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Ipfsfil is an emerging technology of digital economy. In June, the network upgrade gas was ignored

Time : 26/06/2022 Author : y5ntb7 Click : + -
        As the saying goes, "a man is not rich without windfall, and a horse is not fat without night grass." There are no words to describe the risks, let alone Shanzhai currency. Even for mainstream currencies such as BTC, Eth and fil, most people can not afford the risk of choosing to speculate. a commonplace talk of an old scholar,. Hoarding money is understandable, but the benefits are far less than mining. Some people asked: this can only show that mining has increased the income of currency production, but there are also risks. If the currency price depreciates, will the final currency production not be able to offset the previous costs? Not only speculation, hoarding and mining have the same risks, but the ability to resist risks is different. There are also many people who hoard at the low level, but it is difficult for us to achieve the lowest point in and the highest point out when hoarding money. It is common to lose money.
        While fil's pledge lock mechanism maintains the stability of its economic model, it also allows you to force long-term holding in disguise. Fil is the token of IPFs interstellar file system, breaking many records and maintaining many uniqueness in the history of blockchain. There are great development prospects. Many domestic giants are laying out IPFs storage. I believe you can search for these. This project not only has a background of faith, but also you will find its uniqueness when you study it deeply. At present, filecoin has the most complex economic model in all blockchain projects. Filecoin mining adopts replication proof and space-time proof. It is improved under the traditional blockchain proof mode and replaces the traditional POW workload proof.
        Moreover, its ecological application, basic computing power, technical iteration, joint layout, financial tools, etc. are all in progress. It can be seen that the consensus of filecoin in the market is on the rise. Hyperdrive refers to the upcoming filecoin network upgrade, which is also known as the actorsv5 program. Its purpose is to achieve faster network growth and obtain more data storage by reducing gas. V5 includes necessary consensus breaking upgrades and test improvements, optional consensus breaking upgrades, and optional non-destructive improvements for specification participants. Destroying consensus means destroying the original consensus. We can simply understand that compared with the current filecoin network, this network upgrade is significant and even subversive.
        In the filecoin network, miners encapsulate, chain and obtain block rewards through four stages: P1, P2 (precommit), C1 and C2 (provecommt). Most of the gas consumption is concentrated in P2 and C2. On the blockchain browser, we can also see that P2 and C2 account for the "majority" of gas, and the combined gas consumption of the two accounts for about 95%. Therefore, reducing the gas consumption of P2 and C2 is to reduce the gas consumption of filecoin network. Now, a miner can only submit one sector at a time. If a miner's new computing power is 1pib a day, and if a sector of 32gib is used, 32768 sectors need to be submitted, that is, 32768 messages need to be generated; If a 64gib sector is used, 16384 sectors need to be submitted.
        When the fip-8 proposal is implemented, it will support the pre submission of miners' batch sectors by adding precommitsectorbatch. For example, 1tib sectors can be pre submitted in batches, so the miners need only submit 1024 messages for adding 1pib. Fip-13 proposal adds a method for miners to submit multiple sector proof submission messages in a single submission, which means that sectors in C2 stage can also be submitted in batches. To sum up, after the V5 version is upgraded, the gas of P2 + C2 will be significantly reduced, that is, the gas of filecoin network will be significantly reduced.
        A: The specific upgrade time depends on the official development progress of filecoin. At present, the fip-12, fip-11 and fip-8 proposals have been developed, the fip-13 proposal is being actively developed, and the 1411issue is also being gradually solved. After all proposals have been developed and successfully passed the test, the V5 version will be released. A: There is no exact number of sectors submitted in batches. However, according to the contents of the official filecoin personnel on the issue, it is estimated that 200-400 sector data will be submitted in batch. There is no doubt that this filecoin network upgrade can reduce the gas of P2 and C2 stages by implementing fip-8 and fip-13, thus reducing the gas of the entire network.
        The reduction of gas means that the cost for miners to increase their computing power can also be reduced. When the cost for miners to obtain block rewards is reduced, it is expected to attract more miners, ecological developers and real data storage customers to join the filecoin network, so as to continuously promote the development and prosperity of the network. As filecoin network becomes more and more popular and active, the value of filecoin network will become higher and higher, and fil will become more and more important!. As an emerging technology in the digital economy era, blockchain technology can be applied in various fields. The application mode of combination of blockchain and industry overcomes the development disadvantage of the original industry, closely combines the industrial characteristics with the technical advantages of blockchain, forms new characteristics and industrial advantages, and appears with a new appearance and participates in the development process of social industry.
        Blockchain technology has the characteristics of disintermediation, consensus mechanism, openness, transparency and non tamperability. With the continuous development of blockchain technology and the combination with other financial technologies, blockchain technology is expected to gradually adapt to the application of large-scale financial scenarios. At the same time, the role of blockchain in boosting the real economy is also very obvious: reducing transaction costs and improving economic efficiency. When financial institutions conduct transactions with users, there is no need for third-party intervention, and point-to-point direct interaction is realized, which realizes efficient and large-scale information interaction. At the same time, since there is no third-party intervention, there is no need to worry about information disclosure, and the trust problem in economic behavior has been properly solved.
        When it falls, there will be innumerable bad news; when it rises, there will be innumerable good news. Wait for the bad cards to come out and wait for the good! At that time, the whole industry will be in a spiral state. The consensus of the whole industry will continue to increase after the baptism of bulls and bears, laying the foundation for the value of the whole industry. The supervision will only have an impact on the industry in the short term, but not in the long term. ① New things are things that conform to objective laws and have strong vitality and broad prospects for development; The goal of IPFs is to create a more open, fast and secure Internet!. ② It overcomes the negative, outdated and decadent things in the old things, absorbs the positive and reasonable factors in the old things, and adds new contents that the old things cannot accommodate!.
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