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China Telecom Research Institute led the project of ITU, t multi-dimensional resource matching demand and framework standard based on blockchain, communication world

Time : 22/05/2022 Author : h5dy0x Click : + -
        The project was led by China Telecom, with Li Jingwen and Liu Xiaoou of the Research Institute as the report persons, and was supported by China Unicom, ZTE, Huawei and other companies. The project first proposed the concept of multi-dimensional resources for the next generation network in ITU-T, and first proposed the application of blockchain to the field of multi-dimensional resource matching. This project is another milestone and important card in the application of blockchain technology in the next generation network resources. This project is based on Pran, the key research topic of the Research Institute. It is aimed at the new requirements of low latency, high coverage, strong dispersion and more flexible network applications of the next generation network. In view of the more abundant types of network resources, including traditional network resources such as bandwidth, storage and computing power, data resources, algorithm resources and development tool resources, it proposes the multi-dimensional resource matching requirements and framework based on the blockchain, Standardize the concept of multi-dimensional resources for the next generation network, and propose multi-dimensional resource matching process and blockchain technology requirements; The distributed incentive mode based on the blockchain provides a reference scheme for the operation of multi-dimensional network resources in the future.
        Through the standardized project of multi-dimensional resource matching based on the blockchain, the Research scenario of the blockchain in the future network is further enriched, and a new series of standards for multi-dimensional resources are opened. At the same time, resource matching is a pre link in many fields such as resource sharing. This project also realizes an important position for the standards of the blockchain in the sharing application field. China Telecom will take this opportunity to continue to work in the blockchain + future network field, and work closely with partners to make progress in technical standards, scheme verification and business deployment.
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