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Wang Guowen's new book: blockchain, process architecture system and industrial application practice (preface I),Blockchain technology and Application

Time : 27/03/2022 Author : rh7ok4 Click : + -
        Dr. Wang Guowen's new book "blockchain & ndash; process architecture system and industrial application practice" has been put on the shelves and met with readers in recent days. Writing such a book requires a certain amount of courage, and it also needs to go to the forefront of knowledge like doing a doctoral thesis& mdash; This is Dr. Wang's efforts in this regard. The name of the book, as its name implies, is to thoroughly integrate the blockchain and the supply chain to form a new concept. From the perspective of supply chain, more than 20 years ago, when Dr. Wang translated and introduced the supply chain process standards and introduced a large number of supply chain trends and methodologies, the supply chain was far from being valued by the government and enterprises as it is today.
        Check the wechat index, and the blockchain is far less popular than the meta universe & ndash; However, blockchain will be the underlying technology for building the rules of the virtual world game. Therefore, Dr. Wang's original idea was that this book should be given not only to the present but also to the near future. With the industry's deep understanding of technology, we will see the value of such a theme we have chosen. Professor Fan Gang, President of China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute, has also highly summarized and refined the contents of this book from the perspective of technology supply and demand with the economist's high vision and professional thinking. "A magnificent history of the development of human civilization is a brilliant history of scientific and technological innovation and progress.
        ”There is no doubt that the major direction in the future is digital transformation, using digital technology to promote digital multi scene and multi-dimensional applications. In the long-term development in the future, in any case, we should improve productivity through the application of digital technology. Why is digital economy and digital technology productivity? Because it involves the basic connotation of economic theory. The reason why digital economy has become an economy is that digital technology improves efficiency, reduces costs, improves net profit and creates value. The digital economy can also be divided into supply side and demand side. On the supply side, the most basic are technological progress, such as algorithm, computing power, data transmission, data analysis, transmission speed, 5g, etc.
        The demand side is ultimately the application of the above technologies by all walks of life. As we all know, the epidemic has promoted the application of digital technology, but the application of digital technology is insufficient, especially the digitization in the industrial field is not developed and fast enough. As a result, some digital productivity is idle and underutilized. This also requires people from all walks of life to make efforts to create new application methods and provide various effective application methods for various needs to promote the application. The book supply chain based on blockchain, based on the perspective of supply chain, systematically expounds the architecture system of blockchain technology in the whole process of supply chain application, deeply analyzes the technical application scenarios of blockchain in the six fields of agricultural products and food, medical care and health, automobile, aviation, transportation logistics and supply chain finance, and provides systematic guidance for promoting technology application. From both theoretical and practical aspects, It has achieved a breakthrough in technology application research, which just fills the shortage of Technology Application on the demand side.
        As a masterpiece of industrial application of blockchain technology, this book creatively puts forward the concept system of blockchain, and creatively puts forward a new proposition of developing supply chain economy. As a part of economic activities, the evolution from logistics to supply chain has made the supply chain "embedded" in all industrial fields and all business processes. At the same time, with the progress of technology, it has an important impact on all aspects of economic society and human activities. In the face of the challenge of anti globalization, especially the major impact and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industrial chain and supply chain pattern, the role and impact of the supply chain at the microeconomic and macroeconomic levels are more prominent.
        With the increase of human dependence on supply chain activities, we can say that we have entered the era of supply chain economy. Economic growth needs new momentum and new impetus, and needs to improve quality. In any case, the application of new technologies can improve productivity and is a way to promote development and growth. Therefore, we must pay attention to the application and emergence of new technologies. Facing the future, economic growth needs to build a more comprehensive productivity and a more complete production chain, which also requires a more comprehensive application of digital economy and digital technology to improve the quality of the whole economy and the whole economic system. Combining the depth of research with the breadth of industrial application, this book systematically expounds the theoretical framework of Supply Chain Based on blockchain, and provides forward-looking guidance for technology application and industry development. It can be used as a "guide" for follow-up blockchain technology application standards, and is worth reading and reference by academics and entrepreneurs.
        ⏰ At 20:00 on August 11 (Thursday), Wang Guowen, director of China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute, Institute of logistics and supply chain management and Ph.D. in economics, will visit the live broadcast room of the video number of the Internet of ten thousand to comprehensively interpret and share the new book [blockchain process architecture system and industrial application practice], waiting for you to listen ~.
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