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"GCB coin" with a thousand times in a day,Blockchain game platform mining coins

Time : 05/07/2022 Author : utnocq Click : + -
        At the GCB coin promotion meeting, the company announced that the cooperation with Guangcai group has a state-owned background. GCB coin will be a global payment virtual currency, which will only rise but not fall. In the future, its value will exceed that of bitcoin, and there is huge room for appreciation. On November 1, 2008, a person calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto published an article bitcoin: a peer-to-peer e-cash system, which expounded the framework concept of e-cash system based on blockchain technology, P2P network technology, encryption technology, timestamp technology, etc., which marked the birth of bitcoin theory. Two months later, the theory came into practice. On January 3, 2009, the first Genesis block with serial number 0 was born; Six days later, on January 9, a block with serial number 1 appeared and connected with the genesis block with serial number 0 to form a chain, which marked the birth of the "blockchain".
        At the same time as the blockchain fire, it also ignited the transaction of virtual currency. For example, the price of the most well-known virtual currency, bitcoin, has soared from US $0.1 just launched in 2009 to more than US $50000 today, a frenzied increase of several hundred thousand times. The "coin circle" myth of "a thousand times a day, a coin and a villa" makes those who dream of becoming rich quickly have great enthusiasm for the "investment business" under the banner of "blockchain" and "virtual currency", although many people may not know what blockchain, virtual currency and bitcoin are at all. In the upsurge of "blockchain" investment, GCB coin, a free currency system that claims to be able to increase value and reproduce, "only rises but not falls, and its future value will catch up with bitcoin", once generated, it has attracted the attention of many investors.
        At the beginning of 2017, a project called "genius global pay GCB" was born. According to the introduction of wechat official account for the project certification, "genius global pay GCB" was issued by Guangcai business holding (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., which was established in Shenzhen on January 16, 2016, with its legal representative Wu Jiming. "Renren mining machine, Renren wallet, Renren exchange, Renren private bank, and everyone is a shareholder." This is the slogan of the global GCB project. According to its founder Wu Jiming, the reason for developing the global payment GCB project is to "respond to the call of the party and the state for innovation and entrepreneurship", and establish the global payment, a payment platform; Founded global purchase, a consumer value-added platform; Founded global exchange, a global financial management platform.
        These three industrial chains "have the latest optimized Internet algorithm technology, the support of point-to-point blockchain technology, a secure network payment and clearing system, and a constant number. Each piece has a unique code. It has been the first to complete mining in the world and began to circulate in the global market". In the promotion of GCB coin, Wu Jiming's world-leading "blockchain" technology can be known as "the first and only real virtual currency distribution system in China"; "The first major international financial project from China to the world"; "The first Chinese talented computer scientist"; "The first global virtual currency with the largest growth value in terms of time, space and speed".
        According to the introduction of the company, GCB currency is a free currency system and virtual currency that can increase value and reproduce. It is a decentralized payment financial instrument. Not only that, the virtual currency of the project "can be officially circulated in the three plates of global purchase, global payment and global exchange". At the same time, at the promotion meeting of GCB coin, the company announced that the cooperation with Guangcai group has a state-owned background. GCB coin will be a global payment currency, which will only rise but not fall. In the future, its value will exceed that of bitcoin, and there is huge room for appreciation. Participants need to purchase GCB coins to obtain the membership qualification, and form a hierarchy in a certain order. The number of development personnel is directly or indirectly used as the basis for calculating remuneration or rebate.
        Relying on the publicity, many investors put their eyes on the GCB currency, which is known as the global payment currency and has the functions of high value-added, global payment clearing and free trading. Advertising is extravagant. What about the actual income of GCB coins? Ms. Wang is a buyer of GCB coins. In April 2016, a friend recommended a virtual currency called "GCB coin" to Ms. Wang. The price of this virtual currency was less than one dollar at the beginning of its issuance, but it can rise to a high level in the future. After listening to this, Ms. Wang thought that this GCB coin was good, so she invested some money to buy it. The purchase of GCB coins requires email registration. After the registration is completed, the friend will give the account number and password to Ms. Wang, and Ms. Wang can log in through her mobile phone.
        Each account is a "miner". After registering the account, you can buy GCB coins to recharge the miner, and the miner can start digging coins. According to the promotion rules of global payment companies, GCB coins implement a member level system. Members obtain membership through the recommendation of their superiors. The member account is called "mining machine". Lower level members obtain GCB coins by purchasing GCB coins from their superiors to recharge the mining machine for mining. Ms. Wang's first "miner" was V1 miner. At the beginning, Ms. Wang bought a total of 150000 yuan of "GCB coins" from her friends, and her friends sent the money to the "global payment" company to "adjust the coins", which means to buy coins and register mining machines.
