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Blockchain is hard to understand? Let me tell you

Time : 28/07/2022 Author : wxanv4 Click : + -
        Blockchain is completely popular, but I believe there are still many people who do not understand where blockchain is sacred, how it was born and developed, and where it originated. Blockchain was born ten years ago in an idea called Nakamoto Cong. the general scenario is like this. Can you create a completely private account book based on P2P network that can not be modified privately? So he published an article called "bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system". This paper expounds the system architecture concept based on P2P network technology, encryption means and timestamp technology. Later, it gradually improved and became a familiar blockchain technology. Two months later, this idea entered the time. On January 3, 2009, the first block named "Genesis block" with the serial number of 0 was born, and a few days later, a younger brother with the serial number of 1 appeared, connecting with his brother 0 to form a "chain".
        The blockchain comes from this. You can simply understand the blockchain technology as a large ledger, on which everyone can record their own accounts. This is a ledger without intermediaries, that is, point-to-point. This ledger can be independently managed and updated. Because it is a distributed ledger, individuals can not usurp and rewrite the information on it. Therefore, the blockchain technology is on the road to development. Now we can see that the application of blockchain technology in enterprises is becoming more and more perfect. Blockchain technology is also applied in various industries, such as blockchain social networking, product long cherished wishes, electronic bills and invoices. Various enterprises have started to research and develop blockchain technology and look for the direction of landing. The quark blockchain launched by Chongqing Cangzhou technology in 18 years is one of them. As the public chain technology is increasingly mature in China, the quark chain trust based on the quark blockchain is becoming more mature with the growth of users.
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