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Development of Beijing blockchain system

Time : 09/06/2022 Author : 4vpw5r Click : + -
        Jinlianchuang (Beijing) blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company (Sino foreign joint venture). It was registered in Chaoyang District, Beijing on May 28, and its registered address is No. 2 shengguzhong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Room 5, building 6. Jinlianchuang (Beijing) blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. has a unified social credit code / registration number of Li Dapeng, an enterprise legal person. The company is currently operating. The business scope of jinlianchuang (Beijing) blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. is: technology development, technical consultation, technical service, technology promotion and technology transfer; Software development; Computer system services; Data processing; Basic software services; Application software services (excluding medical software); Wholesale and retail of computers, software and auxiliary equipment; Economic and trade consultation.
        (for projects subject to approval according to law, business activities shall be carried out according to the approved contents after being approved by relevant departments.) Within the scope of this province, the registered capital of existing enterprises is general. However, it still depends on which blockchain solution you need. Bitcoin, litecoin and dogcoin all use blockchain technology. Decent, a distributed content publishing platform, also uses blockchain technology. The underlying public chain is actually the infrastructure of the blockchain world, which is equivalent to our current mobile phone system. And each commercial blockchain project (DAPP) is similar to an app running on a mobile phone. It can be said that all dapps must run based on the underlying public chain, just like playing mobile games on the Android system or IOS system.
        However, there are only two mainstream mobile phone systems at present, which proves the difficulty of developing the public chain at the bottom of the blockchain. At present, the "infrastructure" of blockchain is not developed enough. A typical example is the Ethereum based application "cryptokitties" last year. This is a game application that uses blockchain to raise cats in the cloud. As soon as it was launched, it was very popular, which directly led to the near collapse of Ethereum. Within a few days after the launch of cryptokitties, there were many transactions with a transaction volume of nearly 10000 US dollars, while the transaction volume per second (TPS) of Ethereum was only 30-40, which led to serious congestion of Ethereum network, which once again proved that blockchain cannot be triangular: decentralized, safe and efficient.
        The core of blockchain is technology. Before the infrastructure is completed, all blockchain projects are like castles in the air. At present, the most prominent public blockchain is the conflux project in Beijing. Academician Yao Qizhi, as the chief scientist, is a Daniel technical team from world-class universities such as Tsinghua Yaoban and University of Toronto, without sacrificing decentralization and security. Next, increase TPS to times. Just a week ago, conflux project team completed the trading data of Ethereum for 7 months in 25 minutes and 36 seconds in the first year of test experiment, which is the world's top level.
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