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The first chain in the pet industry, Boqi launched the blockchain product "Boqi crystal"

Time : 10/03/2022 Author : udzaxm Click : + -
        Pintu Business Review: on June 20, the pet e-commerce and service platform Boqi announced that the blockchain product "Boqi crystal" (full English name boqiitoken, abbreviated as BQT) will be officially launched in the Boqi pet app from now on. The relevant person in charge of said that more than 100 million pet raising users of "Boqi crystal" have established a brand-new value community based on the blockchain, which will have a significant impact on the relationship between and pet raising users, the deepening of trust and the protection of rights and interests. "The launch of Boqi crystal means that the original integration system will be upgraded with the application of blockchain technology. Token based operation enables users' behaviors to be more comprehensively assigned, and at the same time, the relevant rights and interests arising from their behaviors can be more safely protected.
        ”At the headquarters of in Shanghai, Chen Kunlun, vice president of, viewed the significance of Boqi crystal to Boqi in this way. As early as May 30, with the second hand ticking 0 minutes and 0 seconds on the 30th, the poche network integration system that has served for many years has officially stopped operating. Meanwhile, the connected point mall of was officially closed at 24:00 on June 15. provided users with a point exchange scheme in advance, which is to prepare for the user's operation from point oriented to "Boqi crystal" token oriented. Nowadays, the popularity of blockchain is not decreasing. Since the beginning of this year, many Internet giants have launched their own blockchain products. For example, Netease launched "Netease planet" and Baidu launched "laicigou".
        In this regard, Chen Kunlun, vice president of, also confidently said: "Boqi crystal's technical think tank background is also very gorgeous.". It is understood that merculet, which provides technical support for "Boqi crystal", is a technical service provider established in Singapore and positioned to provide out of the box blockchain solutions for global enterprises. The company is committed to helping Internet enterprises quickly realize token based operation and realize large-scale growth of users. According to the company's official introduction, since its establishment, merculet's strong technology development capability and the value Internet world it hopes to build based on blockchain technology have been recognized and supported by major capitals in the industry.
        The world's top five blockchain VC & mdash; Shen Bo, partner of fenbushi capital, Roger Lim, founding partner of neoglobal capital, and Professor Zhang Shousheng, founder of Danhua capital, Professor of Stanford University, academician of the American Academy of Sciences, and internationally recognized Nobel Prize candidate, have personally served as strategic advisers of the company's projects. It can be seen that its think tank is strong. "Therefore, to a certain extent, security and practicality are the first factors we consider when we launch Boqi crystal. The more than 10000 paid pet raising users of Boqi crystal will be the first to enjoy more beautiful and interesting experiences brought by token based operation. We believe that Boqi will establish a deeper trust relationship with pet raising people.
        At the same time, Boqi took the lead in taking this step in the industry, which is also an epoch-making event in the development history of China's pet industry. " Chen Kunlun said. The relevant person in charge of merculet said: "Bocci has developed for 10 years, with tens of millions of users. The business ecosystem built is complete and powerful, covering social networking, e-commerce, media, services, etc. merculet and Bocci cooperate with each other in a strong alliance, which can give play to the advantages of blockchain technology, improve enterprise value, and give back to users to achieve a win-win situation.". It is understood that the operation rule of "pocky crystal" is that in order to obtain "pocky crystal", pet users need to constantly accumulate their own computing power (the basis for assessing the value of users' attention).
        The computing power mainly comes from the users' effective behaviors such as registration, posting, clicking on Web pages, evaluation, likes and sharing on the pocky platform (mainly the pocky pet APP). The higher the computing power value, the more pocky crystals will be obtained. The total number of "Boqi crystals" is 1 billion, and 10 million will be available for users in the first phase. After that, it will be reduced by half every three years, calculated by natural year. In Boqi crystal, each user has a unique blockchain identity, which cannot be tampered with once created. Users can use Bocci crystal for shopping, trading, credit verification, social networking and other scenarios within the Bocci platform. According to the relevant person in charge of merculet, the operation idea of Bocci crystal is to digitize the online behavior of the pet users and give value to each effective behavior.
        Through the binding of token, users who approve of Bocci network directly become channels & mdash& mdash; This has changed the traditional operation idea, but directly gives the benefits to the pampering users, encourages users to become spontaneous "preachers" of products, and establishes their own "disciple system". Its ultimate goal is to help enterprises solve important goals & mdash& mdash; The problem of user growth and how to expand enterprise value. Chen Kunlun, vice president of, said that this year is the 10th anniversary of the establishment of He hoped that through Boqi crystal, Boqi and hundreds of millions of Chinese pet users would establish a brand-new value community. Every click and share of would enhance the value of and get value feedback from it. This would be a deeper trust relationship than before.
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