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"Mining" to get rich? There is no way out!

Time : 25/06/2022 Author : qvwofs Click : + -
        What is "mining"? The virtual currency "mining" activity refers to the process that "miners" provide certain computer computing power according to the open-source software provided by the designer of the virtual currency system, and obtain the specific solution that the designer wants to obtain through complex computer mathematical operations. The "miners" who obtain the specific solution can get virtual currency rewards. The common ones are bitcoin, Ethereum coin, Monroe coin, EOS coin, etc. As "mining" activities consume a large amount of electric energy and increase carbon emissions, 11 departments including the national development and Reform Commission issued a document in January 2022, listing virtual currency "mining" as an industry to be eliminated; The people's Bank of China, together with relevant departments, issued a document in September 2021 to clarify that virtual currency related business activities are illegal business activities.
        Virtual currency is not a real currency, it exists in the network world in digital form. Different from traditional currency, virtual currency cannot be used as currency in the market in China, and investment and transaction of virtual currency are not protected by law. The virtual currency is not issued by the monetary authority, and has no monetary attributes such as legal compensation and compulsion, and does not have the same legal status as the currency. The manifestation of virtual currency "mining" is the most direct way to obtain virtual currency. It uses the computer software and hardware system to carry out a large number of arithmetic operations. In short, it means that the "miners" of the whole network work together to dig a "mine". Whoever digs first will be rewarded with virtual currency.
        Therefore, the "miners" need to work hard in the block and rely on the consumption of computing resources to perform operations. The whole "mining" activity is a process of calculating and producing virtual currency through a special "mining machine". Its manifestations include the following aspects:. The harm of virtual currency "mining" is that the issuance and trading of virtual currency is an important application in the field of blockchain finance. However, relying on the underlying technology of the blockchain, it has the characteristics of anonymity, no access threshold, and no review of legal capital sources. Its harm mainly includes the following aspects:. ❶ disrupt the normal economic and financial order. The speculation and trading of virtual currency disturbs China's normal financial order and promotes illegal and criminal activities. Virtual currency has become a channel for money laundering, tax evasion, terrorist financing and cross-border capital transfer, threatening social stability and national security to a certain extent and disrupting the normal economic and financial order.
        ❷ huge energy consumption. The high energy consumption and carbon emission intensity of mining activities have a great impact on the realization of energy consumption double control, carbon peaking and carbon neutralization in China, and have increased the pressure on power safety and supply in some areas of China. ❸ has great network security risk. In order to obtain huge profits, illegal elements planted a large number of mining Trojans to control the victim's computers to "mine" virtual money for their own profit, posing a serious threat to the victim's computers and their network security. The number of domestic mining Trojan attacks has increased explosively. Especially the "mining" Trojan horse projected by the government, scientific research institutes, schools, enterprises and other key units. These behaviors not only affect the operation of relevant network terminal equipment, but also have a serious impact on the operation of its virtual host and local area network. It is very easy to cause data leakage or virus infection, and seriously affect the normal development of work, scientific research, teaching, operation and management.
        ❹ easily becomes a tool of crime. The account of virtual currency is anonymous, and the outside world cannot know who is its holder. It is easy to become a tool for illegal transfer of assets, money laundering and other criminal activities. On September 24, 2021, the people's Bank of China and other ten departments issued the notice on further preventing and dealing with the risks of speculation in virtual currency transactions, which clarified that virtual currency related business activities are illegal financial activities, and virtual currency does not have the legal status equivalent to legal currency, The provision of services by overseas virtual currency exchanges to domestic residents through the Internet is also an illegal financial activity.
        On the same day, the national development and Reform Commission and other departments also issued the notice on regulating the "mining" activities of virtual currency, clearly prohibiting the development of virtual currency "mining" in any name, prohibiting the investment and construction of new projects, and accelerating the orderly withdrawal of existing projects. In addition to violating the civil code of the people's Republic of China, the Circular Economy Promotion Law of the people's Republic of China, the energy conservation law of the people's Republic of China and other laws and regulations, participating in the virtual currency "mining" activities has the following criminal crimes:. ❶ organize and lead pyramid selling crimes. The popularity of bitcoin and other virtual currencies is increasing, and the price is also rising. Many people want to achieve wealth through "mining". More and more people are mining, but most people do not know much about mining. Many lawbreakers use this information asymmetry to attract some people to join his organization with the concept of "mining" or "mining machine", and develop a certain level, constantly develop offline, and implement organization Leading pyramid schemes is a crime.
        ❷ crimes of illegal fund-raising. Without any qualification, some lawless elements, under the pretext of investing in "mining" and "virtual currency", encourage investors without professional knowledge to purchase different shares and carry out illegal fund-raising activities on the grounds of high returns or guaranteed principal and interest payments. ❸ crimes of destroying computer information systems. Take bitcoin as an example. The core of bitcoin is the key, which is the certificate that the user holds bitcoin in the blockchain. Once the key is lost, the virtual coin becomes "dead coin" and will be lost forever. Knowing that other people hold bitcoin, criminals often take hacker means to remotely crack the computer, steal the bitcoin key legally held by others, and commit crimes such as destroying the computer information system.
        ❹ fraud crime. The sudden wealth effect of bitcoin is like a whirlpool, constantly attracting investors who do not understand the blockchain technology to join. Criminals take advantage of the information blind spots of investors, build overseas platforms, promise to provide RMB and virtual currency exchange services, and shut down the platform after harvesting a certain amount of "leeks" to cash out; Or provide fake blockchain virtual currency to exchange with bitcoin or RMB, which is often suspected of fraud.
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