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Tesra Lanyi: Computational Intelligence in the open business world - world blockchain conference · Wuhan

Time : 16/11/2021 Author : jkw2gy Click : + -
        On December 5, the "believe in the future & mdash; 2020 world blockchain conference Wuhan" was officially opened in Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference was hosted by Babbitt and was strongly supported by Wuhan municipal government, Jianghan District government, Wuhan Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, China Academy of information technology and other departments. He shared how blockchain thinks from the bottom and what the future of blockchain is. He said that the essence of bitcoin is gold. All views on bitcoin and bitcoin should be from the perspective of gold, not technology. Blockchain builds trust on the basis of computing. Fundamentally speaking, blockchain will certainly reduce business costs, improve efficiency, and open up a new development space.
        The blockchain complete solution has five key points: distributed, encrypted, tamper proof, token based and decentralized. The development of blockchain will go through three stages: the stage of financial automata, commercial semi automata and commercial automata. Hello, actually, I'm not talking about supercomputing network today. As a technology entrepreneur, I'd like to share with you how we think about problems from the bottom in recent years and what I see in the future. Just now, I heard the sharing of Mr. Meng and two other teachers. I was very touched. Because a truly excellent entrepreneur must think about the future, and should not only focus on the present, because there are many things to do at present, but whether the things done at present can really form strength in the future is a question that every entrepreneur should deeply consider.
        Now the bull market has come again. After the bull market, many people pay attention to bitcoin. We often hear such questions. Some people say that bitcoin is likely to challenge the law in the future. I think bitcoin is unlikely to challenge the law in any case. I remember that I wrote an article three years ago. I gave a definition: the essence of bitcoin is gold. In 2018, Kevin Kelly said that bitcoin is gold. He said that bitcoin is digital gold. This is the essence of thinking. When you think that bitcoin is gold, you think about bitcoin. All views on bitcoin should be from the perspective of gold, not from the perspective of technology.
        When we look at it from this perspective, the question just now no longer exists. How do gold and bitcoin compare? There is no mutual substitution relationship. They are not mutually substituted. Let's take a look. From the nature of business, I think every technology entrepreneur should pay attention to these three issues. First, has bitcoin been applied? If there is no application landing, what are we doing today? If there is an application landing, does it represent the current stage or the direction for a long time in the future? Second, why do you need blockchain? Is it only temporary, or is it the general direction of the future? Third, what is the future picture of blockchain?.
        Has the blockchain been applied? I use a picture to let you understand clearly. This is the revenue generated by the decentralized exchange in the past 30 days. We can see that uniswap has generated $26.43 million in revenue in the past 30 days. When we say that the application is launched, there are many kinds of statements. This thing is out, that thing is used, or there is demand, and others are already inviting bids. In the past 30 days, your business has exceeded 26.43 million US dollars. You can raise your hand. A number can prove whether an industry has been applied. If someone asks today whether there is an application landing in your blockchain, you should tell him unequivocally that there is an application landing in the blockchain.
        Why do you need blockchain? Why do you need blockchain? We think from the essence. I think we must remember this sentence: blockchain builds trust on the basis of computing. The key and central word of this sentence is trust. Blockchain is trust built on the basis of computing. When trust is the central word, we will find that the foundation of Finance and even business is trust. This is very important. Why? On the basis of algorithms and technology, you can build stronger trust, indicating that a trend is occurring. What is the trend? Large scale commercial activities will gradually migrate from off chain to on chain, because stronger trust is being built, or even has been built.
        Fundamentally speaking, blockchain will certainly reduce business costs, improve efficiency, and open up a new development space for us. This is to think about why blockchain is necessary from the essence. We can think about the chain we see today, such as bitcoin and Ethereum. Why can we say that there are only two large public chains? This is the essential thinking just now, because it builds trust. So far, the blockchain that can build trust around the world can be counted as bitcoin and Ethereum. It should be said that all other functions of the blockchain, TPS or all other functions mentioned just now, are to expand the trust, that is, to expand the trust relationship built through calculation on the chain.
