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North American bitcoin conference 2020 held in Miami: blockchain week will return to sunshine

Time : 27/07/2022 Author : hkv0t2 Click : + -
        With the arrival of 2020, the North American bitcoin Conference (tnabc) and Miami blockchain week will return to the sunshine state. Tnabc celebrates its 7th anniversary. The event will be held in the financial district on the beautiful Miami coast. During the event, there will be outstanding speakers, cryptocurrency developers and blockchain executives. One of the longest and largest cryptocurrency and blockchain conferences will return to Miami in 2020. Since its launch in 2013, the North American bitcoin conference has been a great success, and more than 20000 people have participated in the two-day event. The conference will return to Miami from January 16 to 17 in the seventh year to start the new year of 2020.
        MOE Levin, the organizer of the conference and founder of the keynote organization, said that more than 60 world-class speakers will be held in Miami. They are deeply immersed in bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency economy. Levin stressed that the speakers will be experienced technical professionals who will produce transformative blockchain software and deal with these innovative concepts and ideas every day. The two-day conference will also show Q & A sessions, networks, investment topics, discussions on cryptocurrency regulations and taxes, and how blockchain has changed not only the financial industry, but also a large number of public and private sectors around the world.
        In the past seven years since the first tnabc, the ecosystem has witnessed the rapid development of encryption and blockchain infrastructure into a powerful industry. Tnabc aims to keep everyone abreast of the latest technologies. In addition, the founder of keynote introduced in detail that tnabc will have various satellite activities, such as post party, social activities and Hackathon. Levin said in the tnabc statement: this meeting is at a critical moment because innovation forces all of us to make wise investment decisions. With the influx of new opportunities and applications of blockchain, keynote hopes to provide our participants with the opportunity to meet with the people and products they will invest in and better understand the rapidly developing blockchain ecosystem.
        Levin added. We are also glad that the participants can meet and interact with our sponsors and exhibitors, who are currently the largest active blockchain company. The conference is planned to be another premiere event, which will bring together celebrities in traditional finance, banking and multinational companies with developers, executives and influencers from the blockchain field. Today can be in Miami James & middot; L· Knight center buys tickets for the 7th annual tnabc event. Tnabc website highlights:. In the two days of our carefully planned agenda, participants will participate in independent meetings, panel discussions and Q & A sessions of leading experts and decision makers, and will also have the opportunity to learn about new and exciting projects.
        What do you think of the 2020 North American bitcoin conference held in Miami? In the comments section below, let us know what you think about this topic.
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