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Blockchain video,Fire cow video's chicken feathers: after changing the rules, change the white paper blockchain + short video into a gimmick

Time : 06/04/2022 Author : k7xsaw Click : + -
        In 2018, the short video industry has gradually calmed down from booming and savage growth, despite problems such as the dissipation of mobile Internet traffic dividends, regulatory upgrading, content homogenization, and stable head positions. However, according to trustdata data, in April this year, the Mau of short video industry reached nearly 360 million. Facing the market with still fanatical demand, many platforms began to explore new ways to upgrade "short video +". In July of this year, a short video platform called "fire cow" emerged as a new force, promoting the game of "mining as a reward" and high dividends, which is called fcoin in short videos. The platform also aims at "YouTube + Tiktok + blockchain". With the support of the two hot concepts of "short video + blockchain", it will obtain 10 million users in two months.
        However, it was not long ago. Recently, some users reported that after using high return as bait to induce users to recharge, huoniu changed the rules without permission, reducing the income by a thousand times, causing economic losses to users. Some users also directly pointed out that the platform was suspected of pyramid selling. The points issued by huoniu platform are called fire drill FB, and the circulation is said to be 10 billion. Huobi officially gives RMB dividends to FB holders, and 100 fire drills can earn one yuan a day. Users who want to get FB can get FB by inviting new players, publishing videos, rewarding short videos or anchors, or purchasing or recharging the reward tool hot ticket at a ratio of 1:10, and then rewarding. The more FB, the more revenue.
        However, some users said that once the number of tokens based on Ethereum is constant, it cannot be changed. FB is actually the points issued by the website itself, and is not based on any blockchain. The circulation is not transparent, and the actual number is unknown. It is worth mentioning that the fire cow video of Apple App store has never been launched. Currently, it is attracting IOS users by means of invitation codes, which also makes users question whether there is a pyramid marketing component on the platform. In the early stage, users were induced to charge money with high dividends in white papers, various promotion groups and other places. The above users said that the number of users increased sharply in the early stage was mainly induced by such interest publicity, and such high profit financial activities were also questioned to be paid by the fund mode.
        According to users, on the evening of September 21, fire bull sold a large number of FB raised funds. On the 23rd, the original 100 fire drills could receive a dividend of 1 yuan. After the rules were revised on the 23rd, the dividend was reduced by 10 times and the dividend was distributed at a ratio of 1000:1. The blockchain is obviously meaningless on the huoniu platform. It is still centralized. The amount of FB distribution changes, the dividend rules change, and the official website and white paper also change. In the early white paper of huoniu, it was stated that 80% of the platform income would be distributed. However, in the new version of the white paper, the proportion has become "x%" and "dividend" has become "feedback". Jing Feng, CEO of huoniu, is a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence of Tsinghua University. He used to be responsible for Youku, Tudou and Baidu video search teams, Tudou recommendation and advertising products. In the original introduction, the platform consultant included Wang Wei, founder of Tudou. However, Wang Wei later clarified his relationship with the project party in his personal microblog.
        However, in some reports, the related company, kequ Smart Technology Co., Ltd., also surfaced. This company, founded in 2013, received millions of RMB a round investment from Zhenge fund in 2014, and received Sequoia China B round investment in January 2015. The major shareholder is Jingfeng, and Wang Wei also holds 12%. Although the revised white paper, which has only 13 pages, has now deleted all the related "bosses", what cannot be deleted is the circle of friends relationship and the endorsement of Hecheng instant platform, which has been questioned by the users who have lost the harvest behind. When bianews inquired at noon today, it was found that the most live online people had the same short video interface as other video platforms, and the content was not prominent. Some users revealed that many of the short videos could also be seen on other platforms, belonging to "moving bricks", and the purpose was to obtain FB.
        A screenshot of the founder Jing Feng's response after the event circulated on the Internet shows that Jing Feng emphasizes that the fire bull is a live short video platform, not an investment platform. Do not play with the fire bull with an investment mentality. The user's recharge and reward are voluntary normal consumption behavior and non investment. The official wechat official account fire bull video FB has not been searched, but fire bull explained that "due to the attack, malicious incitement and reporting of competitors". In the announcement, huoniu video said that users recharge fire tickets, reward short videos or anchors are normal consumption behaviors of resources, not investment. Please correctly understand huoniu video and make rational consumption. What makes the incident even more outrageous is the behavior of some rights defenders. Some people make up jokes to ridicule fire bull and Jing Feng, some pretend to be the official speaker of fire bull to fan the flames, some rush to the post bar of Tsinghua University to denounce Jing Feng, and some even take a fake photo of Jing Feng.
        I thought I saw a new way of playing short videos and saw the dawn of the application of blockchain in the video social scene. I didn't expect that blockchain did not improve the production relations here, nor did it solve the content industry centralization, such as the content ownership problem, but only became a profit-making gimmick & mdash& mdash; The cash dividend model is simply and brutally used to cut leeks. Bianews is recruiting journalists to work in Beijing. Interested students can send their resumes to the e-mail address:, or the wechat of jiabian Ge (ID: changchun62). We look forward to your joining us! Return to Sohu to see more.
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