        What is the future of blockchain? Whenever we discuss technology, we must think and understand from which angle technology should be understood. This is a very standard graph, Gartner curve. Basically, all technologies have to go through such a curve from the beginning to the final maturity and application. Whenever we talk about technology landing, we should talk about this curve. From the beginning of technology coming out to the temporary peak or foam, then the foam began to burst. After the burst, it entered the bottom of despair, saying pyramid schemes and scams. Then it began to slowly rise from the bottom, and the whole industry ushered in the spring of comprehensive recovery. This curve is called Gartner curve.
        Whenever a technology lands, we should use Gartner curve to understand which stage we are in. What stage do you think we are in? It should be in front of the spring when everything recovers. Gartner classified these technologies in 19 years, which is very interesting. Gartner divides the stages involved in the blockchain into four stages. The first stage was the information internet before 2010, and technology began to be enabled; From 2010 to 2020, innovative blockchain technology solutions appeared; From 2020 to 2030, there will be complete solutions for blockchain, that is, 2020 is the first year of blockchain applications.
        After that, there will be enhanced solutions for blockchain. I want to explain what the complete solution of blockchain means? There are five key points in the blockchain complete solution: are we creating a new form of value elements by deploying five elements: distributed, encrypted, tamper proof, token based and decentralized. The key point is to fully deploy these five elements. Before this, we have heard that those who try to do blockchain landing projects all apply one element or two elements or some elements, which are only called blockchain innovative solutions. For example, we can use the blockchain to store certificates and trace the source. We can think about which features and elements are used.
        From 2020 to 2030, the characteristics of truly complete solutions are that the five elements are fully applied. In the future, there will be enhanced solutions for blockchain, that is, organizations can hand over economic roles to things. People are separated from the whole transaction, and then the whole transaction system will form a fully autonomous decentralized organization, that is, the brain we are talking about now. It will be fully implemented after 2030 and will appear in a new form. Gartner's point of view just now. I've been thinking about it for years. I studied automation as a undergraduate. I have always believed that the development of blockchain will go through the following three stages, that is, the first stage we are now going through. This is a diagram I drew. This diagram is very important. We should think about the three stages of the development of our blockchain from the perspective of the chain and the chain, as well as the transaction process and the delivery process.
        For example, at present, I think that the blockchain is in the stage of financial automata. The blockchain is constantly building the commercial automata of the commercial society for us, but it is only in the stage of financial automata. Why? All deliveries and payments that can be made automatically on the chain are tokens. If you pay the contract token, the contract will be delivered to the token. What can be related to the information below the chain is only that the information below the chain is put on the chain through the oracle. After such a stage, this stage is called financial automata or part of commercial automata. In the next stage, its development should be to enter the commercial semi automata. Some deliveries will occur in the off chain behavior, and the goods may be delivered off the chain. However, the delivered goods or the delivery process itself will undergo centralized confirmation of rights. After the confirmation of rights, the chain will be connected. After the chain is connected, the payment and delivery will occur simultaneously on the chain.
        At this stage, I think it is the form of commercial semi automata. What is the real future like? The real future should be like this. As a person, you will delegate your decisions to AI, and let AI make analysis and decisions for you. At the same time, you will authorize IOT Internet of things to collect information, collect data and perform actions, and let IOT do these actions for you. As for the whole decision and behavior, they will use AI and IOT to complete the payment and delivery based on the blockchain. The payment and delivery behaviors, both on and off the chain, are connected through the extension of consensus on the chain. How to understand the consensus extension mode on the chain? In my opinion, the ongoing expansion of layer2 and Ethereum layer2 is a consensus expansion on the chain.
        All transfers do not occur on the chain, but your transfers and those of others must be confirmed on the chain. That is to say, such behavior is to confirm a series of behaviors on the chain through technology and calculation, that is, to extend the consensus that has been firmly formed on the chain to the chain. The mode of consensus extension on the chain will eventually be extended to all aspects of our society, and the consensus on the chain will be extended to all aspects of transactions and businesses. Finally, commercial automata will be realized, and commercial automata can truly liberate people. Here I give a name to the scenario of conceiving the future. I think this kind of business is based on authorization, based on the combination of AI, blockchain and Internet of things, and carries out the original business on the chain. I think it is the original business of the chain.
