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2345: there is no ICO plan in any form, Beijing News financial news

Time : 01/04/2022 Author : e9lcs4 Click : + -
        Beijing News Express (reporter Mi DI) in response to the recent news on the Internet that "2345 is suspected of being an ICO in disguise", 2345 released a statement on its 2345 planet alliance website on March 5, saying that 2345 has no ICO plan in any form,. Earlier, Shanghai 2345 network technology holding group launched the official website of the blockchain project and released the 2345 blockchain solution white paper 1.0. On the other hand, its design of "buying Octopus planet & mdash; joining the Star Alliance plan to become a trust node" has also attracted discussion on its "suspected ICO in disguise". The China Internet Finance Association clearly pointed out earlier that with the gradual completion of the liquidation of local ICO projects, a model called "issuing virtual digital assets with mining machines as the core" (IMO) represented by the issuance of Xunlei "chain Ke" (formerly known as "playing token") deserves vigilance and has potential risks.
        Among them, the "virtual digital assets" issued in the IMO mode include chain grams, flow coins, BFC points, etc. Take Xunlei's "chain Ke" as an example, the issuing enterprise actually uses "chain Ke" to replace the legal currency payment obligation for the services contributed by the participants. In essence, it is a financing behavior and a disguised ICO. According to the statement of 2345, 2345 has upgraded to 2345 Star Alliance by using blockchain technology from its own business 2345 ace alliance. 2345 ace alliance business was established in 2011 and has been operating for more than 7 years. Based on this, the two, three, four and five put forward solutions by using blockchain technology for the pain points of the industry, which is the practical application of blockchain technology in specific scenarios and will be conducive to promoting the development and landing of blockchain technology in China.
        In addition, the statement points out that all points stars (incentive units launched for users who contribute behavioral value through the star chain, generated based on the blockchain and smart contracts) will be used for products or services in the exchange Star Alliance ecosystem, and for obtaining project value distribution on the 2345 operation platform. No ICO operation will be carried out in respect of 2, 3, 4 and 5.
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