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Six layer architecture of metauniverse: physical layer, data layer, algorithm layer, governance layer, incentive layer and application layer

Time : 22/11/2021 Author : qiovf2 Click : + -
        The bottom layer is the physical layer. The bottom layer of the Internet is also the physical layer. Only with optical fibers and cables can a network be built. The meta universe is also built on the basis of ICT networks. The Internet is an infrastructure of the meta universe. In addition, these hardware devices of virtual reality, augmented reality and hybrid reality, including VR, AR, Mr and XR, are the lowest layer of the meta universe, the physical layer. The second layer is the data layer. The virtual reality world must be interconnected and digital symbiosis. The first thing to test is our bandwidth, storage capacity and computing capacity. It (Information Technology), CT (Communication Technology) and DT (data technology) platforms are the most basic platforms of the meta universe.
        The second is aigc. What is aigc? We all know that PGC is the content created by experts, UGC is the content created by customers, and OGC is the content created by institutions. There must be aigc in the metauniverse. Many contents are generated in the digital world and virtual reality with AI. Baidu once announced that it had trained an AI model capable of creating ancient Chinese poetry. AI is not only familiar with metrical rules, but also has mastered the data of all poems, and knows how poems are constructed, what words are used, and what allusions and metaphors are used. This is called aigc. The third is no code development. The meta universe will contain billions of people. It is not required that all people entering the meta universe must be able to write code.
        We need to gradually sink complex things into infrastructure. Just like wechat, wechat is an extremely complex system. It may require 1 million lines of code to run smoothly, but it is presented to the front end in the form of app, so that each customer of the front end has a very good experience. Ethereum is a blockchain. On a ownerless network, many creative things are released every week. On Ethereum, there are millions of developers around the world who do not belong to any organization. 7 & times; 24 hours thinking about how to make something fun and useful. The fifth layer is the incentive mechanism. The virtual reality world must have its own currency system.
        The meta universe financial market is a digital financial market, not a traditional financial market. The practice of blockchain in the past 12 years has established a very complete and well functioning decentralized financial market system for metauniverse, and metauniverse is bound to be built on such a financial market system. The top layer is the application layer. At this level, there are various content creators who carry out various forms of application innovation. In the application layer, we discuss the digital survival and digital production of human beings, and production includes the production of virtual services and virtual goods.
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