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School enterprise cooperation, integration of industry and education, and joint construction of "blockchain" industry university research base

Time : 27/08/2021 Author : vtgaxb Click : + -
        (correspondents ye JUANJUAN and Wang Shaolong) on the morning of July 20, Chen dengbin, chairman of Hunan Information Institute, and his party went to Hunan Tianhe Guoyun Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation and negotiation. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the training of blockchain professionals, the integration of industry and education, and the cooperation of industry, University and research, and reached an agreement in principle on carrying out all-round school enterprise cooperation. Tan Lin, chairman and CEO of Hunan Tianhe Guoyun Technology Co., Ltd., warmly welcomed the visit of Chen dengbin and his entourage, and introduced the company in detail in terms of industry status, expert team, technical strength, platform products, service orientation, and honors. He said that in terms of talent training, scientific research, laboratory construction, and building a blockchain Industrial Park, the University and the company can realize resource sharing, complement each other's advantages, and have great cooperation potential, The future is bright.
        Chen dengbin pointed out that as an application-oriented undergraduate university with "information" characteristics, the university has opened the first and only blockchain Engineering Specialty in Hunan Province. School enterprise cooperation and integration of industry and education are the only way to cultivate applied talents. The long-term and stable cooperation between schools and enterprises should be based on mutual benefit and win-win results. The two sides can achieve better and faster development through resource sharing and complementary advantages. The university will integrate advantageous resources, strive to explore and build the brand-new specialty of "blockchain Engineering", cultivate high-quality blockchain talents, serve regional economic and social development, and help the construction of digital Hunan. At the exchange meeting, Hu Jirong, President of the College of computer science and engineering, etc. also put forward hopes and suggestions on practical cooperation with Tianhe Guoyun in terms of personnel training program formulation, curriculum system construction, laboratory construction, teacher training, scientific research cooperation, etc.
        On the morning of July 21, the school and Hunan Tianhe Guoyun Technology Co., Ltd. continued to hold a school enterprise cooperation forum in the teachers' tea room of the Academy of planning and science. The two sides conducted frank, in-depth and detailed discussions and exchanges on professional construction, the creation of the meta universe ecological laboratory, scientific research cooperation, the compilation of block chain standardized teaching materials, the establishment of Tianhe Guoyun naming class, the construction of the industrial college, the joint application of projects, the tripartite cooperation between government, schools and enterprises, the practice of teachers and students, the teaching of enterprise experts, and the teaching of application scenarios. In the next step, the University and the enterprise will specifically discuss the cooperation content and mode, strive to sign the cooperation agreement as soon as possible, and solidly promote the deep-level cooperation of the integration of industry, University and research, so as to realize resource sharing, complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, and make positive contributions to promoting the strategy of "three high and four new" and "strengthening the provincial capital city".
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