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HPB core chain became the first public chain partner of 1768 games and successfully accessed the point system of hundreds of millions of users

Time : 30/11/2021 Author : bwvrd7 Click : + -
        Recently, HPB core chain and Shanghai YouPlay Network Technology Co., Ltd. have reached a cooperation. Shanghai YouPlay will embed its 1768 web games collection into HPB wallet application hpbwallet to realize the ecological intercommunication between the two sides. Players can enter the game from hpbwallet, and can directly use hpbcoin payment to exchange the platform general game currency happy beans, and enjoy a happy game experience. This cooperation is also the first time that Shanghai Youyi has explored the blockchain field, and HPB core chain is also its preferred public chain partner. In the future, the two sides will explore more cooperation opportunities in big data, financial services and other business areas. 1768 game is a cross platform and multi terminal online game operation and distribution platform. It provides game entertainment services for hundreds of millions of netizens. Its team has 300 people. Its core R & D teams are from large Internet companies such as Alibaba, Netease, Tencent and Shanda. With rich industry experience, it pioneered the financial game model and created a virtual financial game. The team develops 20 new games every year, and the number of users of the score game exceeds 800 million, It is also the world's leading point entertainment platform.
        Through this cooperation, hpbcoin will directly access the 1768 game scoring system, breaking the platform barrier. Game players can exchange hpbcoin for happy beans and enter the game to win happy points. When the happiness value has accumulated to a certain amount, you can use the happiness value points in the points mall to exchange the goods of any enterprise in the mall, and enjoy the practical value brought by the game. At present, 1768 points mall has been launched with points and commodities such as China Mobile, China Unicom, PetroChina, Sinopec, China Ping An wanlitong and In addition to the game field, the development and exploration of the Internet business field is also one of the strategic directions of Shanghai Youyi. The company is committed to building a new and vertical ecological system around the key needs of the public in the field of "medical, food, housing, travel and play".
        In order to accurately grasp the exact needs of users, they have been looking for a perfect big data solution. Shanghai YouPlay has long paid attention to the blockchain technology with great market potential. This time, it joined hands with HPB core chain, and also saw HPB core chain as the world's first low-level public chain combining hardware and software, and its deep foundation in the underlying technology of blockchain. Starting with this game cooperation, HPB core chain will be the first public chain of Shanghai YouPlay, helping Shanghai YouPlay explore big data solutions based on blockchain technology, and establish a precise marketing and service promotion mode of big data to better meet the needs of users. HPB core chain will give full play to its great potential in big data management based on the non tamperable and traceable distributed database storage technology of the blockchain, provide strong trust endorsement for the data quality of Shanghai YouPlay, ensure the correctness of data analysis results and the effect of data mining, and help Shanghai YouPlay accurately grasp users' consumption preferences and usage habits, Realize the value goal of providing customers with life and financial services at any time and place, truly integrate blockchain technology into life, and better serve the real business society.
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