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Accurate pulse and resumption of production, these tax services are very awesome

Time : 25/03/2022 Author : wqdnct Click : + -
        Local tax authorities have conscientiously implemented preferential tax policies to support epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, optimized tax payment services, and helped enterprises to embark on the "fast track" of returning to work and production through strong measures such as industrial chain assistance and "silver tax interaction". The Sichuan provincial taxation bureau of the State Administration of Taxation and the State Grid Sichuan electric power company share enterprise value-added tax invoices and power consumption data, jointly mining economic operation information, and initiating the "tax electricity index" to monitor and analyze the real-time situation of the resumption of work and production of 2.51 million enterprises in the province. The "tax and electricity index" can not only more accurately monitor and analyze the production and sales of various localities and enterprises, but also comprehensively reflect the production efficiency of various industries and enterprises, and provide more timely and accurate decision-making advice for relevant departments to promote the resumption of production and economic and social development.
        During the epidemic period, the State Administration of Taxation and Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau developed and launched the blockchain electronic invoice extreme version. Enterprises and taxpayers only need to register the fast version online, free of development and docking. They do not need to go to the tax hall to collect invoices, nor do they need to purchase special equipment for invoice issuance, nor do they need to limit the number of tickets and quotas, so that invoices can be issued at any time. The launch of the blockchain invoice extreme version has realized the "no contact" of invoice services, making taxpayers in the epidemic more comfortable in handling taxes. The State Administration of Taxation and the Yunnan provincial taxation bureau took multiple measures to serve the whole chain of agricultural products "production, production and marketing". Relying on the Yunnan provincial network tax platform, they added assistance to the enterprises at the source of the industrial chain and helped the company match policies, record materials and handle procedures through remote guidance; Inject vitality into the intermediate processing chain, and organize backbone forces to actively provide online tax services for enterprises through telephone, wechat, email, video, etc; Provide welfare to sales and distribution terminals, provide corresponding tax preferential policy guidance for key material supply enterprises, and increase tax protection for the masses to stabilize the "vegetable basket".
        During the epidemic prevention and control period, the State Administration of Taxation, Wuxi Taxation Bureau, together with the banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau and the local financial regulatory bureau, gave full play to the role of "tax, banking and loan", further expanded the scope of enterprises benefiting from the "bank tax interaction", from grade A and B enterprises with tax credit to grade M enterprises, "no mortgage, pure credit and non-contact", helped 85500 taxpayers increase credit dividends, supported small and micro enterprises to resume work and reduce the impact of the epidemic. The Sansha Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, through various "non-contact" tax service methods such as telephone, wechat and network investigation, has timely grasped the situation of local enterprises returning to work and production, and actively taken measures to solve difficulties and problems for them.
        In view of the fact that the external payment accounts of some offshore oil enterprises are provincial accounts and cannot handle relevant businesses through the online electronic tax bureau, the Sansha Taxation Bureau arranged special personnel to connect with them, and the personnel of the tax service department handled them by mail, so as to ensure the smooth implementation of key projects such as the offshore operation of Lingshui 17-2 gas field.
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