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National blockchain,Unique in China!, Hangqi Yunxiang blockchain successfully led the national key R & D plan

Time : 26/06/2022 Author : new6aj Click : + -
        On December 6, the official website of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China announced the list of projects to be approved in 2021 for the national key R & D Program "blockchain". Among them, the R & D plan of "Research on Key Technologies of blockchain ecological security supervision" is led and presided over by Hangzhou Yunxiang Network Technology Co., Ltd., and the participating units include Zhejiang University, Beijing University of technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Futures Exchange, Zhijiang laboratory and other well-known institutions. The R & D plan aims at the current situation of the blockchain ecosystem, such as "large number of entities, complex relationships, diverse types of risks, and spatial heterogeneity of chain groups", and the regulatory needs of large-scale entities and multi-level risks in the blockchain ecosystem. The project focuses on three key scientific issues, namely "accurate identification of large-scale entities, timely discovery of multi-level risks, and cross platform correlation and effective supervision", focusing on breakthroughs in large-scale entity identification and association analysis Key technologies such as multi-level risk discovery and timely warning, cross chain group and cross space account Association and identity mapping, cross account and cross platform penetrating Association supervision, etc., build a blockchain ecological security supervision technology system framework of "accurate entity identification, timely risk discovery and effective association supervision", and develop a full-dimensional penetrating and highly available blockchain ecological security supervision technology platform, And carry out large-scale application demonstration in legal digital currency and financial technology.
        It is understood that Hangzhou Yunxiang Network Technology Co., Ltd., as the world's leading financial digital solution provider, will take the lead in major national scientific research projects as an opportunity to increase investment in blockchain technology and digital RMB, and actively promote the integration of blockchain and economic and social development. (excerpted by our editor Jia Xiaoyun).
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