        When we see the future and try to imagine what the future will be like, we need to think about what to do now. What should be done at present is also considered from the bottom logic. In fact, there are two things, one is the general direction, and the other is the near future. The general direction, what we do, is right. It's not wrong to do something. When we do blockchain or Internet related things, we only need to follow the underlying logic of social development. How to use less energy to transmit, process and store more information. Think about the 5g, wechat and pinduoduo that have been developed now. If they can do well, they must meet this requirement and use less energy to transmit and process more information.
        The second is what to do in the near future. It can be done with the underlying logic of blockchain development. The underlying logic of blockchain development can build more new production relations on the basis of building algorithmic credit. How can we reconstruct business based on algorithmic credit? At present, these businesses needed in real life can be reconstructed, theoretically speaking. From defi to openweb to all walks of life, we can look for opportunities. Let's briefly talk about our tesra business architecture. You can use tesra IO website to see our business. We have been developing from the bottom layer, including resource layer, algorithm and application layer.
        The resource layer has been doing proof of computing power. Before that, we made a chain, and we built a key to achieve it. But this year, I began to think carefully and found that it is not suitable to build a chain alone, because the essence of the chain is to build consensus. In the scheduling layer, we have built a decentralized scheduling system. The key is application. So far, in the past two or three years, we have launched three sets of mature applications. One is AI distributed computing service based on supercomputing network, which can support AI computing of four major frameworks. The second is VASP new material multi node computing service, which is also very mature and stable. Some users say that the performance is better than that of Guangzhou Supercomputing Center.
        Third, the cloud rendering distributed computing service has a relatively small number of users. Recently, we launched the Bose distributed Oracle machine, which I can focus on. Our Oracle is a distributed Oracle built on the basis of supercomputing network nodes. As we all know, in the recent frequent Oracle attacks, many Oracle machines are on the chain and directly obtain the data on the chain. When an attacker makes a flash loan, he can quickly operate the contract cycle, which will affect the price of the Oracle, that is, indirectly manipulate the price. This kind of prediction machine under the chain first aggregates the market prices of mainstream exchanges and the prices of several exchanges on the chain through multiple aggregation, so it will not be attacked on the chain.
        At the same time, we have done front end and back-end classification, and the front-end load is multi balanced during aggregation. In this case, it is difficult to attack the Oracle itself. In addition, we have separated the backend. When both ends are graded, stability and efficiency can be achieved. At the same time, it is not a completely decentralized oracle. The underlying logic of technological development is that only when your product is cheap and easy to use can it be accepted. For the AI computing mentioned just now, our calculation cost is already 20% of that of Alibaba cloud. It must be cheap and easy to use before others can use it widely. This Oracle machine is characterized by low cost and easy use, and is very stable and efficient.
        We also launched an innovative attempt. This Oracle machine is 100% mining. If you develop an application, you can directly tune the Oracle machine, and each tune will give you a token of governance. Finally, the holders of these governance tokens jointly decide the income distribution of the oracle. This is a product we just launched. In general, the future development direction of tesra is a decentralized scheduling system and application services, and a shared computing network based on off chain computing proof. In the long term, we will continue to build open business value based on computational intelligence. After 2030, when the commercial automata we just mentioned has been formed, we will think about our future.
        Your electric lamp can buy electricity from the solar energy of the next house through the Internet of things. Through the token of the blockchain, it is authorized, can be paid and can be purchased. At the same time, the solar energy of the next house can meet the power supply of its own house, and decide whether to sell it to you, and whether to sell it to the State Grid in the case of grid connection. Your refrigerator will automatically place an order to the smart supermarket when it finds that there are fewer eggs. The smart supermarket will send a robot to deliver the goods to your home, send the eggs to the refrigerator, and then close the door and go. What are you doing in the whole process? You are not in the process of trading, you are outside the closed loop of trading. This is the real scene of commercial automata. What are you doing after this process is implemented? Social development also has the underlying laws. The higher the society, the more advanced it is, and the whole society will become more and more homogeneous.
        At that time, you have nothing to do. You can play and you can create
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