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The digital gold exchange BTC blockchain has come to hope again!

Time : 30/07/2022 Author : r5htey Click : + -
        Since bitcoin entered people's vision some time ago, blockchain has become a topic of discussion by many people, especially when it comes to the core technology of blockchain, people's interest has come. A long time ago, Professor Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the world economic forum, said that blockchain would be the key technology of the fourth industrial revolution. This means that blockchain will be a new outlet for future technologies. At present, many fields involve blockchain technology, such as e-commerce, social media, communication technology, Internet of things big data and so on. Blockchain has gradually sunk into various scenes of people's work and life. At present, many enterprises are exploring the application of blockchain technology, and have also adopted blockchain encryption and distributed technology, including the digital gold team.
        Yesterday, that is, June 5, the digital gold team released on its official website the publicity picture of "digital vault newg exchange BTC, the new function will be launched soon". It is believed that the launch date should not be far away. Digital gold is originally a product of blockchain technology. It is a blockchain based sharing economy landing project carried by new route 3 & mdash& mdash; It is a virtual digital asset produced by the gold mining area. From the recent dynamics of the digital gold team, its team may also be involved in the field of distributed technology. The "secret partner joining" announced by the digital gold team last week can be said to be the biggest hot spot except for the launch of new functions, and it is also a great proof that the digital gold team has involved in distributed technology.
        After the deep digging of digital gold users, mystery partner is a Hong Kong company called global coin music, which is committed to building an enterprise level distributed service framework platform. Moreover, its team members are quite strong, and have worked in the industry famous platforms such as Huobi and Bi'An. Therefore, we suspect that the digital gold team wants to work with Hong Kong companies to build a distributed platform? Is the new function of digital vault the distributed technology?. Some people think that it is inevitable that the distributed platform will replace the centralized platform in the future. The distributed platform is actually a point-to-point information transmission, without the participation of a third party. The distributed effect is achieved through the technology of blockchain and smart contract.
        From the perspective of the existing distributed platform, its core advantage is mainly security, which is also the most important issue for many digital asset holders. The characteristics of distributed technology can prevent any asset from being managed. The user's assets can be completely kept in the private address, and the user has absolute ownership and control. Therefore, the possibility of asset theft is extremely low. If the digital gold team can reach a strategic partnership with this Hong Kong company and apply distributed technology, on the basis of its existing blockchain technology, the router based distributed platform may become the most effective distributed blockchain application. Although the official has not officially announced who the mysterious partner is this time, it should still be around. Digital gold is also expected to become the pioneer of distributed blockchain applications.
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