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What is a blockchain? To understand these problems, it is so powerful

Time : 24/11/2021 Author : tp4cqy Click : + -
        Blockchain is a new term. I believe many netizens can't understand it. So how can we better understand the blockchain and make this new technology available to us?. Blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm. The so-called consensus mechanism is a mathematical algorithm in the blockchain system to establish trust and obtain rights and interests between different nodes. Blockchain is the underlying technology of bitcoin, like a database ledger, recording all transaction records. For example, Jingdong block chain technology is fully promoted to crack down on fake goods and protect food safety. Blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization, de trust, scalability, anonymity, security and reliability.
        Blockchain relies on each node to jointly maintain the system and ensure the authenticity of information transmission. The establishment of connection between any two nodes does not need to trust each other's identity, and the data exchange between the two sides does not need the basis of mutual trust. The two sides of the data exchange can be anonymous, the transaction activities are supervised by the whole network, and the database uses distributed storage, so there is no need to worry about fraud. Since it was first proposed at the end of 2008, blockchain technology and blockchain applications represented by bitcoin have experienced rapid development in just 8 years, and the future application space of blockchain is huge. Theoretically, the open source system around the blockchain can create a very rich range of services and products. Bitcoin is only the tip of the iceberg of the huge application space of the blockchain.
        Let's take a look at the diagram to understand the application scope of blockchain: it is applicable to digital currency, payment and clearing, digital bills, bank credit management, equity certification and exchange securities trading, insurance management, financial audit and other fields. If such a powerful blockchain is really applied in our life, what will happen to our lifestyle? You can leave a message in the comment area to discuss & hellip& hellip;。
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