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Blockchain apprentice: the trading volume dropped sharply on the weekend of August 6, and the positions need to be strictly controlled!

Time : 09/02/2022 Author : 4h1grd Click : + -
        It was reported on August 6 that the 2022 China International Service Trade Fair will be held from August 31 to September 5 in the National Convention Center and Shougang park. This year's theme is "service cooperation for development, green innovation for the future". This year's service trade fair will set up a new theme of environmental services, which will focus on demonstrating new technologies and applications of ecological and environmental protection and green energy conservation, and help achieve the "double carbon" goal Let's take a look at Ethereum. The long trend of the daily moving average is relatively strong at present. Yesterday, it also entered the 1700 point again after standing at 1650, and then entered the shock market. However, the overall direction is to maintain the idea of stopping the decline and going up. The KDJ index currently presents an upward form. At present, the desire to go up is relatively strong. MACD is also in the stage of turning around and going up, Key points: from the daily perspective, the amount of short positions is not very large at present. Small partners need to pay attention to short positions and pay attention to the lower part (1700-1550).
        Looking at the four hour daily average, the overall trend is relatively good, and the currency price is always fixed above US $1600. This key support is relatively strong at present, and the KDJ index is now in the form of a dead fork. If it fails to get out of the strong downward situation before 12:00 p.m., the follow-up direction will continue to move upward, and MACD will also enter an upward trend. The current short trend is not very obvious, Small partners can pay more attention to the short-term support of 1700. Today's focus: we need to pay attention to whether the 1700 line can be maintained at the bottom. Secondly, if the daily currency price is stable at US $1700, the market will enter the situation of pulling up again. If we fail to stand firmly near the short-term support of the lower pressure level (1650-1550), we can watch the pressure at the top (1750-1900).
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