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Origin and definition of blockchain, bitcoin technology principle, bitcoin technology economy and Philosophy

Time : 20/07/2022 Author : 5c9s0t Click : + -
        The birth of blockchain is an inevitable result of the integration of cryptography, distributed technology, Internet Governance and the development of digital economy. It is an inevitable process from information internet to trust Internet and then to value Internet. Bitcoin is a combination of a series of concepts and technologies that constitute the digital currency ecosystem, and it is also the first successful digital currency. Its technical principles include: 1. Asymmetric encryption algorithm; 2. Hash and Merkle tree; 3. Utxo accounting method; 4. Block and chain; 5. P2P distributed network; 6. Consensus mechanism; 7. Mining issuance and incentive mechanism; 8. Smart contract. Bitcoin has triggered economic changes from information internet to value Internet, from central accounting to distributed shared ledger, from corporate organizations to community organizations (token economy), and from digital economy to digital society.
        Bitcoin's philosophy: privacy and property are inviolable, decentralized, community autonomy, and code is law.
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