        My friend transferred all these coins to Ms. Wang's account wallet through wallet transfer. Ms. Wang then registered these coins as a new mining machine. Ms. Wang has registered more than 20 mining machines. Ms. Wang remembers that when her friend helped her buy "GCB coins", the unit price was US $0.7-1. The friend also promised that all the coins generated by Ms. Wang's mining machine would be used for "hedging" for Ms. Wang. The "hedging" is to transfer the "GCB coins" generated by the mining machine in hand and make profits after the trading platform is launched. However, the launch date of the platform has been delayed again and again. At first, it was said that it was May 1. Later, it was said that the transaction could be launched on July 1. At the end of the year, Ms. Wang's account could not be logged in.
        Because Ms. Wang's profits had previously bought "GCB coins" and registered them as mining machines, these mining machines could not be logged in because of the platform, which led to Miss Wang's early investment not being cashed and completely lost. Ms. Wang is one of hundreds of thousands of GCB members. In order to quickly promote GCB coins and quickly raise funds, Guangcai company has held promotion conferences for many times, saying that investment in GCB coins has a high rate of return and high security. At the same time, in order to control the appreciation profit of GCB coins, the company has developed Guangcai virtual currency members throughout the country. The platform develops offline members in a dual track mode. The rewards for members include recommendation award, touch award, Leadership Award and layer award. The members' income is divided into static income and dynamic income.
        Among them, it is mainly dynamic income, that is, the number of development personnel is taken as the basis for calculating remuneration and rebate. For example, the referral award, the online% reward, each person has his own fixed referral code, the offline activation account needs to input the online referral code, and the system will calculate the offline% commission to the online. The layer prize is that you can get% of your own offline bonus on the line. You can get up to 9 layers (mining machine V4). Generally, V1 can get up to three layers, V2 can get up to five layers, and V3 can get up to seven layers. The above rewards and commissions are all transferred to the online account in GCB currency. "The essence of GCB bonus system is a typical pyramid marketing model of & lsquo; attracting people and developing offline & rsquo.
        ”Wang Qian, prosecutor of Nanshan District Procuratorate of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, told Fangyuan. First, participants acquire the qualification to join and introduce others to join by subscribing the so-called virtual currency GCB coins; At the same time, introduce others to participate in the development of offline personnel, and thus establish an organizational system with internal wealth redistribution relations at the upper and lower levels; In addition, the organizer uses part of the expenses paid by the participants to pay the early participants to maintain the operation; The income of participants is determined by the order of their joining and the number of development personnel. In Wang Qian's view, this set of typical multi-level marketing model was common in the concepts of crowdfunding, foreign exchange, P2P, etc. after the popularity of bitcoin, it began to put on the cloak of blockchain virtual currency.
        In 2018, due to reports from investors, the principal of GCB coin company was successively arrested. Wu Jiming was the first to create GCB coins. From 2014 to 2016, Wu Jiming established global payment Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as global payment company), global payment (Shenzhen) Investment Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as global payment investment company), global payment blockchain credit management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as global payment blockchain company) and other companies. Meanwhile, Wu Jiming developed the virtual currency GCB system by himself. In January 2016, Wu Jiming cooperated with Hu Tao (handled separately) to issue and promote GCB coins in a pyramid scheme. In May of the same year, after Wu Jiming withdrew from the cooperation with Hu Tao, he continued to promote GCB coins through his global payment company.
        In June 2016, Huang Xiaofa and Wu Jiming established Baiyun global purchasing company (the legal person is Huang Xiaoyong, the younger brother of Huang Xiaofa, and the actual controller is Huang Xiaofa. Wu Jiming took shares in global payment investment company and served as a supervisor. The office is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen) and cooperated with global payment company to issue and promote GCB coins. There are seven levels of pyramid selling gangs of GCB coins. Wu Jiming and Huang Xiaofa are the first level, and the remaining six levels are composed of many people, including long Yiqing, Lin Xiaoming and Xiang Xiaoliang. The levels are distinct and the structure is clear. Huang Xiaofa's global purchase company and Wu Jiming's global payment company jointly issued and promoted GCB coins. The participants are required to purchase GCB coins to obtain the membership qualification by holding a publicity meeting in the hotel, and form a hierarchy according to a certain order. The number of development personnel is directly or indirectly used as the basis for calculating remuneration or rebate, so as to induce the participants to continue to develop others to participate.
        Long Yiqing directly or indirectly developed offline Lin Xiaoming, Zhang Yun (handled separately), Lai Xiaohe (handled separately) and others by publicizing in Shenzhen and other places and helping to register on the spot. Among them, Zhang Yun and Lai Xiaohe are his assistants, Zhang Yun is responsible for collecting and transferring money for him, and Lai Xiaohe is responsible for the registration and account opening of his branch customers. Lin Xiaoming developed directly or indirectly to Xiaoliang et al. According to its bank account, 22 people became offline investors by purchasing GCB coins from Lin Xiaoming. Xiang Xiaoliang assisted global payment companies to promote GCB coins, and directly or indirectly developed offline through wechat promotion and promotion. From offline purchase of mining machines and GCB coins, we can obtain dynamic benefits such as introduction award, touch award and Management Award, and "hedge" to make profits.
