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China micro film and micro video copyright conference: blockchain promotes the copyright value protection of micro film and micro video

Time : 16/09/2021 Author : u4y1k5 Click : + -
        On January 18, the "China micro film and micro video copyright conference" jointly organized by the China Copyright Protection Center, the development research center of the State Administration of press, publication, radio, film and television, the film art center of the China Federation of literary and art circles, China search, and China micro film culture and media center was held in Beijing. At the meeting, the micro film and micro video blockchain Copyright (trading) service platform jointly created by China Copyright Protection Center and Huaxia micro film culture and media center was released and launched. The platform will be incorporated into the DCI system of China Copyright Protection Center. As another innovative application in the field of micro film, the DCI system will realize the most eye-catching Internet upgrade technology in the world in the future& mdash; Supported by the blockchain, a micro film and micro video copyright trading platform will be built to enable the micro film and micro video works with huge output and no benign trading pattern to realize the integration of real name uploading, priority of review and confirmation, self pricing and distribution, automatic settlement and distribution and other functions, forming a full process service from shooting and production, trading and dissemination, and automatic settlement.
        At the meeting, Zou Jianhua, Secretary of the Party committee and deputy director of the China Copyright Protection Center and executive vice president of the China Association for collective management of audio and video copyright, made an important speech on the theme of "copyright value protection of micro films and micro videos". In the digital age, the way of copying and spreading original works has changed, which also changes the way of copyright authorization and royalty settlement under the traditional media environment. As the micro film and micro video are produced in the "micro era", they have the characteristics of small space, large number, diverse creative subjects, scattered channels, small investment scale and short life cycle, which makes the micro film and micro video industry more need to innovate the copyright protection mode; Effective services should be provided according to the needs of industrial development and the characteristics of microfilm (video).
        In this sense, Huaxia micro film (blockchain) copyright service platform combines copyright public services with blockchain technology to provide a brand-new service mode of copyright confirmation, authorization, settlement and rights protection, which adapts to the characteristics of micro films and micro videos and the needs of communication. The copyright service platform of Huaxia micro film (blockchain) relies on the information technology of the blockchain, and on the basis of ensuring the safe and reliable operation of data, strives to build an industrial platform integrating copyright registration, data monitoring, safe storage, full network search, revenue settlement and other services in the micro film and micro video industry, which can solve the current difficulties of rights confirmation, opaque settlement Lack of regulatory means and other major problems.
        China Copyright Protection Center has always paid attention to the impact of the development of emerging media on the copyright industry in the Internet environment, and continuously improved the capacity and level of copyright public services through model innovation, promoted the creation and dissemination of various works, and promoted the healthy development of the copyright industry. This time, we jointly initiated the establishment of Huaxia micro film (blockchain) copyright service center with Huaxia micro film culture media center and other units. It is also to coordinate with the launch of Huaxia micro film (blockchain) copyright service platform and provide real, accurate and convenient copyright public service support for the dissemination of micro films and micro videos. This wish will be completed and realized with colleagues in the industry. Finally, I hope that the participants and the industry can pay attention to and support the development of micro film and micro video industry, and make joint efforts to create Chinese original brands!.
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