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NFT literacy: Digital Collection + monkey = you must belong

Time : 25/07/2022 Author : vxid9z Click : + -
        On April 1 this year, on April Fool's day, Jay Chou posted an article on instagram, saying that the bayc # 3738nft he had previously received was stolen by a phishing website. It is equivalent to more than 27 tons of Canon imported large bananas from the Philippines & hellip& hellip; What is more surprising to everyone is that the monkeys in the universe are all local tyrants... (in short, NFT is a marking technology based on blockchain technology, which can mark the ownership of digital assets and is the ID card of digital assets. The biggest feature of NFT products is that each product has a different digital gene & mdash; & mdash; a unique and non reproducible "code".
        The three mountains of "open ledger", "encryption algorithm" and "consensus mechanism" of the blockchain also make NFT unique and authentic. This is like opening the account books of the yuanuniverse village to all the villagers, and they can be viewed at any time. Each transaction record is known to all, and the mark symbol is unique. Although the records are recorded with encrypted symbols, if someone tampers with the records, not only everyone knows who is tampering, but also the records can be rewritten only with the consent of the majority. At the same time, the tampered data will also be recorded in the ledger. Although melon eaters like to call 2021 "the first year of NFT", in fact, as early as 1993, halfinney has mentioned the concept of digital art collection.
        "Collect a complete set! They have a variety of varieties, from the common 1 to the rare 50 to the rare 1000." It is probably the sprout of the NFT concept to change the flat face card into the digital password card. The birth of cryptopunks in 2017 marks the beginning of the era of NFT navigation. The erc-721 standard, which was subsequently established in 2018, also officially confirmed the unique attributes of NFT. With the explosion of NFT works in 2020, the price of NFT works in 2021 also reached a new high. Among all the current NFT works, the most expensive is the interactive work merge created by artist Pak.
        With us $91.8 million, it set the highest price for a living artist to publicly auction art, and we don't even know who Pak is. Well, here comes the question. What makes the simple "digital signature" technology combined with artworks produce sky high price commodities and 10000 valuable monkeys?. You think it's only 10000 monkeys, but actually it's 10000 different monkeys. Among the 10000 monkeys, only 26 have eaten pizza, 46 have golden hair, and 72 have laurel wreaths on their heads, which is the only one in the world. It's like when you go to the market to buy pork, the boss tells you that this is not an ordinary pig, this is a Tibetan Pig, green and organic, and this year there are only 10000 Tibetan pigs left in the market. Are you also likely to pay a higher price to buy a limited number of pigs?.
        It is not difficult to understand that if you want a monkey with golden hair and a laurel wreath, you have to pay a higher price than the average ape. This boring ape, NFT # 3105, also won the best unit price of nearly 69 million yuan today. Is there an impulse to take out a calculator to calculate the random generation probability of short answers?! According to the above probability, the probability of random generation of the monkey should be at least less than 0.3312%. It is like building a village in the meta universe. If you want to know who Zhang San, Li Si and Wang Wu belong to this village, you need a unique pass, and NFT plays this role.
        After identification, people in a village can share rights and interests. The high price of NFT collections has also helped the villagers raise the threshold of access to the village. "Rich, unique taste, blockchain." NFT works meet the needs of collectors with one key and three links. This also makes the high price of NFT collection acceptable. The bayc boring ape Yacht Club mentioned above is one of the pioneers of NFT member club. Members can join the club according to the NFT avatar, and enjoy various games of the club, such as serum mutation, random pets, etc. And the list of club members includes Justin & middot; Well known figures in various fields such as Bieber, little Neymar and Curie.
        For ordinary people, NFT collections are more like "growth stocks without dividends". Although holding NFT collections will not bring greater benefits to investors, they can be sold to other collectors or investors at a higher price through secondary trading to earn a difference in price. With the fire of NFT, it also brought the NFT trading platform and artists' income. This also makes NFT products popular with merchants and artists. For example, as the world's largest NFT trading platform, opensea has achieved a surge in value from US $120000 to US $13 billion in four years, with a maximum monthly turnover of nearly 5 billion.
        The highest monthly commission income of the platform exceeds 387 million US dollars, which is equivalent to that people all over the United States queue up to pay opensea one yuan per month. The total income of nearly 1000 artists' works exceeds $100000, and the artist Pak mentioned above has also earned more than $300 million. Dr. Yu Jianing once mentioned in an exclusive interview: "encrypted works of art need to have certain aesthetic taste and community support, which will test the artistic ability of the issuer. In addition, the value of NFT will appreciate or depreciate according to the market demand. Once the market heat is relatively low and the phenomenon of speculation gradually cools down, NFT will also & lsquo; fall from the altar of God & rsquo;.
        ”。 According to titanium media reports, the analysis report of opensea trading platform shows that more than 80% of NFTs in the market are plagiarized works of art. Figure 9: Investopedia reported that hackers stole bayc for the third time in 2022, and the stolen value exceeded 360000 US dollars. News source: / P & gt;. According to the Xiaobian, NFT seems to be a soft and delicious cake, and everyone hopes to taste the sweet taste of rich profits; But whether the NFT can maintain a good situation for a long time, we still have to let the bullets fly for a while.
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