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The white paper on the ecology of the meta universe industrial chain was released! Technical system, investment and financing,Composition of the core layer of the blockchain

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        The concept of metaverse was first proposed by American writers in 1992. In March 2021, roblox incorporated "metauniverse" into the prospectus for the first time, which attracted the attention of all walks of life. In October 2021, Facebook changed its name to meta, triggering the second wave of "meta universe" concept. Domestic and foreign giant enterprises have laid out the meta universe. Some local governments in China have also actively arranged the meta universe. Shanghai, Wuhan, Hefei, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Xiamen and other places have successively proposed to focus on the development of meta universe related industries. Yuancosmos has become the focus of attention from all walks of life, and new models and new business forms are emerging.
        For the intelligent internal reference in this issue, we recommend the report "meta universe industry chain ecology white paper" by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, which summarizes the development status of the meta universe industry, combs the development of the meta universe technology system and various links of the industrial chain, and analyzes the development status, investment and financing of various places. The United States took the lead in introducing the concept of meta universe and actively focused on data security and cryptocurrency regulation while embracing innovation. The licensing management of cryptocurrency varies from state to state, but the framework is gradually improved and the enforceability is strong, which effectively curbs the chaos in the initial blockchain and digital currency fields. South Korea has shown a strong sense of urgency for the metauniverse. There has been a boom in the metauniverse jointly created by users and platform builders. The government and enterprises cooperate to jointly layout this field. On November 3, 2021, the Seoul municipal government formulated the world's first medium - and long-term metauniverse policy document, "basic plan for metaverse Seoul", and announced the establishment of a metaverse platform called "metaverse Seoul".
        In July 2021, the Japanese Ministry of economy, trade and Industry issued the investigation report on the future possibilities and topics of the virtual space industry, summarizing the problems that need to be solved urgently in the Japanese virtual space industry, with a view to occupying a leading position in the global virtual space industry. In November, Japan established the "general association legal person Japan meta universe Association", which will cooperate with the financial department and other administrative organs to start market construction and strive to make Japan a developed country of meta universe. As the pioneer of the meta universe, the United States has the leading underlying technology and comprehensive industrial layout. The XR head display devices of meta and Microsoft occupy half of XR and the hardware access port of metauniverse; The market share of Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM and other technology giants in the field of cloud computing ranks among the top in the world. At present, more than 90% of the world's large game companies rely on Amazon cloud online hosting.
        In addition, in terms of algorithms, technology giants such as Google, mate, Amazon and Microsoft have laid out basic algorithm frameworks and developed a number of mainstream artificial intelligence algorithm frameworks such as tensorflow, mxnet, cntk and Caffe; In terms of underlying tools, the game engine developed by unity, the unreal engine of epicgames, and the economic system of decentraland provide powerful creative tools for creators of the meta universe. In terms of social networking and games, the typical entrant is meta, which has formed a relatively comprehensive business layout. Game companies such as Lilis and Robles have successively launched metauniverse related games. Sony relies on Japan's ACG industry accumulation and rich IP resources, and its playstationvr ranks among the top three in global sales.
        In terms of virtual digital people, many companies or institutions have entered the virtual digital people, and the simulation effect of the technology is more mature, such as Hua Zhibing, the first AI virtual student enrolled in Tsinghua University, ayayi of Ali, Liu Yexi, the master of Tiktok up, and so on. In addition, the corresponding technical applications extended from entertainment and other application scenarios have been applied in the fields of performances and conferences. In November 2021, Justin & middot; Bieber cooperated with the virtual concert company wavevr to present a 30 minute "meta universe concert" to global fans. In terms of industrial manufacturing, the United States has applied the results of the meta universe to the field of industrial manufacturing. BMW uses Omniverse to design the digital twin system of the whole plant and complete a series of complex processes such as design, simulation and optimization before the real production of new products.
        At the ecological level, in May 2021, the Ministry of science, technology and information and communications of the Republic of Korea initiated the establishment of the "meta universe alliance" led by the government and including more than 200 companies and institutions, including SK Telecom, Hyundai Motor and the Korea Mobile Internet business association, to cooperate in the moral and cultural practice at the meta universe level, share technical trends and insights, and launch joint development projects. With the help of local governments and enterprises, China has successively established industrial alliances such as the Yangtze River Delta yuancosmos alliance and the Guangzhou yuancosmos innovation alliance to promote the development of yuancosmos in collaboration with the upstream and downstream. Samsung and other giants have also actively built a capital base for metauniverse, and launched metauniverse fund, which is very popular.
