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Development of digital currency in blockchain?

Time : 30/10/2021 Author : yw1flr Click : + -
        Many people have traded various "currencies" on the famous blockchain trading platform okex, such as bitcoin and Ethereum. They all know that these are virtual digital currencies, but how should they be defined? Let's have a good understanding of digital currency through the blockchain knowledge learned on the famous blockchain trading platform okex. Digital currency is the first application of blockchain technology in the financial industry. Bitcoin is the most widely and successful application of blockchain technology. On the basis of bitcoin, a large number of other types of decentralized digital currencies have been derived. The concept of money has been subverted by the emergence of bitcoin. The emergence and expansion of bitcoin and digital currency are changing the way people use money.
        In the past, human beings used physical goods for barter transactions, to have general equivalents as common currency, and then to develop specially made physical currency and later credit currency. All these are evolving with the commercial behavior and social development of human beings. With the rise of e-finance and e-commerce, the security, convenience and low transaction cost of digital currency are more suitable for the network-based business behavior in the modern scientific and technological world, and may even replace the circulation of physical currency in the future. At the same time, many other countries are also exploring the feasibility of issuing digital currency. At present, Sweden, Australia and Russia are all discussing plans to develop digital currency.
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