        On August 28, 2018, Wu Jiming was sentenced by the Ziyang District Court of Yiyang City, Hunan Province to three years' imprisonment and five years' probation for organizing and leading pyramid marketing activities. From February to March 2019, Xiang Xiaoliang, Lin Xiaoming, long Yiqing and Huang Xiaofa were successively arrested. On November 22, 2019, the Nanshan District Procuratorate of Shenzhen held that the defendants Huang Xiaofa, long Yiqing, Lin Xiaoming and Xiang Xiaoliang organized and led, in the name of promoting GCB coins and other business activities, required participants to purchase mining machines and GCB coins to obtain the membership qualification, and formed a hierarchy in a certain order. They directly or indirectly used the number of development personnel as the basis for calculating remuneration or rebate, lured participants to continue to develop others to participate, and defrauded property, Pyramid marketing activities that disrupt economic and social order violate Article 224 of the criminal law, and shall be investigated for criminal responsibility for the crime of organizing and leading pyramid marketing organizations.
        In June 2020, the Nanshan District Court announced the verdict of the first trial on the crime of organizing and leading pyramid marketing activities by Huang Xiaofa and others. Huang Xiaofa, long Yiqing, Lin Xiaoming and Xiang Xiaoliang were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from two years and nine months to one year and one month, and a fine ranging from 100000 yuan to 30000 yuan, respectively, for committing the crime of organizing and leading pyramid marketing activities. The two mobile phones of long Yiqing and Lin Xiaoming, which are the tools of crime, shall be confiscated and turned over to the state treasury. Later, the defendants Huang Xiaofa and long Yiqing appealed. In August 2020, the Shenzhen intermediate court upheld the original judgment in the second instance of the case. On the one hand, the blockchain bears the technical ideals of geeks (people who are enthusiastically interested in computer and network technologies and spend a lot of time studying them), and on the other hand, it is also profited by those who are interested.
        In the past, MLM organizations tried to achieve wealth freedom by recruiting people without mastering capital and technology. Now, MLM organizations have found a new way to "get rich" and can effectively avoid legal supervision, that is, issuing MLM coins under the guise of blockchain. Some MLM projects that issue money under the pretext of blockchain will move out of the government's rules and regulations of vigorously supporting the blockchain industry, but they will not talk about the relevant virtual currency supervision. On September 4, 2017, the seven ministries and commissions of the state jointly issued the announcement on preventing the financing risks of token issuance, which made it clear that from the date of the announcement, any so-called token financing trading platform shall not engage in the exchange business between legal currency and token and "virtual currency", shall not buy or sell tokens or "virtual currency", and shall not provide pricing and information intermediary services for tokens or "virtual currency".
        At present, China has not recognized the issuance and circulation of virtual currency. On August 24, 2018, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of public security, the people's Bank of China and other departments jointly issued the risk tips on preventing illegal fund-raising in the name of "virtual currency" and "blockchain", which made it clear that some illegal elements, under the banner of "financial innovation" and "blockchain", absorb funds by issuing so-called "virtual currency". Such activities are not really based on the blockchain technology, but the fact of hyping the concept of blockchain and illegal fund-raising, pyramid selling and fraud. In Wang Qian's view, with the explosion of bitcoin, some "Shanzhai coins", i.e. fake "virtual currencies", such as "Yuanbao coin", "Zhaocai coin", "free coin", "Panda Coin" and "bio coin", have been brought alive, with thousands of kinds, attracting many speculators to participate in the transaction.
        Take the criminal cases involving "Shanzhai currency" handled by the Nanshan District procuratorate since 2017 as an example, there are "ether currency", "GCB currency", "Pu'er currency" and "token tea ticket". Wang Qian told Fangyuan that the real virtual currency has six attributes: 1. Open source code (open source on a third-party credibility website); 2. Quantitative issuance; 3. Decentralization (no income center entity); 4. No central server (distributed network, no government can shut down); 5. No closed period (free access and withdrawal at any time); 6. Free registration, free use, and no bonus system for direct sales and pyramid schemes. "In this case, GCB currency is not a virtual currency in the real sense.
        ”Wang Qian further explained that first, the issuance and promotion of GCB coins were not approved by relevant departments; Second, GCB coins cannot be freely accessed and withdrawn at any time; Thirdly, you must purchase mining machines to obtain membership; Finally, GCB currency is not a trading tool, has no currency attribute, and has no value. In essence, it is not a network virtual currency, but a false "virtual currency". Therefore, the suspect is in essence conducting pyramid marketing activities in the form of "virtual currency". Wu Jiming and others controlled some of the GCB coins themselves before putting them into the market. When some investors bought the coins, they sold them in large quantities to realize. After tasting the sweetness in the early stage, the investors attract the offline through the appreciation of GCB currency, and actively develop the offline to obtain rewards, forming a virtual currency financial fraud.
        "At present, the development of China's blockchain is still very immature, and the supervision has not been carried out. The situation of virtual currency is mixed." Wang Qian said that some virtual currencies may indeed be based on the blockchain technology to solve the real needs of the market and carry certain rights and interests or values. However, more so-called virtual currencies are not "created" new currencies, and they are simply invested in the market for financing
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