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The Great Wall "live" now yuan universe Baidu map exclusive first cultural tourism digital collection

Time : 19/11/2021 Author : fy06bh Click : + -
        On June 25, baidu map, together with great wall cultural tourism, Great Wall Cultural Innovation and Baidu super chain, officially launched the exclusive digital collection of great wall paintings and calligraphy. This cooperation is the first time to issue digital collections of the cultural and tourism industry under the map scene, and is committed to bringing the public an innovative experience of integration of travel and cultural, creative and artistic experience, and helping the scenic spot explore the digital cultural innovation mode. The Great Wall is a representative symbol of the Chinese nation and an important symbol of Chinese civilization. The exclusive digital collection of great wall paintings and calligraphy released by Baidu map this time includes 6 types of Jiayuguan, Juyongguan, Shanhaiguan, Yanmen pass, Tongguan and Hangu pass. Each collection is limited to 2999 copies and has a unique logo. It is recorded by Baidu super chain and has unique traceability on the chain.
        The long history of the Great Wall has become a digital art that cannot be tampered with and permanently stored. Users can purchase it in the baidu map app. The Great Wall Cultural Tourism Working Committee of the Great Wall Society of China (hereinafter referred to as "the Great Wall Cultural Tourism") is one of the publishers of the digital collection of great wall paintings and calligraphy. It is the official operation platform of the Great Wall Cultural Tourism of China. The "Great Wall Cultural Tourism" platform seizes the opportunities of the national cultural tourism industry, firmly implements the strategies of "Great Wall +," cultural tourism + "and" cultural innovation + ". Based on the counties and districts along the Great Wall, and from the perspective of the great wall of China, it has built an integrated operation and development platform of the whole industrial chain around the great wall and the Great Wall cultural tourism. At the same time, the Great Wall Cultural and creative (Beijing) culture Co., Ltd., as the official "Great Wall Cultural and creative" IP brand operating company of the great wall of China, is also one of the issuers. Through diversified extension and creativity, the company deeply excavates and develops the excellent Great Wall Culture of provinces and cities along the Great Wall, integrates the excellent spirit of the Chinese nation into life, and presents a different image and lifestyle of the Chinese people in the new era to the world.
        It is reported that the Great Wall calligraphy and painting digital collection is provided with technical support by Baidu super chain. Baidu super chain xupchain is a domestic self-developed and open-source blockchain technology platform and solution platform in China. It has more than 600 blockchain core technology patents, has global network and alliance network deployment capabilities, and leads the industry in security, blockchain performance, ease of use and openness. In 2020, baidu super chain also donated the core of the super chain to the open atom open source foundation, which is the most representative development of the blockchain open source project in China. In the direction of digital collection, baidu super chain digital collection integrates technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, big data and IOT, and connects with metauniverse, digital people and small-scale intelligent hardware in the scene; In terms of ecology, baidu app, Xiaodu app, baidu Baijia app, xirang app and other joint efforts will create a huge traffic entrance for digital collections.
        Relying on Baidu's super chain technology, the digital collection of great wall paintings and calligraphy of Baidu maps has enabled the Great Wall, a world cultural heritage, to break through the boundaries of time and space and achieve "participation, perception and collection". In the future, baidu maps will continue to deepen the integration of cultural and tourism scenes, connect the IP of scenic spots and cultural and creative arts through maps, release the unique cultural connotation and artistic value of digital collections in the cultural and tourism industry, constantly tap the diversified social value brought by science and technology, and promote the integration and innovation of cutting-edge science and technology and cultural heritage.
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