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VR girlfriend accompany you through the summer apple, pay webpage version into China, this week's big news

Time : 23/07/2022 Author : yrv7p1 Click : + -
        Summer is coming. Club I, which is familiar with players' preferences, recently announced that the summer version of "VR girlfriend" will be launched into steam. Judging from the trailer, the scale of this game is quite large, but it seems that there are no other highlights except the scale. I wonder if VR houses will be aesthetic tired. After HTC and oculus launched their products one after another, it seems that Sony PSVR, which has not seen any movement, will make some expression. JDI, a joint venture of Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba, recently announced the launch of 1001ppi and 803ppi liquid crystal panels designed for VR needs. Outsiders have speculated that this high-end panel may be used in the second generation of PSVR products.
        JDI said that "only a smaller LCD panel and a higher magnification lens can reduce the size and weight of the head display". In contrast, the PPI of htcvivepro is 615, and the PPI of PSVR is relatively low at 386. If this panel is used on the second generation of PSVR, not only will the display effect be greatly improved, but also the head display will be more miniaturized and the wearing experience will be more comfortable. On Google I / O 2018, Google announced the release of arcore 1.2, which includes a new function called cloudanchors, which can realize ar interaction between multiple devices.
        In addition, it also includes vertical plane detection and SDK that allows Java developers to quickly create AR applications. According to Google's statistics, the launch of arcore has brought AR function to 100 million Android smartphones. It allows developers to locate and track through camera models, and can get rich and interesting ar experience with only one smartphone. According to CNBC, at the 2018 developer conference, Google announced that it had developed the third generation artificial intelligence (AI) chip. The new tensor processing unit (TPU) will help Google improve applications using AI, including identifying people who are talking in audio records, finding objects in photos and videos, and identifying potential emotions in text.
        Therefore, this chip can be called an alternative to NVIDIA graphics processing unit (GPU). Figure: sanddal & middot, CEO of Google; Sundar Pichai introduced the company's third generation artificial intelligence chip at the developer conference. In addition, if the new version of TPU is similar to its predecessor, it will also be open to third-party developers through Google's public cloud service, which will help Google compete with Amazon and Microsoft. Earlier this week, Microsoft released a special chip for its azure cloud platform. Previously, agency I announced that it would launch VR girlfriend: summer vacation and VR boyfriend.
        Recently, the summer version of "VR girlfriend" summer vacation developed and released by IVR was put on steam. The game preview scale is too large. Those interested can view it directly in steam. This game seems to mix the contents of two games, VR girlfriend of club I and death or life of glorious tekumo. JDI, a joint venture of Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba, recently announced the launch of 1001ppi and 803ppi liquid crystal panels designed for VR needs. The new LCD panel improves the visual effect, laying the foundation for the second generation of Playstation VR, and also indicates the future market trend: low size and low weight of VR head display.
        According to foreign media reports, this week, Facebook conducted the largest restructuring since its establishment. While appointing the new heads of WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook's core applications, it entrusted other Facebook executives with new responsibilities, including new efforts to cope with the development of blockchain technology. According to the exclusive information of economic reference, China has started to establish the national standard of blockchain to promote the construction of the blockchain standard system from the top-level design. It is expected to be completed as soon as the end of 2019. Li Ming, director of the blockchain Research Office of the Electronic Industry Standardization Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said in an interview with the economic reference newspaper that the national standards of blockchain include basic standards, business and application standards, process and method standards, trusted and interoperable standards, and information security standards, and will further expand the applicability of the standards.
        On May 7, 2018, Longjing optoelectronics, a leading provider of near eye virtual display modules in China, announced that it had signed a contract with Shanghai University of technology, an authoritative research and development institution in the domestic optical field, to invest more than one million yuan in the development of new AR (augmented reality) and near eye display optical solutions. Longjing optoelectronics has successfully launched the array optical waveguide ar optical module, and the field of view angle has reached 40 degrees, which is the leading in the industry, and has been unanimously recognized by the industry. The new optical scheme jointly developed with Shanghai University of technology is a new attempt in near eye display technology, and also a strategic layout of Longjing optoelectronics for its independent intellectual property rights and tracking the development of AR optical technology in the future.
        Recently, foreign media said that Epson bt300ar glasses now support palmid. Unlike other biometric technologies, palmid only needs a 3 megapixel camera. Its working principle is to complete signature recognition by scanning your palm. According to foreign media reports, according to the revelations of Japanese Apple blog macotakara and Bloomberg reporter mark gurman, Apple's upcoming IOS 12 will add support for using faceid when the device is laid flat. This is a small but very important detail, because it indicates that the new iPad and iPhone xplus will indeed be released this year.
        According to foreign media reports, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla recently released a video on YouTube. The content is about the pictures of Tesla's factories, employees and its products, including passengers' reactions to the acceleration performance of the second generation Tesla Roadster and spy photos of a new car. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon's office in New York has invited some customers as volunteers to check the body data twice a month, create a "statistical 3D model of the human body, and then match the images and videos of the people through deep learning algorithms. The purpose of Amazon's report is to better help consumers find a suitable piece of clothing.
