxiu brings 3 billion to 5 billion revenue to content creators every year, and truly implements the meta universe scenario and Web3.0 scenario into commercial applications.
        "Tianxiaxiu is the first company in China to launch the yuancosmos community, which is called hongcosmos.". He said, "In the future, honguniverse economy will also be an integral part of the real economy. It will maximize employment and drive us to advance toward new technologies. Consumption based on the digital economy is the lowest carbon and the most environmentally friendly. The world looks forward to and is ready to welcome such a beautiful future. We also hope that you can come to honguniverse to experience it, introduce more new content creators into the world of honguniverse, and provide more users More businesses bring their own personal lives. ". As an enterprise that has been deeply engaged in the red man new economy field for more than 10 years, tianxiaxiu is gradually improving the Red Man economic ecosystem built in the Web2.0 era. Meanwhile, through continuous exploration of blockchain, AI and other cutting-edge technologies, tianxiaxiu aims to build a new entrepreneurial economic business model and product application centered on content entrepreneurs, with autonomy, for Web3.0, with a view to promoting the evolution and iteration of social and innovation ecology, Better release the economic dividends of creators.
        It is worth noting that, in addition to the speeches, the "tianxiaxiu digital technology group exhibition area" is also the largest exhibition area in the "new era" of the "new era Experience Hall" of the 2022 global digital economy conference. As soon as the reporter entered the yuan universe experience hall, he was attracted by the crowded tianxiaxiu exhibition area. The world's first digital collection display hardware "hashii encrypted digital printmaking", the we media digital collection tool "topholder number one collector", and the first metauniverse virtual social application product in China & mdash; Innovative products based on blockchain technology such as "honnverse rainbow universe" and "blockchain digital economic value platform" were displayed in front of the reporters.
        The reporter learned that the highest gold content in the exhibition area is the world's first digital collection display hardware & mdash& mdash; "Hashii encrypted digital print". This product binds the warrant information of the works based on the BSN chain with the digital print hardware through the unique encrypted hardware wallet, creating innovative solutions for artists and collectors around the world. At the scene, Zhang Lei, the chief architect of Tianxia Xiuyuan universe business, explained to the reporter: "on July 27, 50 digital prints of master Jin Shangyi were sold out. The launch of hashii encrypted digital prints not only gives collectors a better chance to collect master works with copyright certification, but also provides a new high-end art appreciation mode for collectors and users.
        ”。 Hashii encrypted digital print combines hardware and encrypted art, giving digital works a display carrier, so that collectors and followers can not only "appreciate" virtual works of art through mobile phone computer screens, but also truly appreciate master works like in museums and art galleries, adding a "physical display" value to digital art. In addition to hashii encrypted digital prints, the on-site audience also showed strong interest in the 3D virtual life community "honnverse rainbow universe" and the we media digital collection tool set "topholder number one collector". It is reported that honnverse rainbow universe is the first 3D virtual social platform based on blockchain technology in China launched by tianxiaxiu. The product has attracted much attention since its launch. The on-site exhibition area presents the colorful virtual world of rainbow universe to the audience with three major planet landforms, 13 types of houses, six social scenes and two major digital brand cases.
        At the core of the "top holder digital cultural and art case" exhibition area, the "great scientist series" of China Science and Technology Museum and the "Dunhuang universe series" of Dunhuang painting academy are displayed And other excellent digital collection cases that have been launched. In addition, in the exhibition area, you can also see a partial replica of the link map of the tianxiaxiu blockchain value laboratory. The three exclusive screens scroll the encryption code, which is very scientific and technological. In addition, 20 hashiiboxes & mdash& mdash; The world's first blockchain personal light node also aroused the curiosity of the audience. It is reported that the "blockchain digital economic value platform" was jointly developed by tianxiaxiu in 2019 to provide enterprises and individuals with cross industry and cross ecological open solutions.
        It is reported that in June this year, hashii chain has obtained the "blockchain information service record" of the state network information office. The tianxiaxiu exhibition area fully demonstrated the landing of its application in the economic field of meta universe creators. Based on the application of meta universe and blockchain, it creates a new display platform and realization mode for content creators, builds a more vivid marketing scene and mode for the brand side, and leads the development of a new Creator economic ecology in the Web3.0 era. It is reported that this Internet 3.0 summit focuses on such frontier fields as urban computing, cultural and Bo Yuan universe, creators' economic ecology, digital collection industry chain, and virtual digital people. Through sharing and discussion, it will accelerate the integration of virtual and reality, promote the construction of digital ecology, and promote the high-quality development of Internet 3.0.
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