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Blockchain, concise history and core concepts of blockchain

Time : 25/07/2022 Author : g4h9ot Click : + -
        On October 31, 2008, a Sao Nien named Nakamoto published a paper. He was not sure what the original intention was, but it was really awesome. Even though he did not expect it, bitcoin: apeerto peer electronic cashsystem, an 8-page paper, covered distributed network, cryptography, economics and other disciplines, and talked about the e-cash system technology of P2P network, The cash generated and circulating in it is bitcoin used to buy pizza. No.1 concise history blockchain 1.0 bitcoin on October 31, 2008, a Sao Nian named Nakamoto published a paper, which was not clear about the original intention, but it was really awesome. Even if it was unexpected, bitcoin: apeerto peer electronic cashsystem, an 8-page paper, covered distributed network, cryptography, economics and other disciplines, and talked about the e-cash system technology of P2P network, The cash generated and circulating in it is bitcoin used to buy pizza.
        In 2009, the bitcoin network was launched inexplicably because of this article. The transactions in the network could not be tampered with. Those who maintain the account books can be paid. Nine years have passed, and they are proud. Now, can you afford it? Imagine: in a company without a CEO in nine years, hundreds of thousands of employees are active; Every employee competes for power and profits, and the company has prospered; It is impossible to prohibit the suppression of foreign powers, covering more than 100 countries; What is marketing? 2500W automatic door-to-door; What is financing? Market value: US $140 billion; Is there no bug in a code launch year? Are you interested????? It seems that there is no sound. Let's tell the story of auntie.
        Blockchain 2.0 Ethereum 13 years ago, a young man named VB wrote a white paper, Ethereum: the ultimate smartcontract and decentralized application platform. He claimed that V God thought the blockchain technology in bitcoin was fun. Why can it only be used to trade money and also be used to * * Don't think too much, it is used to play games and what games? A game called decentralized application, that is, the so-called DAPP, such as: 1. You are keen on cryptocurrency; 2. In the gambling system, the MgAl dealer orders the cards for you. Sorry, I went to the wrong set; 3. Aunt Tai cat, each of them is 80W. Please give me a knife.
        It is very clear that in the relatively simple bitcoin network, Ethereum uses the blockchain to play with flowers, and there must be a platform to play with flowers. This platform is a smart contract, and all messages and interactions must pass through this platform. Since it's fun, there are more people playing. In 15 years, the Ethereum network was launched. Cryptocurrency!! I'm afraid it's a group of people. There is something called ICO on the platform. It's also called initial token issuance. It's an unregulated and completely centralized financing scheme. Investors can spend money at will after they get the coins. At this time, God V could not sit still and changed the game rules DAICO. The money was spent only after the majority of people voted. This is in line with the essence of the blockchain.
        Blockchain 3.0??? EOS? Arcblock? I don't know It still needs time to verify. Before a better platform comes out, if you have technology, you will be the next V God. No.2 blockchain core concept as the core technology of bitcoin, the blockchain mainly realizes transactions, that is, the banking system, which is responsible for bookkeeping, trading and issuing currency. Let's use the concepts in the bank ledger to understand the concepts in the blockchain: 1. Account: your bank card and password. The same is true in the blockchain, whether it is bitcoin 1.0 or Ethereum 2.0, The account is composed of address (bank card account number) and "public key and private key" (password), which can also be said to be composed of three parts. The difference is that in reality, you have a password but no card, but in the blockchain world, the private key is everything!!! Everything!!! You can't say that even if you kill them.
        2. Transaction: Bank flow, similar in blockchain, transfer transaction between two accounts, or call request of Ethereum smart contract. 3. Block: a page of the ledger, have you seen a paper passbook? There are many flow lines on one page, and the blockchain also has multiple transactions in each block. 4. Blockchain: the whole account book (multiple pages) is bound in chronological order. The blockchain is a chain of different blocks linked according to the miners' time. 5. Block height: the number of pages in the ledger. The blockchain can be understood as how many times the miners have successfully done it, and each time they do it, add 1.
        6. Block out time: how much time it takes for bookkeeping and bookbinding. Blockchain refers to the time from the initiation of a transaction to being packaged into the blockchain. Bitcoin (10 minutes) and Ethereum (15 seconds). (this time page is too long, compared with the web application, because any packaged transaction needs time in the distributed network, that is, the time required for consensus algorithm. As for pow, POS and dpos after class, you can study it yourself.) in addition, the current bitcoin blockchain data is 162gb, the TaiFang blockchain data is 300gb, and the single head node data is 68gb. This brings about the problem of data volume and flow for later applications, which needs to be solved by scientists.
        Finally, I would like to make a summary.
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