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Bimodal tax: run at most once, and the "blockchain + real estate" transaction tax payment platform was officially launched

Time : 14/04/2022 Author : e4p10b Click : + -
        (correspondent Kang Yuhong) "I thought I needed to go back and forth with the data, but I didn't expect that the online processing is so efficient and convenient. The real estate transaction tax payment platform can be completed in one time. On the online day, the" blockchain + real estate "transaction tax payment platform of Shuangfeng County was officially put into operation. In the morning of that day, Mr. Hu and Ms. Tan, the citizens, completed the online declaration and tax payment process in only about 10 minutes at the service window of the "blockchain + real estate" transaction tax payment platform of Shuangfeng County Government Affairs Service Center, successfully completed a tax payment business of stock houses, successfully issued the deed tax payment certificate of blockchain real estate, and successfully received the real estate property right certificate in the morning of that day.
        The establishment of the "blockchain + real estate" transaction tax payment platform is an important measure to fully implement the relevant requirements of the opinions on further deepening the reform of tax collection and management, and promote the digital upgrading and intelligent transformation of tax collection and management. In accordance with the principle of "integration on the chain and processing in one", the system effectively integrates the information of tax, public security, civil affairs, housing and natural resources and other departments for six business scenarios of two types of registration business of incremental housing and stock housing transactions, and realizes the "one window acceptance and one chain processing" of real estate transaction certification. "By effectively promoting the & lsquo; blockchain + real estate & rsquo; transaction tax payment platform and integrating the information resources of multiple departments, we can focus on solving the urgent and difficult problems of taxpayers, such as the difficulty in obtaining certificates and paying taxes, and truly realize the simplification of processes, the reduction of materials and the improvement of efficiency, so that the masses can obtain certificates and pay taxes with less worry and effort.
        ”Tan Li, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Shuangfeng County Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, introduced. In the next step, Shuangfeng County Taxation Bureau will focus on the pain points and difficulties of taxpayers and payers, further promote the blockchain technology, continue to help the digital reform of tax collection and management, constantly optimize the tax business environment, realize the interconnection of information of various departments, and effectively enable taxpayers and payers to "run more on the Internet and less on the road".
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