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Jinan blockchain industry innovation and development action plan released: core business income in 2022 exceeds 1 billion

Time : 02/08/2022 Author : mo87ij Click : + -
        In order to thoroughly implement the national decision and deployment on accelerating the development of the blockchain, promote the integrated development of the blockchain and the economy and society, cultivate new economic drivers, and promote the innovative, healthy and orderly development of the blockchain industry in our city, this action plan is formulated in combination with the actual situation of our city. Guided by the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, we will fully implement the spirit of the important speech and important instructions of the general secretary of the internship on the development of blockchain, focus on the integrated application of blockchain technology, break through a number of key technologies, cultivate a number of research and development institutions, promote a number of application scenarios, and cultivate a number of industry talents; Strengthen industry supervision, promote the healthy and orderly development of the blockchain industry, and build a demonstration base of blockchain application scenarios with national influence.
        By 2022, major breakthroughs will be made in the research on the core technology of the block chain industry in the urban area. The block chain industry chain will be basically sound, and its application in important economic and social sectors will be deepened. A number of influential block chain innovative enterprises will emerge in China, a number of replicable and replicable business models will be formed, a highly dynamic block chain innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem will be cultivated, the real economy will be accelerated, and technological innovation The development pattern of blockchain driven by collaborative promotion of management innovation and mode innovation. (1) Industrial scale. By 2022, the core business income of blockchain will exceed 1 billion yuan, driving the industry related income of more than 10 billion yuan.
        There are more than 50 blockchain related enterprises and more than 2 domestic well-known enterprises in the industry. (2) Technological innovation. By 2022, there will be more than 20 research institutions related to the blockchain, and more than 2 domestic blockchain platforms and underlying public service platforms will be cultivated. The innovation capacity will be significantly improved, the core key technologies of industrial development will achieve significant progress, and a number of independent intellectual property rights will be obtained. (3) Application demonstration. By 2022, blockchain will have achieved a number of application demonstrations in the fields of digital government affairs, financial asset transaction settlement, security deposit, data services, digital currency, and more than 50 domestic key blockchain application products or solutions.
        (4) Industrial agglomeration. By 2022, we will cultivate more than two blockchain industrial clusters, strive to create national and provincial blockchain industrial clusters, and promote the formation of a blockchain enterprise cluster development pattern. (1) We will step up efforts to tackle key technologies in blockchain. Focus on the research of the core technologies of the blockchain, strengthen the development of technologies such as distributed storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and cryptography, break through the common theoretical problems of the blockchain, build baas (blockchain as a service) into a trust infrastructure, and deeply integrate and cooperate with 5g, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and other basic networks and platforms to provide basic guarantee for the application of the blockchain.
        We will vigorously guide the development of key links of the industrial chain, such as hardware manufacturing, software product development and integrated application of the blockchain, constantly improve the supporting service system such as standard and specification research, inspection, testing and evaluation, promote the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and form a blockchain industrial development ecology featuring outstanding innovation, rich products and safe and standardized. (responsible unit: Municipal Bureau of science and technology, Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, municipal development and Reform Commission). (2) Encourage the development of new blockchain R & D institutions. Support Shandong blockchain Research Institute, Shandong Anke blockchain Industry Development Research Institute, Shandong blockchain technology application and innovation center, Shandong Internet Finance Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong Cyberspace Security Technology Innovation Center, blockchain and financial technology industry technology international cooperation alliance and other resident blockchain R & D institutions to give full play to their technical advantages and strengthen high-performance, security, privacy Research on Key Technologies of high availability and high scalability, intensify the transformation of achievements and achieve innovative development.
        (responsible unit: Municipal Bureau of science and technology, Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, municipal development and Reform Commission). (3) Support the development of blockchain application scenarios. Cultivate enterprises that provide customized blockchain solutions and system integration services, closely connect supply and demand, and lead industrial innovation and development. We will further promote the work of "blockchain +" in the fields of digital government affairs, financial asset transaction settlement, security deposit, data services, and digital currency. 1. "Blockchain + Digital Government". Focus on promoting the development of blockchain in electronic signatures, digital certificates, electronic invoices, personal credit, poverty alleviation and other scenarios. 2. "Blockchain + finance". Focus on promoting the development of blockchain in payment and settlement, securities issuance and trading, digital bills, supply chain finance and other scenarios.
        3. "Blockchain + security deposit". Promote the innovation of judicial audit practice, accelerate the integration and application of blockchain technology in judicial certificate storage, transparent law enforcement and real-time audit, focus on promoting the development of blockchain in judicial identification, notarization, identity certification, property protection, anti-counterfeiting and traceability, actively explore the application of smart contracts in trial and execution, improve judicial efficiency and improve the supervision mechanism. 4. "Blockchain + data service". Focus on promoting the development of blockchain in data flow and sharing, data privacy, edge storage (Computing) and other scenarios. 8. "Blockchain + medical". Focusing on the interconnection of medical information and privacy security, we will carry out the collection, governance, confirmation and sharing of health and medical data, and focus on promoting the development of electronic health files, electronic medical records, electronic prescriptions, medical materials management, intelligent triage, medical insurance, drug traceability, gene management, and medical data security sharing.
