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Is the sports circle ready for the full "invasion" of Web3

Time : 28/10/2021 Author : lu9gcx Click : + -
        Recently, NFL (American Professional Football League) announced that it will launch NFT blockchain game nflrivals in cooperation with blockchain game studio mythical games, which is expected to be released in early 2023. Put the time forward. The NBA (National Professional Basketball Association of the United States) released the NFT digital collection nbatopshot earlier, which was immediately popular. Not long ago, the NBA also set up a new social media account "nbaxnft". The profile on the homepage reads as follows: "NBA official Web3 homepage". Although the overall sales of NFT has shown an obvious downward trend in recent months, the enthusiasm of the sports industry for Web3 has not cooled down, but continues to increase.
        Like NBA star Spencer & middot; Spencer Dinwiddie said in a recent interview that the conversation of players in the dressing room has changed from the traditional topic to "boring apes, NFT and digital assets". In fact, Web3 is not a new concept. In 2014, gavinwood, the co-founder of Ethereum, coined this word to distinguish it from web1 and web2. However, it has always been highly concerned in the circle. With the development of blockchain and NFT in the past two years, Web3 has quickly become popular and out of the circle.
        In the view of Yu Jianing, executive director of the yuan universe Industry Committee of China Mobile (600941) communications Federation and co chairman of the blockchain special committee of China Communications Industry Association, web1 is characterized by "readable", while web2 is characterized by "readable + writable". In these two stages, users' digital life is highly dependent on network platform enterprises. Although users have become the producers of network content, the rules of data use and value distribution are completely formulated by the platform, and users have no autonomy. In the Web3 era, the Internet has shown a brand-new feature of "readable + writable + owned". User data is stored on the chain and can choose whether to share, with whom and how much information data to share.
        "Compared with the current Internet, Web3, based on blockchain and other underlying technologies, will create a high-dimensional digital world dominated by users and open-source developers, featuring open collaboration, privacy protection and ecological co construction, bringing a new paradigm to the value of the Internet. It will also be the infrastructure and application for future social, commercial, cultural and financial markets." He once told this reporter. In the first half of this year, the NBA established a new social media account on a social platform, called "nbaxnft". According to the official introduction, this is the official Web3 home page of the NBA. Up to now, 27000 people have paid attention to it. Along with this social account, there is an account of the NBA online community platform "discord", which is also used to promote its own Web3 and NFT projects.
        In the field of Web3, the NBA has actually been involved in the game for a long time. In 2020, the NBA cooperated with blockchain technology company dappelabs to launch an NFT digital collection focusing on the NBA, that is, the later popular nbatopshot. The contents of this kind of digital collection are mainly the symbolic actions of some star players. Fans can purchase, sell, trade and collect digital season symbolic actions by purchasing relevant NFTs. It is worth mentioning that dappelabs is a popular NFT startup company in recent years. Previously, the big fire crypto cat and nbatopshots were both representative works of this company.
        After completing the latest round of financing led by coat and co invested by a16z and other well-known institutions last year, the valuation of dappelabs has reached US $7.6 billion. According to the public data, the rating agency tokeninsight estimates that nbatops' sales in 2021 will reach $661 million. According to Jennifer van Dijk, senior vice president of dapper labs, nbatopshot has handled more than 25 million transactions and total sales of more than $1 billion. This considerable "business" naturally makes the NBA pay more attention to the release of NFT products and the exploration in the field of Web3. This year, the NBA has launched the playoff series NFT, named "the association", which has also aroused warm reactions from fans.
        More importantly, not only the NBA officials, but also many star players and even the NBA executives have a very positive attitude towards Web3, which also makes the penetration of Web3 into the NBA deeper than other professional sports fields. As mentioned above, Ding Weidi tried to turn his contract worth tens of millions of dollars into a digital investment tool and issue bonds on this basis. The crypto application platform calaxy, which he co founded, also announced the completion of financing of 26 million dollars in June this year. In addition, LeBron & middot; LeBron James, Stephen & middot; Stephen curry and other stars have issued their own NFT.
        In a recent interview, Ding Weidi said that when he was elected to the NBA in 2014, players usually talked about "luxury cars and other things" in the dressing room. Now, boring apes, NFT and digital assets are the focus of discussion. At the Super Bowl event called the "American Spring Festival Gala" earlier this year, NFL provided every ticket buyer with benefits other than physical tickets & mdash& mdash; An NFT collection with detailed seating information of the ticket holder. At that time, this practice was regarded by many people in the industry as a sign that the collection of tickets by fans officially entered a new era. Just recently, NFL announced that it will launch NFT blockchain game nflrivals in cooperation with the blockchain game studio mythical games, which is expected to be released in early 2023, successfully attracting the attention of the industry and fans again.
        In addition to these traditional sports events, NFT has also been more and more frequently used in the field of car racing. For example, f1nft has become more and more abundant after many major events. Some Web3 companies are also actively moving towards the sports industry. At the beginning of July, ambergroup, a digital financial technology platform, signed a long-term global contract with Spanish giants Atletico Madrid, becoming the global main sponsor of the latter, which immediately set off a wave of new enthusiasm among practitioners. In fact, since 2020, a large number of Web3 enterprises have been "scanning" top-level sports IP resources, from naming courts to sponsoring teams, from basketball, rugby and football to emerging e-sports, with a rapid momentum.
        But are the sports circles really ready? According to the latest data released by the block, a crypto data company, the entire NFT market reached a peak of US $16.6 billion in monthly trading volume in January this year, but since then, it has started a decline mode. By June, it had only reached US $1.04 billion, a month on month decrease of 74%. The price and trading volume of some NFTs also continued to decline. Taking nbatops as an example, after a small outbreak in early 2021, the trading volume began to decline rapidly, and by April this year, it had dropped nearly 68% year-on-year. Although the relevant person in charge of the NBA said in an interview with the media that the drastic fluctuations in the NFT market "have not affected any long-term plan", it can be seen that the decline in value and transaction volume has caused interference to other NFT projects of the NBA.
        We should see that the high degree of integration between the sports industry and Web3 has caused a rapid chemical reaction between the two. At present, the development of sports NFT, blockchain games and other applications is quite hot. However, in the eyes of many people in the industry, this is only at an initial stage, and may have a more profound impact in the future. At the beginning of this year, wood, technical director of dapper labs in China, had a public conversation. In this conversation, he frankly said that NFT can have more use scenarios, such as identity certificates, education certificates, ticketing, copyright certification, off chain asset certificates, etc., digital collections, and some may only be understood by online users. It can also have more bearing space in the field of financial derivatives.
        "In the future scenarios, NFT may not be limited to the digital collections such as encrypted cats, which are not limited to the avatars we have known before, and there will be more possibilities.".
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