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[competition recommendation] project recruitment of the third global competition for financial technology innovation and Application

Time : 30/10/2021 Author : vr2qg5 Click : + -
        In order to thoroughly implement the development plan of financial technology (fintech) (2022-2025), promote the digital transformation of Finance with high quality, promote the cross-border cooperation of government, industry, University, research and investment, and improve the modern financial system adapted to the development of digital economy, under the special guidance of China Communications society, the financial technology and digital economy development expert committee of China Communications Society, Shanghai Financial Industry Federation, Shanghai Association of banks "Intelligent investment consulting, investment research, financial management and asset management, investment and financing digitization, asset credit, asset digitization" (including data privacy protection, institutional business restructuring, asset confirmation, etc.) jointly sponsored by East China Normal University.
        Small and micro credit solutions, smart finance to help rural revitalization, agricultural supply chain finance, solutions to promote online and offline channel integration, rural financial risk monitoring, Internet insurance, social security and financial one card. Industrial chain finance, supply chain finance, industrial Internet finance, blockchain service network and platform, trade fund, payment and clearing, digital currency and smart contract. New financial infrastructure, financial industry data fusion and application, data capitalization (including data rights confirmation, data sharing, data valuation, data flow, data governance, etc.), financial regulatory technology, financial security, financial industry data fusion and application. Chen Qiwei is the chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Yangtze River Delta financial technology innovation and application global competition, the chairman of Asia business group, and the president of the Yangtze River Delta Financial Technology Research Institute of East China Normal University.
        Introduce business plans and exchanges to a large number of different types of investors, such as venture capital, angel investors, corporate venture capital departments and family offices. The third competition will establish the "Yangtze River Delta fintech enterprise empowerment Growth Camp" at the same time. Relying on the established political, industry, University, research and investment fintech ecosystem, including more than 100 industry experts, mainstream financial institutions, leading fintech enterprises, investment institutions, authoritative guidance institutions and other unique combinations, In the post epidemic period, it provides an ideal resource circle and business development scenario for innovative enterprises, enabling financial technology innovation enterprises to rapidly improve their growth capacity.
        The Growth Camp specially invites benchmarking innovative enterprises in the industry to participate. In the first phase, 20 quotas will be opened. Through the "financial technology enterprise value evaluation" tool and four closed door meeting resources, the growth camp will solve the pain points faced by growing enterprises with the special empowerment of banks, securities, insurance and leading financial technology enterprises, as well as the central bank's regulatory institutions and financial technology equity investment funds. In addition Market docking and other ways to promote and help enterprises achieve breakthrough growth. With the most advanced financial science and technology ideas, we can understand the innovative application and future development of financial science and technology.
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