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Blockchain success stories,Zhigui technology was successfully selected into the 2020 trusted blockchain annual excellent case list

Time : 14/04/2022 Author : csya45 Click : + -
        On November 6, the trusted blockchain promotion plan announced the list of 2020 trusted blockchain annual outstanding cases. The case of "China Unicom & middot; digital city data asset protection and trading platform" declared by Xi'an Zhigui Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Zhigui technology") was selected as the "2020 trusted blockchain annual potential case" after strict review. "Trusted blockchain annual excellent case" is a selection activity for the whole society to collect landing cases. It aims to show the promotion of blockchain technology to the real economy in a three-dimensional manner, and highlight the real effect of enterprises on the chain to help the real economy. Experts and scholars from the third-party independent institutions will comprehensively evaluate the scientific, professional, practical and intelligent degree of the project and select the annual "high value cases" and "potential cases".
        This year, 10 high-value cases and 12 potential cases were selected. In March 2019, Zhigui technology won the bid for the digital city data asset protection and trading platform project of China Unicom Planning Institute, promoting the deep integration of blockchain technology and data governance. The platform has helped China Unicom Planning Institute to build a blockchain big data infrastructure, serving more than 50 institutions and enterprises in 6 cities.
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