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All over the world: preferential policies and special services for the key period of resumption of work and production

Time : 30/06/2021 Author : rb96xh Click : + -
        At present, the resumption of work and production has entered the "accelerated run" stage. The tax authorities around the country, centering on the theme of the tax publicity month, give full play to the role of tax functions, fully support the epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production of enterprises, and help enterprises to accelerate the resumption of work and production through measures such as the rapid realization of tax incentives and the improvement of the tax handling function of the electronic tax bureau. During the tax publicity month, the tax departments of various places in Henan province adopted a number of measures to ensure that the social security fee reduction and exemption policies and dividends benefit the enterprises in the first time, and help the enterprises return to work and production. Among them, the Taxation Bureau of Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimental zone of the State Administration of Taxation established the wechat "morning meeting system" and collated and printed the policy compilation work manual to facilitate the staff of the tax service office to learn at any time; Zhumadian Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, relying on tax big data, provides enterprises with a customized "understanding card of tax preferential policies"; The State Administration of Taxation and Xuchang Municipal Taxation Bureau set up a special class to implement the phased reduction and exemption of enterprise social insurance premiums, defined the task list of 7 major items and 26 minor items, and promoted and implemented them.
        The State Administration of Taxation and the Shaanxi provincial taxation bureau have implemented various preferential policies for taxes and fees. They need to implement measures to "subtract" and take multiple measures to "multiply", so as to truly "help the point, help the root and warm the heart", and promote targeted poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation in high quality. Among them, the State Administration of Taxation and the Zhenba County Taxation Bureau opened the "green channel", implemented the "one enterprise, one policy", extensively carried out the "non-contact" tax payment service, fully supported the leading poverty alleviation enterprises and poverty alleviation workshops to resume work and production, and improved the ability to bring poverty; The Yaozhou District Taxation Bureau of Tongchuan City, the State Administration of Taxation, promptly carried out door-to-door publicity and guidance on preferential tax policies for enterprises, accelerated the implementation of preferential policies for enterprises, made a good "combination fist" in precise implementation, and turned the policy dividends into poverty alleviation dividends.
        Based on the tax big data, the State Administration of Taxation and Chongqing Taxation Bureau upgraded the auxiliary functions of the electronic tax bureau's value-added tax declaration again, developed and embedded the "click to report" function, and realized the pre filling of the declaration form system, automatic data classification and automatic tax calculation. After entering the small-scale taxpayer VAT declaration interface, the taxpayer can check and confirm the pre filled invoices and other data, and complete the declaration in less than 2 minutes, realizing "zero preparation" for the declaration. Up to now, 178000 small-scale taxpayers in the city have declared through "point to report". The Dalian Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation signed the blockchain framework cooperation agreement and the vehicle purchase tax blockchain construction agreement with Aerospace Information Co., Ltd. relying on the needs of Dalian Taxation Bureau and the technical advantages of aerospace information in the blockchain field, it integrated the resources of Taxation, government, finance and other commercial institutions, explored the Internet application of blockchain technology, and took the lead in taking the construction of the vehicle purchase tax blockchain as a pilot, The construction of "Dalian vehicle information blockchain credit platform" marks that Dalian's tax informatization construction has entered the "smart era".
        Shenzhen Yantian port is the largest container terminal in the world with the best efficiency. In order to support the efficient and orderly resumption of work and production of Yantian port, the State Administration of Taxation and Shenzhen Yantian District Taxation Bureau used big data to screen the taxpayer's declaration information, invoice information, etc., timely find out the situation that preferential policies are not enjoyed, and edit the policies such as the exemption of value-added tax on the income obtained from the transportation of key support materials for epidemic prevention and control into a simple and easy to understand version, It will be delivered to the enterprises accurately, actively "speed up" the implementation of preferential policies, and contribute tax revenue to the resumption of production and high-quality development of Yantian port.
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