        In November 2021, executives of four well-known technology giants including NVIDIA and roblox held a large-scale discussion around the "vision of the metauniverse". Domestic Internet enterprises have taken the lead in layout and continuously improved the industrial chain system through mergers and acquisitions, forming an ecosystem with leading enterprises as the core and expanding its territory. All localities have successively issued relevant policies to support the meta universe, seizing the first mover advantage of the meta universe. Some cities have mentioned the meta universe in their planning and government work reports. At present, Hangzhou future science and technology city has released the XR industrial development plan to lay out the meta universe and promote industrial upgrading; Wuxi released the development plan of yuancosmos ecological industry in the leading area of Taihu Bay science and technology innovation belt, proposing to build a domestic yuancosmos ecological industry demonstration zone; Beijing said that it would promote the formation of a new type of innovation consortium of yuancosmos and explore the construction of a yuancosmos industrial cluster; Chengdu has established the yuanuniverse industrial alliance and will build the yuanuniverse center of Jiaozi Avenue; The 14th five year plan for the development of Shanghai's Electronic Information Industry issued by Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology mentions the industrial layout of the meta universe; Xiamen Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology and Xiamen Municipal Big Data Management Bureau jointly issued the three-year action plan for the development of Xiamen's yuanuniverse industry (2022-2024) (hereinafter referred to as the plan), and strive to take shape by 2024.
        In recent years, China's ICT industry has developed rapidly, and has gradually made significant progress in the fields of virtual reality / augmented reality (VR / AR) terminals, communication network equipment, data communication equipment, liquid crystal display panel, software interaction, and so on, building a long board for industrial development. On the one hand, in China's ICT industry, the large scale of the consumer market, the variety of industry-level application scenarios, and the active innovation of enterprise applications provide a strong market and intellectual support for the explosion of innovation in the "meta universe" technology honeycomb. On the other hand, the lack of underlying technology has also brought significant challenges. First, VR / AR head display equipment, mobile phones, computers, televisions and other consumer terminals provide interfaces or interfaces for the interaction between the real world and the digital world of the "meta universe", expand the existing manufacturing advantages of China's terminal machine and accelerate the popularization and application of the new intelligent hardware of the "meta universe", which will form a strong interaction and bring broad development prospects.
        Second, the lack of XR professional chips and XR underlying development platforms and tools have brought great challenges to the development of "meta universe" in today's "Sino US trade" friction. The "Yuan" of the meta universe has the characteristics of innovation and creation, and the "universe" represents the concepts of time, space and people. Metauniverse is a digital space-time domain constructed with information infrastructure as the carrier, virtual reality (VR / Ar / MR / XR) as the core technology support, and data as the basic strategic resources. The meta universe is characterized by the fusion of virtual reality, decentralization, pluralism and openness, and continuous evolution. With the iterative upgrading of new technologies and the integration and innovation of new applications, the connotation and extension of "meta universe" will continue to expand.
        Technology has evolved into a platform and carrier for the construction of "meta universe". The rapid development of technology in the real world has brought opportunities for the development of "meta universe". Based on the Internet of things, Internet, 5g / 6G network, WiFi 6 and other communication facilities and technologies, we will build a "meta universe" infrastructure to provide a platform and carrier for virtual and real integration and interaction. Digital new technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain are used to digitize the real universe and generate a virtual universe. The virtual universe has all the characteristics of the real universe. Finally, the virtual universe will be recreated on the basis of big data center, intelligent computing center, edge computing center and other computing infrastructure to achieve the integration of virtual and real.
        Information technology with virtual reality as the core constitutes the backbone of "meta universe" technology, and promotes the integration and innovation of multiple types of emerging technologies. "Metauniverse" uses virtual reality (VR / Ar / MR / XR) head display, intelligent wearable, brain computer interface, etc. to open up the interface of immersive interaction with the real world, and uses digital twin, 3D simulation and other modeling and simulation tools and content production tools to build virtual and real interactive experience, and realizes real and smooth interactive presentation by real-time rendering, 4K / 8K ultra-high definition video, 3D / holographic display, etc. Finally, the basic chips, components The terminal entrance of "meta universe" is formed on the basis of software and hardware technologies such as operating system.
        The infrastructure layer includes communication network infrastructure, computing infrastructure and new technology infrastructure, and is mainly responsible for real-time data transmission and distribution, storage calculation and processing, mining and analysis and decision-making. The core layer is composed of terminal entrance, space-time generation, interactive experience, industrial platform and virtual social architecture. Wherein the terminal entrance includes various terminals accessing the "meta universe" and the basic software and hardware required by these terminals; Spatiotemporal generation includes the technical tools needed to digitize real objects; Interactive experience includes various interactive technologies in the "meta universe"; Industrial platforms include game platforms, social platforms, etc; Virtual social architecture includes security system, credit system, etc.
        The application service layer includes consumer application services, industry application services and government applications. After the complete "meta universe" is formed, it will empower traditional industries such as industrial production, medical care and health, education and training, culture and entertainment, create new business forms and modes of information consumption, and bring subversive changes to the production and life style of mankind. As the blood system supporting the operation of the "meta universe", the communication infrastructure covers optical fiber communication, 5g / 6G mobile communication, WiFi 6, industrial Internet and other types of system facilities, providing connection guarantee for the interconnection and interaction of massive elements of the meta universe. In particular, the "double Gigabit" network represented by 5g and gigabit optical networks is an important infrastructure for the construction and development of the "metauniverse". Based on the three characteristics of 5g technology enhanced mobile broadband, ultra reliable low delay and massive Internet of things, it provides a solid connection foundation for the explosion of metauniverse applications.
