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Is Web3 a detour in the blockchain?

Time : 30/12/2021 Author : vdyckx Click : + -
        A fact that must be emphasized is that although Web3 has only become a phenomenal topic in the past few years. But blockchain is no longer a new technology. Starting with Nakamoto's paper on bitcoin in 2008, blockchain technology has been developed for 14 years. Bitcoin has existed on this planet for 13 years since people began to practice the Zhongben Cong paper in 2009. Moreover, the above three generation public chains are not entirely a development undertaking relationship. Bitcoin is still the world's bottom asset and the largest capital pool. Almost all mainstream platforms need to find it to cross the chain, and Ethereum is next. Bitcoin "practically" ruled Web3 for 13 years.
        The reason why this is "factual" is that this time is even longer than the time when the blockchain Web3 concept exists. Obviously not. Under the current technical conditions, the bitcoin system seems primitive and cumbersome. Compared with the current simple and efficient centralized trading system, bitcoin is almost a DOS level product. The Web3 world spends a lot of money every year to maintain the growth system and trading system of bitcoin. Let's not talk about the graphics card you couldn't buy before. In the first half of this year, according to the statistics of research institutions, at present, only in bitcoin mining, humans consume 149 billion kwh of electricity every year. According to China's per capita domestic power consumption of 878 kWh (2020), it is equivalent to the domestic power consumption of 170 million Chinese people in a year and the power generation of 1.5 Three Gorges dams.
        According to the national ranking, it is equivalent to Vietnam, and it is about the 25th in the world;. If the social electricity price of 80 cents per year is shared equally, it is equivalent to 120 billion yuan of electricity. This means that the social power cost of bitcoin mining and conversion is equivalent to the total scale of China's public cloud market in 2020, equal to the stamp duty of the A-share market for six months;. During the delivery process, a large amount of "handling fee" (gas) will be generated. This Commission will be used to pay the bills of the mine for purchasing graphics cards and electricity and to meet the huge profits of the mining industry chain. On the one hand, Web3 is trying to tell a beautiful technology vision, but the way of landing is cumbersome; On the other hand, Web3 is constantly promoting the development of blockchain and talking about its revolutionary role in it development.
        But when it comes to line technology, it can't even use its oldest technology. On the contrary, a cumbersome technical framework is allowed to devour human resources wantonly when the mainstream values are discussing environmental protection and regional poverty. Taking IOS as an example, apple can keep the IOS system in a continuous computing power upgrade version through hot update or even overall system iteration. Therefore, with the release of each new generation of mobile phones, a new IOS system will appear, so that the experience of mobile terminals can match the evolving hardware computing power. This is the so-called Andy Beer law. The computing power improved by hardware will be quickly consumed by the software system, thus realizing the benign rolling growth of software and hardware.
        Predictable development models such as Andy bill make the whole web system present a sense of order of technological development, solve the efficiency stagnation caused by redundant computing power, promote the prosperity of the whole web software level, and ensure the coordinated development of the two legs of the web world. This is related to its distinct decentralization attribute. After the birth of bitcoin, it becomes a data body independent of any entity. No entity can patch bitcoin. Therefore, Web3 developers can only do some nesting on the basis of bitcoin, or simply repair a chain with more advanced technology, and then connect the two chains through cross chain.
        This is the later Ethereum and solona. Bitcoin is like the old city in the city, like the Hutong in Dongcheng District of Beijing. With the development of Beijing, the population scale has begun to rise. It is obvious that the traffic in hutongs can not accommodate the commuting needs of modern Beijing. Therefore, we need "urban renewal". However, the demolition cost of the old city is high. It will not only pay a huge capital cost and legal costs, but also destroy the style of the old city. More importantly, in the Web3 world, we do not even have a manager who is really responsible for the "city" to perform this operation. Therefore, we will establish different new centers in Wangjing, Tongzhou, Xierqi and other places according to the planning method that fully meets the needs of modern cities.
