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Blockchain projects should pay more attention to value investment

Time : 03/08/2021 Author : saezix Click : + -
        What is a blockchain? At the "blockchain investment and financing opportunities" sponsored by the Unicorn blockchain, Fang Jiahui, founder of yimeike blockchain Technology Development Co., Ltd., compared the blockchain to an irreparable and irrevocable circle of friends. In her opinion, the blockchain technology itself is not too breakthrough, and its breakthrough lies more in helping to reach consensus and value transfer. Based on her own experience in inspecting projects, she stressed that the investment in blockchain projects should be cautious and prudent. Now, in the wechat group and friends circle every day, if you don't brush the word "blockchain", I think you are very out. In January 2016, I remember very clearly. At that time, when I was in Ethernet, I posted blockchain articles in my circle of friends, and five people praised me. No one paid any attention to me. However, when I posted again this year, it became more than 100 or 200, and then someone would ask what blockchain is.
        What is a blockchain? I think it is an unrepeatable and irrevocable circle of friends. As long as you send out anything, it is the embodiment of the credit value on this chain, which is of real significance to our realization of a trust society. If the blockchain itself is subversive & mdash& mdash; A long time ago, many people in Tsinghua University and Peking University studied distributed algorithms and encryption engineering. Therefore, in essence, I don't think there is much breakthrough. Its breakthrough lies more in achieving consensus and value transfer. On wechat and QQ, in the Internet age, we all pursue traffic, including today's speech, our official account, and our communication are all the traffic contributed by all the people on the site. But does anyone give you money for this traffic?.
        In the service industry, we are more inclined to the alliance chain or application chain, even in a small scale. For example, in the supermarket system, we can generate tokens for our users, which is the most basic right confirmation. In the past, when I started a business, I told employees that as my partner, you could get options in how many years, and how long it would take, but it doesn't make much sense to me now. However, with the blockchain and the confirmation of rights, it is different. This can stimulate our own experience of participation and value creation, and is also a practical application of blockchain into life. We have read more than 2000 white papers since July 2017.
        From more than 2000, we selected 12 as cooperative units. Second, we pay attention to the strength of the team. We must face-to-face understand whether it is the team. Some people pick up foreign photos and pretend that they are all core members, consultants and expert groups of the team. In fact, there are only two people, saying that this is not here and that is not there. There are also many unreliable teams. Finally, the core still depends on the founder of the team, his academic background, industry experience, and the most important executive power. How to open source the project and what to do can not be discussed in three months. Some entrepreneurs are easy to lose themselves in front of some interests, so they should be cautious and cautious.
        We have had a lot of exchanges with the industry this year, and we still think that we must keep our eyes open when selecting projects. Even if the scene is really small, it must be reliable. In this field, investment should pay more attention to value investment.
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