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More than 150 digital collection services have passed the filing of the state network information office, and the supervision has released a positive signal again

Time : 09/02/2022 Author : ouxh3s Click : + -
        On July 25, the state Internet Information Office (hereinafter referred to as the "state Internet Information Office") released the announcement of the ninth batch of domestic blockchain information service filing numbers. According to the regulations on the management of blockchain information services, the state Internet Information Office published 348 filing numbers, including nearly 100 digital collection related enterprises and more than 150 digital collection related services. The reporter noticed that in the announcement of the seventh and eighth batch of domestic blockchain information service filing numbers published by the state network information office in March and may, only a few digital collection platforms passed the filing, and the large-scale digital collection related services were passed. This is the first time. Zhu Youping, the rotating chairman of the blockchain special committee of China Communications Industry Association, said to our reporter: "It can be seen that among blockchain enterprises, the number of enterprises that pay attention to digital collections is relatively high. In recent months, digital collection enterprises have applied for filing. In addition, the announcement also released a positive signal for the digital collection industry. For digital collection enterprises that have obtained the filing, they can issue digital collections in the primary commodity market according to the relevant requirements, which is equivalent to giving a & lsquo; reassurance & rsquo;.
        ”。 According to our reporter's statistics, among the 348 services that passed the ninth batch of records, nearly 1 / 3 of the service platforms are related to digital collections. In addition to blockchain enterprises and emerging digital collection enterprises, there are also some large enterprises integrating blockchain technology into their business. The digital collection platform of Shun Feng science and Technology Co., Ltd., the "digital collection application service platform" of China UnionPay Co., Ltd., the "fifth mirror" of Chinese online), the "Netease News Digital collection library" and the "Netease cultural and creative digital collection library" of Beijing Netease Media Co., Ltd. and other digital collection related services have all been registered.
        In addition, three blockchain information services of "Maotai chain" of Maotai and "ant chain traceability", "carbon matrix" and "ant digital technology trusted asset management platform" of ant blockchain Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. have also obtained filing numbers. Tang Shuyuan, chief researcher of the intellectual property law and business research center of Shanghai Shanda University and the Digital Research Institute of insight times, told our reporter that at present, the compliance of digital collections is mainly carried out through industry self-discipline and platform self-regulation. The announcement on the filing of digital collections platform issued by the state Internet information office is also to lay a good foundation for further standardization. Zhu Youping believes that although a large number of digital collection services have passed the record, it is a positive signal, but it has nothing to do with the compliance of digital collection services.
        The primary commodity market of most digital collections is compliant, and the development direction is an important technology and form carrier of "cultural digitization"; However, the financial speculation in the secondary market is not compliant at present. Whether the digital collection and NFT from this perspective involve virtual currency, tokens and other categories still needs to be dynamically observed. According to the state Internet Information Office, according to the regulations on the management of blockchain information services (hereinafter referred to as the "management regulations"), the state Internet Information Office organized and carried out the filing and review work in accordance with the law and regulations. According to the requirements of the administrative provisions, the blockchain information service provider shall indicate its filing number at the prominent position of the Internet website, application program and other external services.
        The filing is only the registration of the main blockchain information service, and does not represent the recognition of its institutions, products and services. No institution or individual may use it for any commercial purpose. As a new thing, it is still necessary to dynamically observe how to "cut" digital collections. For example, from the perspective of the operation of magic core, the simple primary market of digital collections may not be suitable for commercial development; It is also unknown whether the strictly restricted conversion function of digital collection platforms such as Jingtan is the future development direction of the digital collection industry. However, the opening of the digital collection platform, which is widely hyped in the secondary market, may be doomed to go far. "Digital collection" refers to the use of blockchain technology to generate unique digital certificates corresponding to specific works and works of art. On the basis of protecting its digital copyright, it can realize real and reliable digital distribution, purchase and collection.
        As the forerunner of Web3.0, the key to open the door of the meta universe, and a new path to inherit traditional culture, in the long-term development of the future, digital collections will eventually return to the origin. "As for the digital collection industry, the general office of the Shanghai Municipal People's government mentioned in the 14th five year plan for the development of Shanghai's digital economy recently that it supports leading enterprises to explore NFT (non homogeneous token) The construction of the trading platform is of great significance to study and promote the digitization of assets such as NFT, the global circulation of digital IP, and the protection of digital rights in Shanghai. Whether the development mode and trading mode suitable for the digital collection industry will be explored in the form of pilot is worth looking forward to.
        ”Zhu Youping told reporters. Tang Shuyuan believes that digital collections are an emerging field, and there are still many problems to be solved in compliance, such as the basic legal attributes of digital collections, the identification of uniqueness, the protection of intellectual property rights, the sorting out of legal relations between various parties, the protection of consumers' legitimate rights and interests, and the stability of financial security. While facing supervision, the survival of the fittest in the digital collection market has also begun. Without high-quality IP resources, technical capability and operation level, many data collection platforms have been "self-sustaining". Our reporter has learned that many small and medium-sized digital collection platforms have been interviewed by relevant departments, and there are frequent phenomena such as running away and shutting down due to capital or operation problems.
        Meanwhile, the payment enterprises, IP holders, artists, digital collection platforms and some players involved should also realize that while the digital collection market brings funds and flows, if the copyright of the digital collection and the qualification of the service objects are not strictly reviewed for the sake of "hot spots" and "quick money", the funds and flows are bound to bite back.
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