        Compared with hutongs, the planning and traffic capacity of these new cities have been significantly improved and have better development potential. So they soon became the gathering place of new enterprises and new industries. Accordingly, the "real estate price", that is, the price of currency, has also risen. Therefore, people in the old city will go to the new area to buy houses, work or even start a business, and enjoy better development conditions; When the people in the new area earn money, they will also buy "school district houses" in the old urban area to ensure stability. This is the current competitive pattern between different chains in Web3. Bitcoin is the cornerstone, with the highest price and relatively stable. Even if defi dies, it will be the last unstable currency to collapse in Web3.
        However, although the housing in the old urban area is small and the supporting facilities are old, the demand for space such as housing and shops is strong. Therefore, there will be similar "urban chaos" such as "group rental housing", "illegal building" and so on. In the Web3 world, some people who dislike the low technical efficiency and the poor extensibility of the bottom layer will do some nesting on the basis of assets. However, the problems caused by these "built houses" may exceed the harm to outdated planning, and it is also a perfect combination of the shortcomings of web2 and Web3. For example, after the popularity of NFT (non-homogeneous token), there will be f-nft (separable NFT), which uses the idea of homogeneous token to disassemble non-homogeneous tokens & hellip& hellip;。
        When defi (decentralized Finance) is popular, cedefi (decentralized Finance) will appear to help the wallet simplify the difficulties encountered by users when holding money and gradually establish their own derivatives system. If a person who doesn't understand these contradictory technical terms, he will probably think that Web3 and himself have a nervous disorder. However, because bitcoin is too large and there are too many deposited assets, Web3 cannot abandon bitcoin. This is hard to imagine in a centralized network. The large number of users has been the accelerator of technology in web2, but has become a reducer in Web3 in a certain sense, delaying the speed of the underlying technology iteration in the Web3 world.
        From a global perspective, the geographical urban renewal actually brings about the imbalance of wealth in physical space. This is caused by the limitations of physical space itself, and it is a worldwide problem that is difficult to solve in a short time. It has created a set of "territory" in a real sense in the Internet Ecology without "territory". In Web3: the birth of cybercapitalism, we have already discussed similar contents. We believe that this is a disguised monopoly of resources by the first entrants over the second entrants. It was originally intended to open the door to the new world for the next generation of Internet, but now it has become a tool to serve a few speculators. So far, it is difficult to develop even a national DAPP software.
        Some people may question this view. In their opinion, the blockchain has hundreds of millions of participants in a broad sense, and it has a large enough user group. However, if we carefully observe its user structure, we will find that it is not so simple. The participants of Web3 have extremely high homogeneity in the hierarchy attribute:. Almost all of the participants in Web3 are the urban middle class and above, and the modern bourgeoisie. Even if there are participants of the most ordinary workers in the X2N game, they are all at the edge of the game. Take X2N as an example. In the past decade of Internet development, it was originally a "sign in" and "share" tool for a large number of sinking software.
        For example, pinduoduo "makes money by walking", reading software and short video ads are all aimed at the massive sinking market. But now, X2N has obviously become one of the most successful applications of Web3. Two groups of people are doing the same thing in the parallel universe. The biggest difference between the two is that stepn rewards tens of thousands of times more than pinduoduo walking, and the playing method is hundreds of times more complicated than pinduoduo. Pinduoduo at least has a logic tight algorithm efficiency logic based on platform daily life; Stepn is a zero sum game between users. Like stepn, Web3 creates a large number of complex and exclusive nouns, creating a sense of elitism; The surging capital increases the stimulation dimension of wealth geometrically.
        The combination of the two gives middle-class players the double pleasure of "insight into the future and wealth". They all have a little savings and worship money. They are believers in the free market and believe that money can solve a lot of "discomfort" in life. In Web3: a concept game and Web3: the birth of cybercapitalism, we have emphasized that Web3 is rooted in a value of private property protection. Web3 emphasizes to solve the difficulties encountered in web2 through thorough data privatization. This kind of emotional appeal actually takes advantage of the insecurity of the bottom of the middle class and the fear in modern society. No one knows better than them the deep-seated uncertainty in the economic system.
