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Is a genius's "creativity" suspected of plagiarizing? Blockchain certificates or the "basic law" of genius!

Time : 27/06/2022 Author : kdozjf Click : + -
        Recently, a popular singer who released a new song was caught in a wave of poster copying. The composition of the figure of a person embraced by both hands in the theme of the new song poster can not be said to be similar to that of the poster of the American film "meet a stranger" released in 2010. It can only be said that the shadows and lines are almost identical in the image processing, which is suspected of copying. This reminds people of the "Xiaoman" incident in an advertisement of a well-known automobile brand earlier this year. The advertising language is completely plagiarized. As soon as the advertisement was broadcast, it immediately caused a public outcry. The big production teams of these well-known brands and popular singers can openly copy, not to mention how rampant the phenomenon of online copying is.
        Network plagiarism has many practical problems such as high concealment, difficult identification, difficult proof, extremely high money and time cost for rights protection. Many victims have no choice but to give up rights protection, which leads to continuous plagiarism and seriously damages the initiative of originality. The blockchain certificate storage platform launched by Shanghai grapefruit gongdao IOT Technology Co., Ltd. can connect with the judicial institutions, so that the majority of original authors can store their works on the blockchain, prevent and punish network plagiarism, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of copyright owners. Blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization, non tampering and smart contract. These characteristics make the information data stored on the chain authentic and reliable, and have unique technical advantages in the field of judicial certificate verification.
        Blockchain + judicial certificate can vigorously protect intellectual property rights and further improve the quality and efficiency of judicial work. The judicial blockchain can make the whole process record, the whole link reliable and the whole node witness of the copyright data, ensure that there are traces to follow from the creation to the protection of rights, solve a series of problems in evidence collection, and significantly reduce the cost of rights protection. Blockchain + judicial certificate can enhance the strength of the original to defend copyright, greatly improve the judicial efficiency, and make it impossible for the plagiarists to escape. As a "blockchain + aiot solution provider", grapefruit gongdao IOT Technology Co., Ltd. has been helping the digital transformation and upgrading of government, enterprises and other organizations. It has mature application solutions and standardized products in the field of blockchain alliance chain, and hopes to help the government, enterprises and other organizations to achieve multi-party business collaboration, data privacy protection Better realization of requirements such as certificate traceability on the blockchain!.
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