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"Future blockchain Innovation Center Press Conference and chaine Technology Salon · the third stop of open finance nationwide" was held in Hangzhou

Time : 16/03/2022 Author : c4a5wm Click : + -
        On November 3, China (Hangzhou) future blockchain Innovation Center held the event of "future blockchain Innovation Center Press Conference and chaine Technology Salon & middot; the third stop of open finance nationwide". The event was guided by the Management Committee of future science and technology city and hosted by Babbitt and chain nodes. In his speech, Babbitt CEO Wang Lei summarized China (Hangzhou) future blockchain innovation center with the "three new" of new parks, new media and new opportunities. The total area of the park is more than 14000 square meters, of which the second floor is a public exhibition hall, which focuses on the history of Hangzhou's blockchain and local excellent blockchain enterprises. The principle of attracting investment in the park is to select the best from the best, and prefer the lack to the abuse.
        At present, there is no formal opening of the park, but 40% of the area has been leased by enterprises. As a new medium, there will be various salons, exchange meetings, industrial summits, etc. in the future. More enterprises, excellent teams and projects can be connected here. When referring to new opportunities, Wang Lei said that three things are happening in the blockchain industry: first, capital is accelerating to enter the market. Although the first half of the year was affected by the epidemic, there have been more financing news in recent months. Second, there will be a small upsurge in the listing of blockchain enterprises in the next few years. At present, China's capital market is comprehensively and orderly promoting the registration system, which is good for high-tech companies. It is believed that blockchain enterprises with the strength to impact IPO will emerge.
        Third, with the improvement of the blockchain infrastructure, there will be major breakthroughs in the industrial innovation of asset chain, which will bring huge enterprises with even a trillion level valuation to the blockchain industry. Qu Yonghui, deputy director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the future science and Technology City Management Committee, said that the government attaches great importance to the park. One month ago, the Secretary of the Yuhang District Party committee specially held the first Forum on blockchain, which mentioned the need to strengthen carrier construction and build a first-class blockchain Industrial Park. The future science and technology city established the China Hangzhou blockchain Industrial Park in 2018. The China (Hangzhou) future blockchain innovation center, which is currently cooperating with Babbitt, is an upgraded version of the China Hangzhou blockchain Industrial Park. The future science and technology city welcomes like-minded blockchain practitioners to exchange and collide here, generate new ideas and new projects, jointly push the blockchain industry to a new height, and realize that China's blockchain industry sees Hangzhou, Hangzhou's blockchain industry looks at Yuhang, and Yuhang's blockchain industry looks at the future technology city.
        Qu Yonghui also introduced the overall situation, industrial supporting facilities and investment promotion policies of the future science and technology city. In order to better cultivate the development ecology of the blockchain industry, Babbitt and many institutions in the industry initiated the establishment of Babbitt industrial alliance, Web3.0 ecological (Hangzhou) base, open financial laboratory and international cryptology and big data privacy base (Hangzhou), and completed the licensing on the spot. Enterprises related to the blockchain, such as Weizhong bank, chain insight, Xianbing technology, parity, iosgventures and AWS, made on-site sharing based on their own practices.
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