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Former central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan: token (token) is also one of the basic tracks of digital currency

Time : 17/07/2022 Author : 6acyzn Click : + -
        According to the "cool universe" report, on April 16, at the 10th anniversary of the founding of the school of finance of Tsinghua University, Zhou Xiaochuan, President of the Chinese Financial Society and former president of the central bank, delivered a speech on several issues and responses to digital currency, which gave his own interpretation of digital currency:. There are several different tracks in digital currency. One is a track based on token based tokens, and the other is a track based on account based accounts. Then, payment instructions can also be a track. Some wallets contain tokens, some wallets contain cash, some wallets are connected to bank accounts, some wallets contain checks, and some wallets can also have mixed wallets.
        With the development of digital currency, there are many concepts of wallet. Different products compete on different tracks. Another track is consumer credit. When you make a purchase, you first write a white note, which is equivalent to sending a currency to the consumer. Consumer credit based products are also a racetrack, but there are many disputes and problems, and there are also many examples of problems. On the token based track, the most popular track is the track based on blockchain or distributed ledger technology. Zhou Xiaochuan also added: "some people have also proposed that blockchain based digital currencies can be used to replace them, which is easy to cause the consideration of research and development priorities.
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