        In Web3, the worship of money is also covered with a layer of technology worship, which makes this worship seem more moral & mdash& mdash; Everyone knows that musk, the richest man in the world, wants to change mankind, but who still remembers that the inventor of modern rockets is Robert middot; Goddard. The latter's contribution to mankind should not be inferior to the former, but the worship of harvest is obviously not on the same level. If the participants of Web3 still maintain a strong homogeneity, the scale of attracting funds and the number of participants will be more and more, and the number of potential players in the future will be less and less. The game has changed from an incremental model to a casino of stock games.
        Then only real early players can profit from it. However, all our criticisms are actually based on the deformed vision grown in the blockchain, not on technology. The blockchain itself can be used in many real scenarios. The use of blockchain technology can assist in information desensitization, without uploading all identity data information to complete verification, which can greatly reduce frequent privacy leaks caused by non-standard information in the near future; In addition, different subjects such as brands and channel providers lack trust in data and refuse to fully share data, thus creating artificial data islands. Blockchain can help solve the problem of data trust. The combination of edge computing and blockchain theoretically has the potential to reduce the complexity of the centralized network and create one more possibility for the larger scale digitization of mankind & mdash& mdash; It may eventually become one of the important solutions to solve the "zero delay" of the meta universe.
        No matter which direction, it seems that there is no necessary connection with the token of the current coin circle type. In fact, their common direction is to advance human society towards the digital deep-water area. Take the car machine blockchain as an example. In the future intelligent transportation, it is inevitable to face "car road coordination". However, there are different operators of cars and roads in the world. To make these data trust each other, the blockchain can be used. However, in order to achieve this kind of collaboration, it is necessary to at least meet the collaboration of several technologies & mdash& mdash; First of all, we need a suitable data device, which must be able to adapt to most vehicle systems and meet the space utilization of different models, different central control layout and temperature; It also considers the data bandwidth capability under different road conditions, the reliability under weak communication scenarios, and whether the encryption performance of the device itself is excellent.
        Secondly, this comprehensive solution must conform to the cost-benefit ratio of large-scale configuration of vehicle enterprises. Neither bitcoin nor solona can obviously meet the industrial enterprises' pursuit of efficiency & mdash& mdash; Therefore, it also needs to include edge computing and center calculation for assistance. This is the basic solution framework for the digital process of mankind in the past three decades & mdash& mdash; The integration of software and hardware meets the efficiency demand of productivity and brings real and reliable productivity value. Blockchain should participate in the deep technology integration, and combine with edge computing, underlying computing power design, communication technology, hardware terminals, and cloud computing of centralized nodes to form a comprehensive solution to solve the problems encountered in the scene.
        If we worship the blockchain itself too much, or even add a large number of social values to it, and turn it into a utopia imagined by technologists, we will enter into an unpredictable and totally different Utopia trap. Whether a technology is economical, reliable and creates incremental value is the best examiner for b-end enterprises. If you play your own game, and no one really pays for the technology, it will ultimately be just an internal roll of capitalism and a self swallowing of money. From this point of view, if we look back, token simply uses the blockchain in the simplest scenario, and it does not even jump out of Nakamoto's paper 13 years ago:.
        If Nakamoto opened a window for human it development 13 years ago, it raised a finger and pointed to a sea of stars. Well, in the past 13 years, a group of fanatical people have been trying their best to "optimize" the finger pointing to the sea of Xingcheng. The enthusiasm of this attempt has affected the number of practitioners who focus on industrial blockchain and integrated technology development, and delayed the process of people rushing to the moon. Taking China as a representative, in the science and technology arena with dual advantages in it and industry, entrepreneurs should instead assume the heavy responsibility of exploring human digitization, rather than fall into some kind of "self pity". If we want to provide large-scale and cost-effective solutions through comprehensive software and hardware solutions, who has more development potential than China?.
        After all, someone should take the lead in completing industrial verification, and then export and popularize software and hardware to the world. Let global blockchain practitioners see that good landing can actually earn money.
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