        Next, take the "double Gigabit" network construction application and technology trend as an example to analyze the development characteristics of the communication infrastructure of the meta universe network. The top-level design of "double Gigabit" network continues to be strengthened. The government work reports in 2021 and 2022 propose to strengthen the construction of 5g network and gigabit optical network and promote the large-scale application of 5g; Various ministries and commissions have also successively issued industry guidance documents such as the action plan for coordinated development of "double Gigabit" networks (2021-2023) and the action plan for "sailing" of 5g applications (2021-2023), providing a support and guarantee environment for China's network infrastructure construction and industrial innovation and development.
        Under the guidance of relevant national top-level planning, provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have accelerated the layout, and successively printed and issued the implementation plans or action plans for 5g network infrastructure, industrial application innovation, industrial integration application, etc., to vigorously promote the extensive deployment of domestic "double Gigabit" networks. 5g standardization continued to advance. As a key new infrastructure supporting the digital and intelligent transformation of economic society, 5g has important significance for industrial development in terms of relevant standards and patent layout. The spread of the global epidemic hampers the freezing of 5g technology standards. In 2018, 5grel-15nsa and SA networking standards mainly for embB application scenarios were frozen. Due to the impact of COVID-19, rel-16 standards focusing on industrial IOT and ulllc were postponed to July 2020. Rel-17 standards originally scheduled to be frozen at the end of 2021 were further delayed until June 2022. The potential directions of rel-17 standards will include enhanced coverage, millimeter wave communication, terminal communication for emergency communication and vertical industry applications.
        The rapid deployment of new network infrastructure has built a solid digital base. Since the commercial use of 5g, China's infrastructure deployment has continued to accelerate, and various provinces and cities have given strong support in terms of station site planning, resource opening, power consumption preference, etc. by the end of February 2022, the total number of 5g base stations in China has reached 1.506 million, and the coverage is constantly expanding. It is expected to build 2 million by the end of 2022, providing basic support for innovative applications such as "meta universe". The "double Gigabit" networks in various provinces and cities in China will continue to be deployed and improved. According to the "14th five year plan" for the development of information and communication industry, the number of 5g base stations per 10000 people will reach 26 by 2025. Various provinces and cities have made plans in the construction of network infrastructure, which will lay a network foundation for the high-speed and mass links of the "meta universe".
        The "dual Gigabit" network enables the "meta universe" to blossom in innovation and application. According to the data released by the Ministry of industry and information technology in the "14th five year plan" for information and communication industry development, as of November 2021, there were more than 10000 5g application innovation cases in China, covering 22 important industries in the national economy. Among them, applications such as air classroom, virtual laboratory and smart campus have taken shape. More than 600 third-class hospitals have launched 5g + emergency first aid, remote diagnosis, health management and other applications. Applications such as augmented reality guided tours and 4K / 8K live broadcasting have developed rapidly in the field of information consumption. In addition, telecom operators accelerate the integration of digital new media services, improve the network carrying capacity and support the development of XR applications.
        On November 11, 2021, the China Mobile Communications Federation established the meta universe industry committee, announcing the formal establishment of the first meta universe Industry Association in China. The computing infrastructure, as the computing base for large-scale data element mining, analysis and application in the application of "meta universe" virtual human, virtual classroom and virtual movement, relies on the data center and intelligent computing center to realize big data, cloud computing, edge computing, distributed storage and other capabilities. The transformation of economic production and life style accelerates the digitization process of data center. Under the influence of the normalized prevention and control of the epidemic, the demand for remote office and online entertainment has surged, the digitization process of social governance has accelerated, and the amount of information processing and storage has increased sharply. In order to meet the needs of digital construction, the global investment in IT infrastructure of data centers has continued and further expanded.
        The promotion of the digitization process of the data center not only ensures the development of new business forms and new models of the platform economy such as remote office and e-commerce consumption, but also provides computational support for the full model business innovation of "meta universe" TOC and tob. Foreign technology giants lead the layout of the computing infrastructure of the "meta universe". NVIDIA accelerated the underlying hardware of the card bit metauniverse GPU, AI and Omniverse, proposed a new computing architecture of "GPU + CPU + DPU" 3U integrated data center, built Omniverse server and Omniverse data center, and laid out application fields such as automatic driving, robot and VR. Google data center is mainly used for search, Gmail, youtube and other business services, and constantly strengthens the energy efficiency of data center facilities. In 2021, the pue will be about 1.1, significantly better than the industry average of 1.59, and it is planned to
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