        Actively explore the promotion and application of blockchain technology in public health undertakings such as epidemic prevention and control. 9. "Blockchain + intellectual property". Focus on promoting the development of patents, trademark protection, licenses and other scenarios; Explore and promote the development of copyright scenarios. 11. "Blockchain + industrial Internet". Focus on promoting the development of blockchain in such scenarios as identity analysis, collaborative manufacturing, edge cloud collaboration, and industrial innovation applications. Support the development and application of blockchain in charity, insurance, energy, logistics, Internet of things and other fields. (responsible units: Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, Municipal Bureau of local financial supervision, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Bureau of justice, Municipal Health Commission, Municipal Bureau of market supervision, Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism, Jinan Branch Business Management Department of the people's Bank of China, Laiwu central sub branch of the people's Bank of China).
        (4) Create a blockchain industry ecology. We will encourage districts and counties where conditions permit to plan and build blockchain industrial parks, promote the construction of blockchain industrial alliances, attract political, industrial, academic, research, capital and user entities to join, and promote the cluster development of blockchain enterprises. We will improve the public service system of the blockchain, provide public services such as network support, data services, resource sharing, certification and licensing, inspection and testing, strengthen the protection and utilization of intellectual property rights, standard formulation and relevant evaluation and evaluation, and promote collaborative innovation. We will strengthen the introduction and training of blockchain enterprises and create a highland for the development of blockchain industry featuring cooperation, exchange, collaborative innovation and mutual benefit. (responsible units: Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, municipal development and Reform Commission, Municipal Bureau of science and technology, Municipal Bureau of market supervision and Municipal Bureau of investment promotion).
        (5) Accelerate the training of blockchain talents. Universities, scientific research institutes, industrial alliances and key enterprises are encouraged to cooperate to build blockchain talent training bases for key industry applications. For qualified talents who are trained and employed in our city, subsidies for purchasing houses, subsidies for renting houses and subsidies for purchasing houses and living in comfort will be issued according to the current talent policy of our city. To attract high-level talents at home and abroad to our city to transform blockchain achievements or establish blockchain enterprises, you can enjoy the corresponding talent policies of our city. Encourage and support the holding of national blockchain developer competitions and related scientific and technological exchange activities. Explore modes such as "introduction from other places, joint construction with other places, and enclave development" to enrich talent reserves.
        (responsible units: the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee, the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, the Municipal Bureau of education, and the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology). (6) Explore open source system. Scientific research institutions, institutions of higher learning and enterprises are encouraged to participate in the construction of an independent and controllable open source technology platform and protocol formulation based on blockchain technology, build an innovative and active blockchain open source ecosystem, and guide enterprises to carry out business model innovation based on open source projects. (responsible unit: Municipal Bureau of education, Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology). (7) Strengthen the security management of blockchain. Strengthen the supervision of various financial activities using blockchain, ensure that blockchain technology focuses on practical applications and prevent virtual operations. Explore the construction of blockchain industry sandbox supervision mode, and encourage enterprises to verify relevant products, services and business models through sandbox.
        (responsible units: Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, Jinan Branch Business Management Department of the people's Bank of China, Laiwu central sub branch of the people's Bank of China, and Municipal Local Financial Supervision Bureau). (1) Strengthen organizational leadership. Relying on the city's special class for big data and new generation information technology industry development, establish a cross departmental and cross industry collaborative promotion mechanism for the development of blockchain industry, coordinate and solve major problems in the development of blockchain technology and industry, and form a development force. Explore the establishment of a blockchain industry alliance, find out the number of enterprises, release an industry map, and strengthen cooperation and communication among enterprises. Guide districts and counties to increase support for the blockchain industry and promote the development of the city's blockchain industry.
        (2) Increase policy support. We will carry out the selection of outstanding cases of blockchain application scenarios every year, and encourage districts, counties and parks to introduce special support policies to support the development of blockchain technology and industry. We will encourage various financial institutions to increase credit support for blockchain projects with advanced technologies and strong driving and supporting functions. (3) Create an atmosphere for development. Regular special training courses are held to improve staff's ability to serve blockchain technology and industrial development. Cities, districts and counties should organize and carry out propaganda activities to improve the awareness of the whole society. Organize and participate in industry exhibitions, promote blockchain research institutions and enterprises in our city, and create a good atmosphere for promoting the development of blockchain technology and industry.
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