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Guangxi Automobile Group expanded the establishment of digital application innovation enterprises, enabling the digital transformation of the automobile industry

Time : 17/07/2021 Author : 19fnhj Click : + -
        On September 8, 2021, the blockchain company of Guangxi Automobile Group was inaugurated. This is another important measure for Guangxi Automobile Group to continue to tap the potential of the automobile industry and expand the information application scene after the establishment of CHEHE interconnection branch in June this year. It has become a new battlefield and new carrier for Guangxi Automobile Group's transformation to digital industrialization and industrial digitization, playing a demonstration, leading and driving role for the development of Guangxi's digital economy. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that it is necessary to "accelerate the development of the digital economy, promote the integrated development of the real economy and the digital economy, promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence with the real economy, and continue to do a good job in the deep integration of informatization and industrialization".
        Since 2018, focusing on the deep integration of "Internet +" and real economy, Guangxi Automobile Group has continuously integrated innovative resources of new generation information technology such as cloud computing, big data, blockchain and intelligent manufacturing. In the first year of the "14th five year plan", Guangxi Automobile Group took advantage of the opportunity of the successive establishment of CHEHE interconnection branch and blockchain company to actively explore the application innovation and achievement transformation of digital technology and accelerate the transformation from the traditional manufacturing field to the digital manufacturing and service field around the whole life cycle of automobiles. With digital empowerment and interconnection of everything, Guangxi Automobile Group, on the road of transformation, takes the construction of industrial Internet as the starting point, focuses on the main business to promote industrial digitization, and promotes the traditional automobile manufacturing enterprises to "change their old appearance".
        Create an intelligent factory mode. On the one hand, the traditional welding, coating and general assembly production lines will be technically transformed; on the other hand, production parks such as Liudong passenger car chassis intelligent factory and Wuling Liuji intelligent factory will be built to create automated and standardized lean production processes. Through the large-scale application of industrial robots, intelligent equipment, intelligent transportation, intelligent warehouse, information technology, digital technology and other key technologies of intelligent manufacturing, the solution of robot integrated application is researched and applied to the production site, realizing the intellectualization of manufacturing equipment, the intellectualization of production process, the automatic integration of logistics, the visualization of manufacturing process, the informatization of management and the intellectualization of service.
        Establish secure and reliable cloud computing services. Guangxi Automobile Group connects the forces of Alibaba cloud and sap, deeply integrates new technologies such as big data, AI and cloud computing with the traditional automobile industry, promotes the company's process optimization and process reengineering, establishes a comprehensive data integrated enterprise resource information management platform, and supports efficient enterprise operation management with data. Up to now, Guangxi Automobile Group has 110 cloud systems and 276 virtual servers, and the effective data storage capacity has reached Pb level. We will improve the industrial Internet ecosystem. Focusing on the actual needs of digital transformation of enterprises in the automobile and parts industry chain, Guangxi Automobile Group initiated the establishment of the Guangxi Industrial Internet industry alliance, established the industrial Internet supplier consortium of the automobile and parts manufacturing industry, built the platform service ecological construction system, and enabled the "cloud service" of enterprises in the industry chain to realize innovation.
        Among them, CHEHE cloud industrial Internet platform has become a construction project at the autonomous region level. In June this year, CHEHE Internet branch was established to drive the digital transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry. The transformation of the automobile industry is accelerating. Embracing the blockchain technology is very important for future development. Blockchain has strong application scenarios and industry potential. It can solve industry pain points in vehicle manufacturing, auto supply chain, auto finance and terminal services, and improve operation and process efficiency. The blockchain branch established by Guangxi Automobile Group aims to build up the enterprise's big data capability of automobile, actively lay out the trust Internet and value Internet, and incubate and empower the automobile data service industry.
        Since June 2020, Guangxi Automobile Group has innovated the research project of blockchain automobile data service and application innovation, focusing on the automobile industry chain and using blockchain technology to realize the chain of vehicle data from manufacturing, buying, selling, scrapping, disassembling, remanufacturing and other full life cycle data, providing the uniqueness, traceability, trustworthiness and safety of vehicle data and vehicle status from "manufacturing to scrap", It will play a good role in regulating the production, sales and registration of motor vehicles. According to the overall construction idea of "1 + 1 + n", the project aims to build a blockchain basic platform, an automobile big data platform, develop n digital industries, and establish an Internet Ecological platform for automobile value "connection, empowerment, CO creation and sharing".
        In August 2021, the project was selected as one of the top ten blockchain excellent application cases in the country's industrial application fields. Focusing on the promotion of the police through science and technology, the project implemented the reform measures of the Ministry of public security on "releasing management services", developed intelligent inspection robots that meet the requirements of the vehicle management department, and realized unmanned intelligent inspection; Establish digital archives of blockchain vehicles, realize regulatory requirements and convenient services related to vehicles, and promote the development of digital economy. At present, Guangxi Automobile Group is participating in the construction of the national c-v2x application pilot area of the Internet of vehicles in Liuzhou City, and jointly building the identity authentication and trust security system of the Internet of vehicles with the pilot area, so that the value-added application and service of the ecological digitization of the Internet of vehicles will be gradually developed into an innovation demonstration of the Guangxi model and the national model starting from the Liuzhou model.
        In addition, Guangxi Automobile Group blockchain company will also focus on the digital supply chain, realize the digitization of the whole process of contract documents in the supply chain, use the blockchain technology to find out the problems of suppliers in time, establish the digital credit of suppliers, and increase the transparency of the supply chain system; Focusing on Rural Revitalization, combining with ASEAN, the maritime Silk Road and Guangxi Automobile Group's new energy vehicle strategy incubation, cultivate and develop the cold chain business; Focusing on the provision of industrial digital credit services for financial service business, the financial service industry will be given technical empowerment; We will look for market opportunities and incubate emerging industries around carbon neutralization and carbon trading business, vehicle networking, automobile digital trading, recycling and manufacturing, maker intelligence, and education for all.
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