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Yuanjie: a shared virtual environment!

Time : 28/04/2022 Author : v64ymi Click : + -
        An Internet form that we can not only view and use, but also really access & mdash& mdash; The meta universe will definitely change our way of life. The potential of this technology has been noted and encouraged. Last year, Facebook changed its name to meta, indicating that the social network hopes to become a pioneer in the new world. In addition, interest in the project continues to grow. For example, Microsoft's $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard is described as part of the expansion of the yuan. The technology hype cycle comes and goes. The metauniverse may have burned down before it was realized. However, this does not seem to be the case at present.
        It has become a common phrase in games, NFT and shopping. Metaworld is a public virtual world accessible to the Internet. It can be called "virtual world", which is similar to our IRL life and activities, such as offices, houses, parks, parties and clubs. This digital space integrates social networks through augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and encryption, enabling people to connect digitally. Users can also use virtual reality earphones and controllers for leisure travel in the metauniverse without specific goals. In order to improve the user experience, the human data is presented as an avatar and virtual connected to establish a community.
        In addition, the metaworld provides users with access to their digital avatars through NFT to prove the ownership of the role, and each avatar is tokenized. Yuan Jie uses digital cash to buy clothing, weapons and shields in video games. In addition, the NFT ticketing system is used to distribute tickets to the appropriate audience in the metaworld activities (such as concerts and live events). Consume virtual currency in the virtual world! Yuan and cryptocurrency seem to go hand in hand. These two concepts are an indispensable part of the third generation Internet Web3.0. As cryptocurrency becomes the main trading medium for people to buy and sell in the virtual world, its users will become more and more accustomed to the methods of acquiring, processing and storing it.
        For example, if this involves cross-border funds, the use of traditional currencies often incurs high costs. In turn, this will mean that banks and other existing financial institutions may intensify their efforts to promote financial models derived from cryptocurrencies or blockchains. The role of cryptocurrency in supporting the economic development and innovation of the yuan and Yuan is similar to the role of real currency in the world economy through trade and finance. People will use it to trade, shop and pay in these virtual worlds. In this merger, financialization is the first thing that comes to mind. Identity, digital ownership and transactions are all ways in which cryptocurrency can assist asset financing. Identity: the identity of the user will be attached to the public address, which is similar to the binding method of decentralized encrypted wallet and public address.
        Your encrypted wallet can not only store your tokens; They can also be used to store digital items such as avatars, clothing, accessories and weapons. You can store them as value in your wallet or use them in other interoperable meta sections. Trading: cryptocurrency is a good way to trade value in the virtual world. By combining the borderless nature of cryptocurrencies with the stability of cash, it becomes easier to buy and sell assets. The existing crypto market, especially the cross chain market, will encourage the sale of virtual land and property. Digital ownership: everyone should be aware that the concept of digital ownership is changing due to NFT.
        Users can obtain immutable and publicly verifiable rights to use the assets in metaverse as NFT, thus allowing them to trade in the market. Working in metaverse only requires a digital workstation, and 3D avatars can meet freely "face to face" without using conference equipment. It is envisioned as a public blockchain that uses its native digital currency ETP to provide decentralized and immutable records to establish a "value Internet". "Blockchain as a service platform" (baas) is another name of the project. In the meta boundary environment, ETP is an erc20 token that can be used as a medium of exchange.
        When accepting other cryptocurrencies, ETP tokens can be used for payment. It can also be used as collateral for loans on the website. Metaverse intends to create a better infrastructure for decentralized applications at the infrastructure level by developing a series of basic protocols (such as proof of work, identity and data), on which more complex systems can be built. The token enables the user to fully access the services of the meta boundary. These services can be used to store almost anything of value, such as personal information, medical records, insurance contracts, supply chain data, flight itineraries, and so on. Therefore, Yuanjie aims to supplement rather than replace the current Internet.
        For example, when you join a meeting in metaverse space, you will be able to view the personal data of all participants, previous interactions with them, and the information of everyone else in the call. Avatars in metaverse use metaverse tokens as a form of currency. Users can manufacture, purchase and sell physical and digital goods and token cash. On the other hand, Yuanjie tokens have value both inside and outside the virtual world, which is different from conventional virtual world games because they can be converted into legal tender in the form of cryptocurrency. They can also be used to verify the ownership of bound real-world assets, such as valuables, artwork, or even a cup of coffee (if they are NFT).
        Metaverse coins can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges such as binance and coinbase. The process is simple and contains only a few steps, as described below. Shopping at metaverse is also fun! You can buy and sell virtual real estate. You can use cryptocurrency (mainly Ethereum) to buy land in the metauniverse. Sand is the capital of the gaming platform thesandbox, while mana is related to decentraland. To purchase yuan sections, you need these currencies. You also need a virtual wallet like metamask or binance that can hold NFT.
        For example, the sale and ownership of a piece of land are registered through the transfer of NFT at the time of your purchase. The transfer takes a few seconds because it will check whether your digital wallet has enough money to buy the property, and then you will be informed that you are now the legal owner of the property. It sounds crazy, but virtual venues in the metauniverse can also be used for weddings. Couples can invite people to their cloud wedding that they cannot accommodate in traditional venues. In 2021, Facebook changed its name to meta, emphasizing its commitment to shaping the future of metaverse. The two companies also launched smart glasses (ray banstories) and highly portable virtual reality headsets (htcviveflow).
        In addition, Microsoft has launched mesh, a platform designed for virtual collaboration across multiple devices. 2020: Apple introduced lidar (light detection and ranging) for iPhone and iPad, which enhanced the depth sensing function to obtain better photos and AR, and opened the way for future hybrid reality headphones. 2017: IKEA entered the virtual world with its revolutionary "place" application, which allows you to select a piece of furniture and see how it looks in your home or office. 2016: Microsoft's hololens headset was released, bringing mixed reality (AR and VR) to the public for the first time.
        We can use hololens to make holographic images in front of us, then place them in the actual environment, and operate them through augmented reality. In addition, in the same year, people from all over the world were running around their communities, trying to use the augmented reality game Pok & eacute; Mongo captures Pok é mon. In 2009, bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, which "changed our view of money". Satoshi Nakamoto established cryptocurrency as a point-to-point payment method, which can transfer funds without the need for central institutions to operate and maintain the network.
        Roblox was released in 2006. The game platform is called "original metaverse with the path to metaverse", which has immersive experience, lasting avatar and digital economy in the core features of metaverse. In 2003, second life was launched. SL is "a three-dimensional (3D) immersive environment that promotes high-level social networks and information participation". Secondlife may be the first large-scale meta universe style environment. The concept of meta section is not new. It was first described in detail in Niels Stephenson's 1992 novel avalanche.
        After that, several companies launched online communities based on this concept, the most famous of which was second life launched in 2003. In 2002, digital twins were introduced. Dr. grives, an expert in product life cycle management, introduced the digital twin concept for virtual product design, testing, production and support. The yuan Kingdom seems to have a bright future, and it is no longer a far fetched concept. Activities in the real world may eventually be replicated in large quantities in the metauniverse. Softwebsolutions is always at the forefront, exploring the new development of augmented reality, virtual reality and augmented reality. On the other hand, the metauniverse tries to prove its promise potential.
        Therefore, players in the Yuanjie will need to solve three frontiers before entering the next development stage: acquiring talented talents, making decisive investment measures and breaking through the boundaries of creative experience.
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