        If more accurate data can be obtained, Amazon can reduce the occurrence of returns. In an interview with the media, Tim Sweeney, CEO and founder of epic, said that the project team of 3A masterpiece should consider using ray tracing technology now. Subway: escape will be the world's first game equipped with real-time ray tracing technology. Tim Sweeney said that with the growth of graphics card performance in the future, we will have a game engine based on ray tracing in ten years. Ray tracing should be considered for all projects to create 3A masterpieces, and the graphics card function that perfectly runs real-time ray tracing needs about 25 tflops.
        On May 7, HTC announced that vivefocus was officially sold to the international market outside China, with a price of 650 euros. And developers can enjoy a discount price of 200 euros, that is 450 euros (this discount is only available before June 4), which will be shipped in Germany at the end of May. Later this year, kopin, based in Massachusetts, will begin to launch ar smart glasses for sports and fitness in retail stores. The glasses are designed to inspire athletes and bodybuilders and help them reach their full potential. According to foreign media reports, Ford filed a patent application with the U.S. patent and trademark office called "multimodal transportation equipment", which placed an electric motorcycle between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat.
        Ford said it had developed the technology to cope with the traffic congestion in the city. When encountering traffic congestion, they will transfer to motorcycles and continue to travel, so as to pass through the traffic congested sections. Daniela Rus, director of computer science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) of Massachusetts Institute of technology, said that autonomous vehicle can determine their positions and judge other cars and obstacles through these maps. Therefore, these cars have a high demand for 3D high-precision maps. What should I do if I drive on millions of kilometers of unmarked roads? In order to solve the problem that cars can navigate without these maps.
        Rus and his colleagues developed a new system: maplite. The framework enables autonomous vehicle to drive on roads they have never been before without 3D maps. The system uses GPS to obtain the vehicle position, then uses on-board sensors to generate paths to these local points, and uses lidar to estimate the road edge. Recently, kunyou optoelectronics, a company focusing on wafer level optical chips, completed round A2 financing. This round was jointly invested by Yuanjing capital, Huadeng international and Zhongke Chuangxing, a fund under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Kunyou optoelectronics has previously obtained several rounds of financing from sunny optics, Kunzhong capital, Chenhui venture capital and Zhongheng Xingguang.
        It is reported that the phase I production line of kunyou optoelectronics will be completed in September. At that time, it will realize large-scale mass production of diffractive optical chip doe, optical field display optical waveguide, high-speed optical communication link and other wafer level optical chip products. As an extremely cross cutting frontier field, through this round of financing, the company has built a complete institutional network of optics, semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, well-known venture capital funds, and the collaborative layout has been gradually improved. On April 28, in the party spirit education service center of Qingyang Town, Zouping County, the reporter personally experienced a party spirit test. It is understood that the application of VR glasses in the virtual scene to test party spirit is the first in China. The specific operation is that the party members put on VR glasses and earphones and entered a "room". Click "start answering questions" with the remote control in their hands, and the subtitle display and voice broadcast will appear in front of them.
        At the end of the test, the printer in another room prints out the results, and the problems of the Party member can be judged according to the score. According to the spokesman, Microsoft remoteassist is a collaborative system for mixed reality. It can quickly make video calls with experts, share pictures, and then make Mr annotations to solve problems. Microsoft layout is a more realistic design interaction scheme, which can realize mixed reality interaction of online D model, and can carry out real-time sharing, editing and other operations to save time and effort. According to foreign media reports, at the 2018 Microsoft Developer Conference, the most interesting announcement about Microsoft azure cloud platform was the project Kinect for azure.
        In short, the company launched a series of sensors including a new generation of depth cameras through project Kinect for azure for use by AI developers. The first Kinect motion sensing input device was released in November 2010. Kinect series products include Xbox 360, Xbox one and windows devices. In addition, the technology has been used in the hololens project of Microsoft's hybrid reality device., an autonomous driving company in which Wu Enda is a director and Carol Reiley is a co-founder, will provide driverless taxi service in Frisco, Texas.
        Since July this year, drive AI will cooperate with the local traffic management association to deploy for a period of six months to provide driverless (free) taxi service for more than 10000 people in a specific area, as long as they pass through drive AI's app allows you to hire an unmanned taxi. Applepay is Apple's mobile payment and e-cash service, integrated into the "wallet" application. It allows consumers to make payments using the company's iPhone (iphone6 or later), apple watch compatible mobile devices (iphone5 or later paired with applepay), and iPad (ipadair2, ipadmii3, ipadpro or later) and other mobile devices.
        On the morning of May 8, sina science and technology learned exclusively that Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, today sent an e-mail to adjust the internal structure, announcing the establishment of intelligent equipment group (IDG). The original PCSD and MBG business groups were merged into it. PCSD business mainly focuses on computers and smart devices, while MBG business mainly focuses on mobile phones. It can be seen from the email that although it is integrated into IDG intelligent equipment group, the MBG mobile business and PCSD computer and intelligent equipment business are still in the charge of the relevant original principals. Among them, the mobile phone business in China was taken over by Chang Cheng, the former "Zuk leader".
        Qiao Jian, the former head of MBG, will take over the post of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) from David Luo, the retiring vice president of Lenovo Group.
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