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Giant whale digital, blockchain technology, what is the decentralization of blockchain?

Time : 27/10/2021 Author : nxtlu2 Click : + -
        First, we need to understand what decentralization is. In a network system or social ecology, nodes are distributed in the system, and each node has a high degree of autonomy. The nodes can be freely connected to each other to form a new connection unit. Any node may become a phased center, but it does not have a mandatory center control function. The influence between nodes will form a nonlinear causal relationship through the network. This kind of open, flat and equal system phenomenon or structure is a decentralized system. The blockchain is essentially a decentralized distributed ledger database. The entire database is composed of a series of data blocks associated with cryptography. Each block will be automatically stamped with a time stamp and attached with a unique value when it is generated.
        "Decentralization" is one of the typical characteristics of the blockchain. It uses distributed storage and computing power. The rights and obligations of the entire network nodes are the same. The data in the system is essentially maintained by the nodes of the whole network. Therefore, the blockchain no longer relies on the central processing node to realize the distributed storage, recording and updating of data. Each blockchain follows uniform rules, which are based on cryptographic algorithms rather than credit certificates, and the data update process requires user approval, thus laying the foundation that the blockchain does not require endorsement by intermediaries and trust institutions. After decentralization, the first thing is to solve the problem of fault tolerance. It is unlikely that the decentralized system will stop working due to a local unexpected fault, because it relies on many independent components, and its fault tolerance is stronger.
        The second is anti attack. The cost of attacking and destroying decentralized systems is higher than that of centralized systems. Attacking the center will paralyze the whole system, while attacking any node of the decentralized system will not affect the whole system. Finally, it is difficult for the participants of the decentralized system to collude with each other. Each node is parallel. There is no parent-child or master-slave relationship. All nodes are equal. In the traditional centralized network system, a hacker can destroy the entire network by attacking a central node. In the decentralized blockchain network, there is no central node to attack. Since the decentralized processing mode is simpler and more convenient than the traditional processing mode, when large data transactions are conducted at the same time, the decentralized processing mode will save resources.
        Decentralized blockchain technology, without the involvement of a third party, and direct point-to-point interaction, makes high-efficiency, non centralized agent and large-scale information interaction a reality. Regarding decentralization, we should first define it clearly: decentralization does not mean to eliminate all centers & mdash& mdash; Such a world will never exist. As a result of decentralization, the largest center in the past should be weakened. In addition to it, there will be many small centers & hellip& hellip; The center still exists, but it is relatively weakened. Return to Sohu to see more.
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